Life Under Berry(gram)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm finally back for a little update!

Also, I made a new look for my blog, can you spot it? Yes, the new pink header! *clapping*

Thanks to Photoshop for helping me, since I don't have a special ability with Photoshop thing (when the last time I used this tool tho??), but it did a great job.

Anyway, we are almost halfway through the year. We are in the mid of October already, life is getting FASTER MAN. FASTER. There are so many things wait to be done, so let's focus on our major goals this year and no regrets in the end.

I just had a single trip to Hong Kong two days ago with Andreas. Yippie yay!. He came for two weeks to have some business things and a little rest from his work. Nice, fun, TIRED trip. We always love Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a magical place for me. 

 My favorite shot from the trip, what do you think? 

the largest Forever 21 I've ever seen! It's located in Causeway Bay 

make sure you try this whenever you come to visit Hong Kong!

I challenge myself to take some pictures with my Blackberry camera these days. Surprisingly, it's not that bad. And thanks again to Photoshop! It always makes my ordinary picture become an extraordinary one. I made a quote about Photoshop, sounds like: Anything possible if you believe in Photoshop. LOL.  

Another batch from Berrygram (hahahaha yes I named it LMAO) and a short stories for each picture right here.

  •  1) "Passion": Introducing my favorite perfume, given by the only one le boyfriend. He gave me this as a birthday present last year and he bought a new one again before I even finished the first bottle. I'm not a fan of perfume actually, but this one smells okay and since it was a present from my boyfriend, why should I complain? :P
  •  2) It's a cheeseburger!: Cute doodles on one of McDonald's wall in 大沙头 district.
  •  3) Red Saturday: This is a random shot; everything was in red, and yeah... that's my Blackberry. It was taken by iPad if you wonder why my Blackberry was there :P
  •  4) "10 more minutes...": Please be honest to me... whose favorite words is this, especially in the morning? *raise up your hand* hahaha. It's adorable, right? I always wanted to buy a sleeping mask but never find the nice one. Finally, I found this cute thing last week, bravo! 
So, this is my life under the Berrygram (can I spell it like that from now? :D) and hope you guys have a wonderful day! Give you a really nice song from Planetshakers feat. Israel Houghton right here as a closing. Ciao!