Come Back (New) Home - My very first short story goes public!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

 Red eyes, swollen face.. but the thing we know we are gonna meet again!

It has been four months I left Guangzhou and graduated. I wrote a little story, dedicated to keep a good time when I was ready to fly back home and some good friends came together. I hate and always hate to say goodbye, but as I've learned before, saying goodbye means we all know, someday, we are gonna meet each other again. So yeah, still lots of tears (lol) but lots of smile too.

This is gonna be my first time sharing my personal non fiction story online. I wrote this based on my true story, people: how I cried like a baby in the plane after said goodbye to my beloved place, which I called second home for four years *I need a drama that time hahaha*; how I left my passport in the toilet (yes, I left it and found it only for few seconds! Thanks to a beautiful yound lady who found it and gave it back to me with a sarcastic smile); and at last how I finally arrived in a new place where I spell it as h-o-m-e. I wrote the story in Bahasa, so I give you a little bit spoiler about the story ehehehe. I kinda miss that time when I can spend hours in the airport, where I can connect myself with the outsiders.. seriously I just miss that time. 

Well yeah that's it. A quick post for today. I have bunch things to do for entire weeks, so wish me luck! Have a good night people (it's 8:30 PM right now here, oh 8:31 PM already). See you in the next post, stay awesome! 

Click here just in case if you want to read my professional diary, packed in a short-beautiful-a little bit drama-short story. Please don't take this out without my permission, okay? I trust you, sweetie (: 

ps: temen-temen yang ada di foto dan baca post ini, aku kangen kalian BANGET ('''':