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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First, I'm not supposed to be here right now, there will be a test tomorrow but I don't have any idea to read the text book,tehee. So, I decided to do a random post part three tonight!


1. Lucky me, I finished my class today at 10.00 AM and I went to 电脑城 (Dian Nao Cheng, "Computer Town" if you translated to english :p); a place that sells anything about computers (mostly), cellphones, cameras, etc, with my boyfriend. He planned to buy a new mp3. We walked from one buildings to another buildings, compared the prices and finally... he got one!
I'm also checking the dslr (which I WISH to have it!) prices, THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!
Shud I give up for that thing? ughh ):
My bf smiled and said "kamu banget, sih..." when I tried one of Canon's EOS series and he took one of their brochure for me after home, haha. Well... he knows I want it so bad |:

2. One of Terrant Books (Indonesian Book Publisher) staff, Kak Oktavia Erdyan sent me an email today. She said there's a short story contest and asked me for join it. There're three topics I can choose for my essay, global warming, HIV/AIDS and violence against women, the contest deadline is in 9 Dec means next week. Another chance for me to begin my writing passion again, maybe? (:

3. It's Jen from Jennifhsieh 20th birthday today! Her best roomate did a birthday post on her blog. How sweet is that? Make a birthday post for your friend on her birthday? haha! sweet idea.
Anyway, happy birthday once again, Jen! All the best :D

4. Another friend who celebrated her birthday today... and she is Noviana, my best roomate! :D
My bad I forgot her birthday, I know it from Facebook and just saying her happy birthday when she came home. Well, all the best too, jie. You will be graduated next year, good luck for your thesis! (:


Done for my random post today. Gotta sleep? or study now? gahh... my eyes and body are begging me to be rested now, my pillow and warm blanket are calling me too, haha.
Sorry no pics today. Good night, peeps! Have a nice dream!


  1. happy birthday to your friend :)

    have a great weekend !
    glisters and blisters

  2. Nice post to read . Happy birthday to you friend ! And you should join the competition ! :)


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