Do You Have Enough For Today?

Monday, August 31, 2015

 credit to A Place For Art

I love reading Bible. If I could say this, Bible could be my most favorite book in this world. I'm not kidding. Sometimes the words in it are confusing, but most of the time, the words make sense to me. 

For this whole month, I have been reading Proverbs again and finished it this morning. The author of Proverbs book should be given a Nobel for his powerful wisdoms. I found many times of life quotes on the internet, has taken from Proverbs book. It means, the words are applicable in our daily life. 

Here's one of my favorite verse from the book and has became my daily prayer in the morning. This verse below is in Easy-to-read version.

"Don't let me tell lies. And don't make me too rich or too poor- give me only enough food for each day.
If I have too much, I might deny I need You, Lord. But if I'm too poor, I might steal and bring shame to the name of my God." 
-Proverbs 30:8-9

If there's only one first problem in my life (I said if, because we all know there are too much problems in this life hehe), that would be things seem like never enough for me. 

Whether you're a Christian or not, I'm sure we all agree what the verse above said to us. Sometimes we might become greedy for everything we want in this life. We complain we don't have enough money for living or we don't have enough people to support us about things we do. But only God knows what would happen next, if we have too much of those things that we expected. You may skip this part, but if you read Bible, you can check the story when Israelites became wild and greedy, when God provided them with bunch of Manna to eat. God was so clear when He told the Israelites to have enough Manna for each day, because when things are too much for them, they would leave God alone. As same as when things are too little for them, they would leave God alone too and blame Him for everything. Does it sound familiar to us? When we have too much, we forgot where these all things came from, and when we have too little, we begin to blame The Man up there why He can't provide us more.

So let's think about this. Each day when we wake up in the morning, before we start to complain that we don't have clothes to wear, or we don't have things to eat for breakfast (though there's instant noodle in the cupboard and leftover coffee from last morning), or we don't have enough people to support us...

We always have enough clothes to wear today,
We always have enough coffee and bread for breakfast today, 
We always have enough people that surrounds us, to give us chance to learn and to grow. 
As long as we realise that those things really be "there" for us and be thankful about it. 

Do you have enough for today? (:

Brought Back From The Old Hometown

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I was back to Jakarta weeks ago and I haven't shared any pictures from the town yet. Despite some wedding stuffs to deal with, I had so many great times with some dear friends too. I couldn't be more blessed knowing that God has sent these people for me.

I would like to snap more pictures for posting in this blog, but on the other side, I didn't want to be overly busy taking pictures with a camera, because I just wanted to enjoy every minute and "be there". So, I just snapped everything quickly without any attempts to take better shots.

I leave a description for each picture below. Some faces who made an appearance here, maybe they belong to some people that you guys already familiar with ((: 

(1) You probably know her already, yes... meet my childhood bestfriend, aka the future maid of honor, Kina! It was almost impossible to arrange our meet-up schedule, every time I was in town. This time, we finally got each other! We grabbed Japanese lunch together with Andreas, and after that we went for the bridesmaid-dress fitting. Such a lovely day! 
(2) Me and Andreas was having Korean BBQ for lunch on the second day in Jakarta. It's located in Kelapa Gading, a place called Bornga. Nice, but too pricey.
(3) Meet my super adorable nephew, Daniel! Last time I visited him, he couldn't even walk by himself. Now he's one year old already, he grows up too fast! Anyway, he knows how to flip my camera into selfie mode, so this is the result. 
(4) Well spent afternoon at Ah Poong, Sentul. I ate so many things there. From Nasi Gudeg Jogja to Pempek Palembang. And this Kopi Susu (coffee with milk) is quite nice too. 
(5) Bogor surprised me with lots of new coffee shops and nice restaurants. This time Andreas took me to Monarchy. We were spending time here to work on some wedding stuffs (again).
(6) Dinner at Melrimba Garden, Puncak. Both of us forgot to bring a jacket, so as you can guess... we were freezing all night. But thank goodness for hot zuppa soup, sop buntut, teh tawar hangat
(7) Of course, you know her, right? My twin-sister-from-different-mother slash my blogger fella slash my future bridesmaid, Sastika! I slept in her dorm (yes, dorm. Feels like college years already, eh? :P) for one night. And in case you're wondering, yes... she was wearing her bridesmaid dress. Pretty, is she? 
(8) The twins-angel and their bodyguard ((:
(9) Another quick meet-up with this lady. I just picked my pre-wedding albums up from bridal, and Jessica came to meet us before she heads back to church and I should catch my flight that day too. Too bad we didn't have time to catch up. Soon ya!
(10) Before leaving for the airport, we decided to have Korean (again) for early dinner. Jessica told us about this restaurant and guess what, I LOVED IT! Everything we ordered is perfect. Plus, we can re-fill the side dishes without any charges! How cool is that! Free stuff always makes me happy ((: 
Oh anyway, the place called Mapogalmaegi, and it's located at Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Monday Favorites #5

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue-ish scene at Sanur I snapped when we missed our speedboat off to Nusa Penida last month *sobs*

Since last week, when my brother was off for a week from his duties at hospital, everytime he found out me drinking coffee while I was working, he started to give me speech about why-drinking-coffee-everyday-is-not-good-for-health. I give my defense from articles that I've read but I think it's useless since I was talking with a doctor-wannabe, right? But I guess he's right, and I hope this report by Leo from Zenhabits, helps me commit to stop drinking too much coffee. Start tomorrow. *glancing to my cup of coffee this morning*

(2) "The Top 4 Cities to Get A Cup of Coffee" by Nerd Wallet (
While I should stop drinking coffee, I think this article is amazing. I always wonder how typical Americans have their coffee-break in a fancy coffee shop. I always think it must be cool. 

(3) "12 Rookie Decorating Moves You Might Be Making" by My Domaine 
I will be moving soon and that will be my first moving experience by my own. I might not be a good designer, but me and Andreas have decided to decorate our own nest soon (we even want to paint walls by ourselves!). 

I think Marcella is genius for making this list *calling for every boys to read this*. Anyway, at first I thought I am type number six, but I think I am more the last type. What number are you, ladies?  

Wish everyone of you have a wonderful and blessed a week ahead! Stay awesome!

Think About This And That

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A: "What are you planning today?" 
J: "Hmm nothing much. I want to blog, still looking for inspiration."
A: "What are you thinking lately?"
J: "A lot. Hahaha." 

So, here we go. I just make a list of things I'm thinking about lately. Please don't bother my thoughts.

1) Recently I met people who often ask me about what I do for a living, and when they found out I don't do a 9 to 5 job, they are quite surprised. It's not like a 'good surprise', I believe. I was more like 'jobless' for them just because then. I could read their mind, somehow. When they 'try' to make conversation to know more about what I really do and to convince me that I 'should' do other jobs for a living, and what I'm doing right now is not enough blah and blah, this question came up: what's wrong with things that I do?  

Sometimes I just think people care way too much about other people's lives. They think they know the best, but the truth is, the best one for someone isn't always the best one for the other one. Those people think I will make more money if I do a "job" that they expected I would do or not just "helping" my family to run a business. A big company like Samsung was born in a family and this era, almost everyone owns at least one of Samsung gadgets, including myself. If it's not me to develop (yes, I use 'develop' word biar makin intens aja) my family business, then who else? For those people who had tried to give me some "advice", thank you. But I did choose my own path, so I just live my life (:

2) This month is closer to the end, which means my wedding is only NINE WEEKS away. As scary as it may sound, guess what, I think I'm not that scared anymore. On my last visit to Jakarta, we finished all of our wedding pieces of stuff. We picked our rings already, our pre-wedding pictures are done (and they are so beautiful!), we're also done dealing with the souvenirs. I think now we both can relax to plan our honeymoon trip *FINALLY*.

3) One of my mom's best friends was back from UK and since she has a family in Bali, she came for visiting us too. She is a very lovely and most humble person that I knew. She used to stay with us for a couple of weeks when I was a kid, so we basically pretty close. The first day I and my mom went out with her, we had a lovely lunch day. We also had a nice conversation, despite our nice meals too. She ordered almost everything and told me in that heavy Asian-British accent, "We eat fish and chips and scone and potatoes, almost every day. I want to eat everything here!". I spent that afternoon with long chits-chats with her. I admire everything she has done in life. If there are any chances for bringing her to meet you guys, I would, someday.

Anyway, she also gave me a pre-wedding gift. Yayy, my first wedding gift! When she handed me a shopping bag that smells really good from inside, I was so surprised. It was a L'occitane goodies! Never once in my life, I purchased L'occitane (or any other fancy skincare products) because of the prices I can't afford, hahaha. It's really beautiful! I used the shower oil this morning and I smell good (please, don't sniff me :P). I plan to use the other products next month for better results till my wedding day.