Blogging Matters: Why Do I Blog?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I was thinking about blogging matters, lately. The first time I got into blog when I was in high school. They said now you can write your online diary through blog. Remember MySpace? Livejournal? I bumped myself into these platforms before I stick to Blogspot until now. Reading others diary is really fun, it's all about your life story, and so much better than I read a novel. Becase it's a true story (unless people fake it, I don't know). And of course, write your personal life story is really fun too. I still remember the first post I shared in my first blog. I wrote about my native English teacher in school. He is British and how he spelled my name was so silly. I was surprise one day after I posted that, my classmate said to me, "Hey, Mr. xxx was in your blog!". Somebody read my blog. Interesting. Then, from that time.. I could not stop to write.

In 2008, still in high school, I found a blog that caught my eye (and apparently my heart too). It is a blog by Alanda Kariza. We are in same age, only she's eight months older than me. I found her before thorugh her first teen novel and I stumbled to her awesome and heart-warming blog. She writes so good. She is a good writer. I onced wrote about her in my old blog and she read it, she did copy-paste that post into her blog, my face blushed and feel so happy at the same time. Long story short, she's the one who makes me blogging seriously.

Speaking of blogging seriously, it means you watch carefully about what you write, what you share. Writing in a blog is really different when you write in your actual diary. When you hit the publish/post button, people around the world wide web are gonna read it. I used to write whatever in my mind, I don't even care my grammatical (because I used to write in Bahasa). I write when I was mad, I write when I was sad. But since I told myself to blog seriously, I always think twice what I am gonna to write.

Now, blogging is like another professional job these days. I heard a lot people are getting famous because they are blogging. A lot of people getting rich and so much good opportunities they will get because they are blogging. "Blogger" becomes a new word in modern dictionary. Blogger back then only knew how to write, but now blogger has another full name. You can name it.. fashion blogger, food blogger, photography blogger, design blogger, etc. I used to want to be one of them, but there would be something wrong. I didn't say blogging as a job  is wrong. If some of you begin to start blogging because you want to be known, you want to be famous, ask yourself once again, "Do I really want this?"

Yesterday, a little thing happened made me happy. I was checking my Twitter timeline and someone that I know (she is the important person behind a local magazine that I really love!) tweeted something that caught my attention. The point is, she was afraid about getting famous, she's afraid about fame. I was curious and feeling so weird. How could be? Everyone wants to be known, everyone wants to be popular, why she was afraid? She gave some reasons then why she was afraid about getting famous and they were pretty reasonable. Suddenly, a voice whispered to me to say something to her. I said:

"If you can publish a book, it's because God's grace. If you are getting famous, it's all about God's grace too. So don't be afraid, just be grateful." 

I don't expect for her reply but then I was so surprised when she replied me and said.. she cried after read my tweet! She also said that she was slapped by my words. I know she is a great person and she really no need to be afraid. At the end, she said thanks and she believes that God speaks to her through me. And.. I ended up with a big smile.

I could say that thing to her because God has spoken to me before. I was really want to get famous because I blog. I was really want to earn some money because I blog. I started to do what famous bloggers do. They said A, I did A. They said B, I did B... even I know I don't really want to do it. I became so fake. This is not I want. I want to blog freely, I want to blog whatever I want to write. Because when you try to find attention from the world, you would do silly even dumb things. God reminds me about the first time I started blogging.

Yes, it's all about my passion. I love to write.

I started to think if someday I will be famous, I am not that ready to face it. Lots of people starts to judge you by your writings and there would be so many negative things I would have. God knows more about that! I am not a professional, but I just want to tell you. If you starting to blog seriously, do it because you really love it. Do it because you have something to tell. Do it passionately. Don't even care about fame, money or anything. Just do it with pure motives. Just do it because you know this makes you alive.

I have a big heart for writing. I just let myself write everything that I need to say. If my writings are inspiring, I am thankful. If people starts to know me from this blog, I am so thankful. If I get some great opportunities someday because of this blog, I am grateful and it's all about God's grace.

Welcome to my blog!

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