Change is Good

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Change is good. 

Many of young people have problem dealing with change. Some of them said change made them lost everything they had before, some of them said change made people bad, and you can say it change hurts. 

Recently, lots of change was happening in my life. Once again, time flies like a rocket. I used to go to the class or write papers, but now I have to sit, make resumes, find a job. I used to be surrounded by lots of people that I called friends, but now they’re gone (I mean not gone like gone, it’s just we’re separated now). I found myself filling a room- that stuffed by lots of new things (pictures, books, diploma, and.. a bed) few days ago. 

I lost things that I had before. I lost my comfort zone. I lost my sense of belonging.

The question is, “Is that bad, Jane?” or “Are you happy of it?”.  

No, they are all good and of course I am happy. Because they are all positive changes. Although they made me hurts, but the good things has come.  

Have you felt the same way? If yes, thanks God you are not alone, I am not alone. Because either you like or not, change will come to your life, change is good. Right now, I am trying to make a little notes about change. Let me tell you why change is good (because you need it, probably, someday).

1. Change makes you out from comfort zone.
I wrote about ‘comfort zone’ few days ago and maybe I should share with you later. How many of you have been trapped in comfort zone? How many of you try to get out but you can’t, because comfort zone is a place where you can rest, where you can feel comfort and feel safe, forever. 
You can meet so many good opportunities and miracles outside from your comfort zone. If you want to meet them, let change comes into your life, and get out from comfort zone, immediately. 

2. Change is a part of life’s adventure.
Yes, change lets you to taste every sensation of this life. You live for once and there’s no reason to start over again. So, why don’t you let change happens in your life, then you will get lots of experiences that you never imagine. 

3. Change is also a part of your dream’s journey.
Sometimes, your dream wants you to change. A dream catcher should have a passion, a dream catcher should be enthusiastic, a dream catcher never give up, a dream catcher always open-minded and be humble. Have you already become all of them? 

Simple rule about change:

"You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it." – Eric Roth, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” screenplay.

Your choice, your decision. And remember, the most important thing you won’t wait for change comes to your life. The only person you wait is you.

The last one,
change is good. 

Change is good. You can find something changes from my blog. Yes, I re-design my blog! New banner, new colors for the blog's theme and also now you can subscribe my blog to your email. Please tell me about this change. Stay awesome, guys!


  1. that new banner of yours is pretty, neat, and I love the little heart in the middle :)
    yes, change is good!
    I mean, the process is hell but the end result is heaven

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. thank you dear ♡ yes it is, just enjoy the process, right? (:

  2. Well said! Always love your writing Jane =) Very inspiring. And I so agree, change is good!

    1. aww thanks a lot ci! I'm glad you're inspired (:

  3. yeah change is good ^^
    tapi sakit awalnya hahaha

    1. Hai, thank you banget udah mampir sampai ke postingan lama hahaha.

      Betul, sakit dan sangat tidak enak. Tapi puji Tuhan setelah dilewati indah juga, ya (:

    2. haha abis aku penasaran sama cerita pas pindahan dari Bogor ke Bali...kukira di pos yang ini...taunya bukan >.< *anaknya kepo


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