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Friday, November 22, 2013

I am twenty two and I have a diary (with a little padlock) to write almost every night before bed. The diary I am using right now is a gift from my ex-roomie, and she wrote a letter to me said, "I know you love to write diary every night, so here a new one to write after you return home." Sweet I know, and the diary is sweetest than ever. Probably the most sweetest diary I had ever. 

The question is:  
Why I still writing a diary? 

Of course I have so many answers I would give to you. Maybe right after you read this, you can start writing your own diary too (: 

The benefit of writing diary: 

1. You are gonna have a healthy mind and soul.
I get used to write in blog to share my thoughts, my ideas, my stories, etc. Blogging means I share almost my personal things digitally. I realized I still need a secured place to place my emotion, which I cannot put them in my digital diary. 

I write EVERYTHING in my own diary. My diary is my best friend. Okay, not like I am a weirdo or a freak or something, but somehow I think my diary is the best secret keeper (LOL). A study from New Zealand researchers, writing down your feelings and thoughts can heal faster. Also they said that expressing emotions through words may speed healing. That's why I really really like to encourage all of my friends (read: you), start to write a diary/journal. You may hates writing this activity, but one of best-healthy-way to express your emotion is by writing. Instead of you waste your money for something maybe you won't need it, try to write.

And oh, of course, write by your hand. Not type on the laptop or computer. (:

2. You are doing your inner monologue
Thoughts come from your own mind. Feelings come from your heart. It is just like speaking through yourself, that's inner monologue. This also means you have a private room to have an introspection. Things are going wrong or right, it depends on yourself. Something you love, something you hate, it also depends on yourself. Talk to yourself often might help you to become a better person. Yeah, that's it. 

3. When you a writing diary, you are praying to God. 
I never realized this before right after my best friend, Jess, told me so. Praying isn't about close your eyes, but it can be happened everywhere. You pray by your heart, not how you do it. I was so excited when I knew about this. Jess told me when she writes, she is talking with God. And surprisingly, she knows the answers from God, immediately. One of famous Youtube celebrity, Lindy Bubz does this too!

4. Writing, interestingly, helps you to exercise more. 
The New York Times reported, people who kept a gratitude journal that they wrote once a week for two months were more optimistic about life (and, interestingly, exercised more). This is pretty funny and also a fun fact! So, maybe you consider to start writing your gratitude journal? I believe so many people are doing this everyday. My other best friend started a project to write her gratitude in 365 days this year. Sounds interesting and I should to start this too. Even after the project ends, you can keep writing it. 

Writing diary is not childish. When I have a kid in the future, I should teach him/her to start writing a diary. When they grow up, the diary owns everything: all of memories, all of secrets, all of stories, all of prayers.

Just in case you want to know how my current diary looks like: 

 The cover  

The most favorite thing I love about this diary. I am in my 45th episode already. Sometimes I used 2-3 pages for one episode LOL

Don't mind my writings haha 

Happy writing! 
*For other reference about benefits of writing, you can read this

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