Blog Interviews 02: Arriane "Wanderrgirl" Serafico - A Game Changer

Friday, December 28, 2012

One day, when I was checking my Tumblr dashboard, I looked to Abbey’s. She posted something about an event, called #Blogworthy and it was very interesting. It’s a workshop to learn some blogging lessons and meet so many inspirational people. I was very curious, then I tried to find out about who’s behind this creative event, and that time, finally for the first time, I knew this amazing young woman.

I was so into her blog. Her blog is really like a ‘treasure trove’ for me; where I can find any inspirations, motivation and some tips for to-be-better young people, it’s very worthwhile. She writes in fun way, every single post makes me smile or even laugh. She’s a very good writer!

She once said in her blog, never afraid to ask somebody who really inspires me. Ask, talk or email them, anything! You never know a miracle will come when you dare yourself to ask. Well, miracle did happen for me this morning. When I checked emails from my Blackberry, there's an email from "Arriane Serafico" and I was about to jump out from my bed! 

So this is what I did, for second time (the first time click here), to make another blog interview. Please let me introduce you my Miss role model, Arriane *Wanderrgirl* Serafico!


Hi, Arriane! I spell it right, right? Double R, single N. So, finally we’re doing this interview! I’m gonna straight to the first question :D I found yourself is very creative and amazing young woman, do you agree about that? How do you feel about yourself?
Thank you so much! It’s already baffling enough that people would actually read my blog, but it’s even more unbelievable and incredible that my words and photos could have an effect beyond the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. It’s always the most random surprise when I get comments and e-mails from readers all the way from Indonesia, Singapore, Norway, Australia, and even Romania!

2013 is literally just around the corner, so I’m heart-explodingly excited about that. 2012 has been such a milestone year for me (I even got to do a TEDx talk!), and so now there’s so much pressure (from myself) for my 2013 to surpass this year’s amazingness.

If you look inside my brain right now, my thoughts and ideas are having a rather chaotic flash mob party. It’s been pretty hard to sit still this past week because of all that ruckus! As always, I will try my hardest to turn all those ideas into reality.

Arriane for TEDx Talk. Make sure you click the link she provides above and enjoy! (:

You have done some projects in the past years, one of them is #Blogworthy (2012). You teach about blogging world, collaborate with other brands and many more. May I ask some useful tips for those bloggers, who aren’t Filipino or live overseas and don’t get a chance to join the workshop, like me? :P Just the important ones from the master!
Blogworthy is one of my 2012 babies. It was such a great experience to meet my readers and interact with them on such a personal level and teach them about the things I’ve learned about blogging so far. They even got to see what my backend looks like! (The online one, not my physical one, obviously. That’d be weird. And um, possibly a little offensive.)

My message in the workshops is always the same: Your blog is your message to the world, so don’t you want to make it a good one?

You may read my Better Blogging 101 series for more specific blogging tips, but in general:
  • Go beyond the bare minimum. Don’t just do things the way everybody else does it, precisely because, well, that’s how everybody else does it. Push the bar; break rules, create new ones; astound people by doing more than what’s expected. Don’t waste your readers’ time with generic, run-of-the-mill and pointless posts.
  • Before you hit publish, ask yourself: Is this work that I’m actually proud of? Is this work that I will still be proud of, even after a year?
  • Lastly, be the best version of yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other bloggers, because that will only frustrate you. Just concentrate on being so good and so different that people can’t help but get clicking and reading. 
blogworthy wanderrgirl
Arriane with her kiddos in Blogworthy event batch two! 

Let’s talk a bit about your past. What exactly you do after graduated from college? (maybe some advice for us, that will be graduate soon!)
I went straight to work! My first job was with an NGO for good governance and ethical leadership, so that’s how I got into the whole Philippine development and political scene. Eventually, I ended up working in the government (you can read more about that here), where I still work now.

Along the way, I started experimenting with a couple of startup ventures and advocacy projects, such as co.lab (the first coworking space in the Philippines), Postura Project (a 30-day challenge to wear something Filipino everyday), Blogworthy, and the 2013 Go-Getter Planner

All that time, I just kept on writing about my adventures, experiences and learnings on my blog,

My advice on applying for your first job: Work for a company you would love to learn from, and not just a company who can pay you the most. Even early on, search for great mentors. Some questions you can consider:
  • Will this company be able to provide me with a great learning environment and experience? With that I mean, will this company be able to teach me things that I can’t learn on my own?
  • Will this company give me opportunities to meet and work with people I can collaborate with and learn from?
  • Will I be working with people who are open to new ideas (and not just give me a manual and expect me to stick with it, to the letter)?

Arriane and her friends for Postura Project

What do you do in your spare time, Arriane? I believe you are a pretty-busy-worker, so I’m wondering if you have relaxing time what are you going to do (:
I find that post-processing photos for the blog to be a relaxing activity, which I know makes me sound even more like a workaholic. ;)

Seriously though, I’m such a homebody. I rarely go out! Whenever I really don’t feel like working, 
I find myself reading books, perusing other blogs, frolicking on Pinterest, watching Korean dramas and variety shows, writing on my journal, or window-shopping at the mall sometimes.

Another helpful stress reliever: dancing! My former varsity teammates and I still get together sometimes to dance for fun. We sometimes even hold K-Pop dance classes, haha!

Me: I had watched your video when you guys were dancing (in the middle of 8 degree) at Han River! That was so cool!!

Plan or dream for the next 5-8 years later?
I definitely want to take a year off from work in 2014, either to study or to do an internship/fellowship somewhere abroad.

Five years from now, I want to have been an instrumental part in creating a national design policy for my country (we’ve passed the bill in the Senate – which is MASSIVE news!). I also want to have a stable business by then:  fingers crossed that at least one or two of my startup ventures now really builds momentum and takes flight in the next two years!

Now is about traveling solo! Geez, I envy you! Visit some places in local and overseas, mostly alone! How do you feel about traveling solo? Any tips if we want to travel alone?
I always say that everyone should travel solo at least once in their life, but you know what? I take it back. Traveling alone shouldn’t be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do it as often as you can, especially at crucial years in your life.

I remember, very vividly, my first trip abroad alone: it was in 2008, and I was bound for Prague, Czech Republic. I was equal parts terrified and thrilled beyond measure. However, I came back to Manila braver, hungrier for adventure, more self-aware, and with a different and wider perspective of the world and the infinite possibilities that come with it.

Traveling with friends or family is a fun, definitely, but traveling solo is a different kind of fulfillment .Trust me on this one.

The latest trip to Korea few months ago. 

Okay, two more questions. Do you have advices or critics for my blog?
I reeeeally don’t think I’m in a position to be ‘critiquing’ blogs, so I’ll just give you this: Keep on experimenting! Develop post formats or styles that are unique to you. Keep on writing until you find your distinct blogging voice. If there’s something you want to learn, Google it! Seriously, almost everything I know about blogging is from Google (and through LOTS of trial and error).

Reach out to others and find ways to collaborate. You’ll be surprised at how many generous and talented people there are out there, and the possibilities you can create! Keep on persisting and continue dreaming big :)

Last one, make it perfect! I really want to know if you have any messages for young people (about dreams, passion, career, anything). We are so much ready to hear from you (:
I feel that our generation is very lucky because everything is democratized by the internet. We have all these tools and technologies at our fingertips -- we could really start a revolution from our own bedrooms. You can use whatever you're passionate about, whether it’s photography or writing or drawing – use it as a tool for making a difference, in whatever way you want.

Stop thinking that you need to be "somebody" before starting anything. You don't even need to be a certain age. Don't wait for a go signal from anyone. Stop looking for a manual or a step-by-step guide to changing the world: THERE IS NONE. Be brave and just jump!

You can be absolutely anything you want to be. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

arriane serafico
Arriane Serafico, the game changerr. 
Blog: | Twitter: arriane_ | Facebook: Wanderrgirl

All of the pictures above are all courtesy of Wanderrgirl Facebook Page

Inspiring Video: "Follow Me to Work Day" by Michelle Phan

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A simple, sweet and beautiful video made comes from Michelle Phan, one of famous makeup guru that I know from Youtube. I don't know about her before, but I have watched her video once or twice. This is my favorite video so far, I always love how people documented their daily life and share it as a video, maybe someday I can make it too

This video mostly shows us how she does her morning routine, well, something surprises me, she flies A LOT for work, is that cool? She even works in a company that she owns, called Ipsy. After watching this video, I believe everyone of us wants to be like her. Maybe we don't commute by plane for work, but somehow we want to be settled with a job that we love, like Michelle does.

So this is a thing that I can share to all of you in today, I hope you guys have a really good evening. Stay awesome!

Life Under Berry(gram)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm finally back for a little update!

Also, I made a new look for my blog, can you spot it? Yes, the new pink header! *clapping*

Thanks to Photoshop for helping me, since I don't have a special ability with Photoshop thing (when the last time I used this tool tho??), but it did a great job.

Anyway, we are almost halfway through the year. We are in the mid of October already, life is getting FASTER MAN. FASTER. There are so many things wait to be done, so let's focus on our major goals this year and no regrets in the end.

I just had a single trip to Hong Kong two days ago with Andreas. Yippie yay!. He came for two weeks to have some business things and a little rest from his work. Nice, fun, TIRED trip. We always love Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a magical place for me. 

 My favorite shot from the trip, what do you think? 

the largest Forever 21 I've ever seen! It's located in Causeway Bay 

make sure you try this whenever you come to visit Hong Kong!

I challenge myself to take some pictures with my Blackberry camera these days. Surprisingly, it's not that bad. And thanks again to Photoshop! It always makes my ordinary picture become an extraordinary one. I made a quote about Photoshop, sounds like: Anything possible if you believe in Photoshop. LOL.  

Another batch from Berrygram (hahahaha yes I named it LMAO) and a short stories for each picture right here.

  •  1) "Passion": Introducing my favorite perfume, given by the only one le boyfriend. He gave me this as a birthday present last year and he bought a new one again before I even finished the first bottle. I'm not a fan of perfume actually, but this one smells okay and since it was a present from my boyfriend, why should I complain? :P
  •  2) It's a cheeseburger!: Cute doodles on one of McDonald's wall in 大沙头 district.
  •  3) Red Saturday: This is a random shot; everything was in red, and yeah... that's my Blackberry. It was taken by iPad if you wonder why my Blackberry was there :P
  •  4) "10 more minutes...": Please be honest to me... whose favorite words is this, especially in the morning? *raise up your hand* hahaha. It's adorable, right? I always wanted to buy a sleeping mask but never find the nice one. Finally, I found this cute thing last week, bravo! 
So, this is my life under the Berrygram (can I spell it like that from now? :D) and hope you guys have a wonderful day! Give you a really nice song from Planetshakers feat. Israel Houghton right here as a closing. Ciao!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

photo credit: (photoshopped by me)

What have I been up to recently? I'm pretty fine, life is good. Try to learn something new everyday, still learn how to deal with myself, still learning how to deal with people whom you love so much... iron sharpens iron, a man sharpens the face of his friend, right? So, yeah... my life is so wonderful. It's too bad if I don't share something I have learned to all of you.

Few months ago, when I was reading Alanda Kariza's book, Dream Catcher, she wrote about Steve Jobs's commencement at Stanford University in 2005. I was wondering so I checked for it immediately on Youtube. My heart feels so warm, touched and more than that... inspired, by this amazing person. And suddenly, I found myself, I miss Jobs. 

Too bad, we lost the most powerful person in this world last year. But I believe, Jobs never regretted about how he gave all of his potential and big ideas for us from his big works. I'm not an Apple person, but at least, I learn something from this Apple Man. Okay, maybe I don't understand about what's new from Apple, iOS something bla bla bla. But, I do love ToyStory, Pixar short movies ( they're so cute overload!). Pixar would never born if Steve Jobs never got fired by his own company, Apple. Wonder why? Watch this video and trust me, in the time between fifteen minutes, you will get inspired too. No big deal, just stories from Jobs... (: 

"Sometimes life hits us in the head with a brick, don't lose faith." -Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Fashion 911

Friday, September 7, 2012

This is the real emergency, fashion emergency! So I made it to "fashion 911", smart enough? :P
The situation right here is, I have three pieces of fall/winter outfits that I REALLY don't have any idea how to wear them (in different way). I don't really smart about fashion, but since this year is gonna be my last winter, I want to dress nicely than before. You can tell me something like "you can wear this with this cute pants" or "this outfits will work with this t-shirt!" or anything. Let's take a look the "helpless outfits" here:

I bought this cute sweater last year when my Mom came to visit me. The cheapest sweater I ever have. When I saw this, I asked my Mom how was it and then she let me to buy. Last time I wore this with a purple tights and it's a disaster -_- what do you think?


The second outfit is this semi-blazer. I bought this when I was in high school. I reall wanted to wear a blazer but in fun way so I decided to buy this. But now, I'm stuck about what should I wear inside?

The last one is one of my favorite sweater!  I wore once with white shirt that has a collar but it looked a little bit weird since this sweater has a low "V" pattern. But I really want to wear this again, tell me what's good to pair with ): 

My outfits really needs your help guys. Thanks before if you drop some tips for me here, I really appreciate it! It's Friday so I hope you guys have a great weekend! Happy Friday! (:

Airport Fashion Show: Jessica and Tiffany, SNSD

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do you guys ever hear about Girls' Generation (SNSD) airport fashion? Well if you are a SONE and a fashion observer holic, you probably know about this. If you don't, google to find it! I don't know since when or exactly the "airport fashion" influence the kpop stars in the airport. I'm pretty sure there are also many fashion airport pictures of other artists, but as a big fan, for me, SNSD fashion are the best!

If you want to know about their personal fashion style, don't find it on their album concept or performance outfits, airport fashion is the right answer! SNSD airport always attractive me. As they grow up, their fashion sense has became a huge attention for young people in Korea, especially for the girls. I have one special folder for SNSD airport fashion in my computer. Just in case if I need some outfits ideas! Among the nine girls, I have my favorite airport fashion from SNSD, they are... yes, Jessica and Tiffany!

 This is an old picture from fall season last year. Jessica is wearing a simple outer and a tee inside. She is a sucker for sunglasses! And the most important thing for her in fall fashion item is... oxford shoes!

I'm always impressed by Tiffany's airport fashion! She knows how to match the denim jacket with short-black-dress. And she never forget to bring her favorite Celine with her. Simple, but gorgeous. Who's with me? :P

I wish fall comes faster, so I can start to mix match my outer and go to buy a new denim jacket! How 'bout this one? :D Fyi, I plan to post something with the title "Fashion 911". Curious? Let's wait for it! Thanks for reading my quick post. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend! Ciao!

Brought Back From Bali

Thursday, August 2, 2012

As my promise before, I dropped by to bring some holiday pictures! Not too many, because I haven’t transfer some pictures in my camera to computer and sorry a little bit too late. I give up for the internet speed here, I miss my dorm’s internet speed ):

Anyway, enjoy my pictures and I still wish you guys have a great holiday and happy fasting for my Moslem friends (: 

 my first day lunch after my family arrived: Ayam Tempoeng! 

Teh Susu from Teh Poci is the best ♥

the great GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana)

Say hi to my Dad! (:

 Little brother seemed so busy building his own castle!

Last but not least, mi familia!

Start An Enjoyable Day

Monday, July 16, 2012

This post is related to this post, I posted in Bahasa before now I'm gonna post in English version. There supposed to be a short video about this, but it was delayed. Too bad but I try to make it happen! *poke someone* So, enjoy this post. I hope you guys have a enjoyable day, stay blessed! (:


Do you know how to start an enjoyable day?

When you are ready to step outside the door to see world’s activities, do not forget to pick a comfortable pair of shoes to be worn. One has said, a good shoe gives a comfortable feeling to you, and will bring you to some place you have never imagined. After the most comfortable shoe has worn yet do not forget to whisper to yourself ‘I give thanks to God and I am ready for today!’.
When you are seeing the world, never forget to always put smile. Smile makes everything wonderful, smile gives warmth to all things. Give your smile to a steward who serves your breakfast, smile when you see a kid who is running happily to the school. Smile will bring you to a positive day.

When you are walking, I believe that would be a lot of gravels and stones on the street thus, if you are not careful, could make you stumble. As you are walking the journey of life, the road will not always be smooth. A lot of time you are unaware and stumble. Do not cry nor grumble. Stand on your feet and do not give up to continue your life journey.

When you are seeing the world, watch and be still for a sec. A lot of things going on that would give you an inspiration or an admiration of the work of His hands. The blue and white gradation the sky has, that is His beautiful painting. An old couple that is holding hands and walking at the park, is the most romantic romance that He writes. Have you realize any of these?

When you end your trip today, again, do not forget to give thanks to God that has led your trip. Have a good rest and continue to have a wonderful trip on the next day.

Have you start and finish the enjoyable days?

*Special thanks to Agustine Angeline for the translation. 

Suddenly, Bali!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

From Kuta beach with love ♥
Too bad this morning Bali was raining, so it's a little bit gloomy. But now the sun is coming out! 

Hi everyone!

I'm so glad to tell to all of you that I'm in BALI right now! I just arrived safely here yesterday, my brother who lives here picked me up then I stay in his kos for four days until my parents come in next few days. Yap yap, I'm gonna have a family vacation here. Sounds great? I guess this will be a perfect summer holiday! Sorry for bad quality picture above, it was taken by my phone. My Mom is gonna bring the camera so I promise there will be many pictures I can share to you. I can't wait to explore Bali more and more, shopping and eat seafood! I miss Bali A LOT.

Anyway, I found a good read again from Cassandra's blog right here, she wrote about how the little random things can make us happy if you want, this is so true. Life is too short to complain, why don't you choose for happy instead?

Short post from me and I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. God bless and stay awesome!

Hello Dolly

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry for the random title, I just named it by the song I am listening to :P
Say YAY for holiday! Finally my exam weeks are over and thank God I can through all of them very well and the scores are pretty well too. I was surprising myself because I was getting lazy for study this semester, but it was over, I don’t care anymore and let’s wait for the next semester! (I will be a SENIOR can you believe that??)

I’ve been feeling so inspired lately, I read a lot of stuffs now I want to share some goodies to all of you. Maybe after read these, they can brighten up your days (: 

Last, I want to tell you a good news! I was featured by GoGirl! Magazine, no no not as a fashion blogger of course :P so I sent my writing to them few months ago and I didn’t get any replied, so I thought they are not gonna publish it. But who knows my writing suddenly made an appearance in the magazine for July edition! 

sorry for the bad quality, it sent by my friend using her phone.

Thank you so much GoGirl! and of course I thank God for let me created this dream. Well, it’s a small article, it actually came with a very long words, I guessed they cut it. But if you want to read the complete story, you can read it on, put the title “Masih Adakah Kepedulian Di Antara Kita?” on the search box. Yes, the story is in Indonesian. I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks before if you read it (:

What Faith Can Do

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Before I made this post, I was thinking what I’m going to write about. I was browsing along in Youtube, watched a lot videos from Jayesslee channel (I love this twins!), and my brain was working to find an idea to write. Finally, I really got a very good idea to share with you all now.

Do you guys know Jayesslee? Or known well as Janice and Sonia, yes they’re twins. I won’t introduce them in my post since you can just click it and find out, I will share about a video that was recorded in Singapore, where the girls are invited to City Harvest church. They shared a testimony about the one who encourage them a lot since kids until they grown up. The one they called as “Mama”. 

I literally cried when I watched this video. I cried because I found the twins were very strong even when they were in difficult times and the time when their mom was diagnosed as cancer. You will know how the twins’ feeling after you watched the video, the feeling when you are told you would lose your beloved one in days. They didn’t know about what cancer is until they were in high school. By that time, they started to know how serious this cancer about and started angry with God, too. When Sonia (which on the left, who played the guitar) said, the teachers in Sunday School always say “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good”, she tried to believe but it didn’t make sense to her, because her mom was in very bad condition, my tears fell down. Don’t you guys think sometimes… or maybe oftentimes, we like to blame God for things happened in our life. The Bible said, “always be grateful”, but we think that’s crazy. As a human, “grateful” this word isn’t even available when we’re in hard times. We just keep asking God, “Why God You did this to me?” instead. 

But you know what, God hears you when you blame Him. God hears you when you cried out in your hard times. God hears when you start to mad at Him, blame Him thousand times, He hears you. We only see the negative when we are in difficult times, we use human’s glasses, not God’s. If we try to see things from His glasses, we know there will be always a positive. More even than that, we shall put FAITH in our life. Yes, faith. Faith make anything possible, faith can move the mountains, faith can renew the broken hearts, faith can make miracles. That’s what faith can do

It’s almost impossible to have faith in our life, when anything seems even more difficult than before, but trust me, I live by faith. And one more thing about faith, it makes us to become deeper and deeper in Him. Janice and Sonia had proven to us what they got from faith, so how about us know? (: 

Thanks bunch if you spent your little time to read this post, I hope you be blessed. And of course a special thanks for the twins, Janice and Sonia, you both rock! I love you both, you inspired me a lot and stay blessed!  

It All Started In Starbucks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I believe every one of you have your own favorite place to be reminded of. Maybe that will be your school building, because you spent half of your life there or because you met your first crush in that place. And it will be a playground, because you spent half your childhood-life with your childhood friends in there. So many places can be your favorite place because you left some beautiful and fun moments in that place.

Today, I spent my day with my dear roommate, Tika, to prepare our final tests. We went to our favorite coffee shop, and you guess it right, Starbucks! I fell in love with this place since I came to Guangzhou. Sounds cliche if you say. Everybody loves Starbucks, but everybody has different reasons why they love this coffee shop. I love this place for get some inspirations, ideas or just have a ME time. This place has a very great atmosphere that makes you feel like to stay for any longer. I already visited the other Starbucks counters but there's no one makes me like this place do *oh now sounds so cheesy again :P*

good girl! *nerdy*

Well, I won't talk too much. I just want to tell you, this is the time to share your own story which started in Starbucks. The story can be anything, you must upload your picture and tell a story from it. Submit your entry HERE (but first you have to hit the "LIKE" button on "Starbucks Indonesia" Facebook page), read the terms&conditions first, fill the contest form and... TADA! You could be one of five lucky winners to receive FREE Starbucks for A YEAR! *YAY*

The contest deadline until June 26 and the winners will be announced July 1st, so don't waste your time! Oh, the most important, this contest only for INDONESIAN ONLY. 

I have shared my moment and I need your help *if you guys don't mind* to vote my entry here or put my name "REGGIEVIA" on the gallery search box. Thank you for your help, you can tell me if you joined this contest I will vote you too, so... GOOD LUCK! :D

Good Bye

Monday, June 18, 2012

Trust me, it's not a sad post.

First, do you guys miss me? :P I miss my blog A LOT. I miss writing. I miss writing like this without even care about words amount that I type, like what I did with my assignment papers *sigh*

Back to writing topic, when I opened up my blogspot dashboard few days ago, I spotted that my best friend, Sastika, finally posted up many of new writings. Last time I checked her blog she didn’t write anything and when I stalked around in her blog again after watched her video cover with Agustine (which is very good one and surprisingly, I became their first official fan! *GO GO GI!*), I found a post that made me a little bit emotional. If you wonder which post is it, click this one.

Good bye. I have a same thought with Sastika too, why people always say there’s a GOOD in goodbye word. I never understand about that word before until I said it to my beloved one. 

the day we separated for good.

It has been a week after the day he went home to Indonesia and I can’t still believe the fact he wasn’t around me anymore. It feels a little bit weird. One week before “the day”, I asked Sastika, “how was the feeling when you said a good-bye with the one who you really love?”  She laughed before give me an answers. She told me like she wrote on her blog. People come and go in our life, they step to their new chapter, so do we. Things go on and on, so do we. Nothing gonna change that.

I’m so glad I still ‘alive’ until now, I mean I’m not that broke like people think about me before. How funny they always said to me that I will survive or not without him and about our long distance relationship for one year. I’m okay, really. And I know all of you care about me, thanks a bunch! I know it’s hard at first, but this is a chance for us to grow up. A chance for us to become a "single" again and focus to our future. Of course a chance to have long distance relationship too. LDR is really fun! The moment every night I wait for his calls from home and then we talk all night along until fall asleep. I tell him a lot about my day in school and he tells me a lot about his job. And oh, we have our favorite words now on phone, “How’s your day?” :D

Good bye. It’s really a good one. Thanks God, He gave us a chance to learn about this. Before the ending, I wanna tell you something. Few days more is our kind of anniversary day. We actually had celebrated the day one month ago, he promised to take me to somewhere I wanted to visit so bad, The Peak, Hong Kong. And he kept it! You can see the proof here:


Thanks for reading! I'm so happy I can share a lot here to all of you. 
Sorry about being cheesy at last :P I wish you all have a good night!
Be blessed

I'm A Dreamer

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 credit: Jonahliza

This is a dreamer writing about her dream in two or three years later.

I’m preparing my first book launching day! I am wearing a very nice chiffon purple long sleeve-shirt, black skinny pants and a pair of black pump shoes. I’m doing a little re-touch in rest room with my best friend. A staff from my publisher suddenly came by, she called me to be ready for the event. I’m so nervous, yet exciting at the same time! I’m walking to the ballroom, where the event is going to be held. You know what, the moment when I am being interviewed about my first book in front of the people -who are my lovely readers and of course my beloved family members, friends and boyfriend, it is really amazing and thrilling me! I can see clearly a proud smile on my parents’ face, and we have full of happiness and great atmosphere on that day! Oh, the event is a private only, not so many people in the room, so I can communicate with all of them... free and ease. I speak some gratitude words, I say thanks a bunch to my Lord, without Him, I can’t pursue my dream. Then, my eyes are tearing. Tears of joy.

Well, thank you for reading a little note from a dreamer. Anyway, have I ever said that I want to be a writer so bad?

Counting Your Happiness

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Credit: Pinterest

Do you usually count your happiness in a day? What’s happiness to you? Happiness is always around you, it is just you want it or not. Happiness comes every time in anywhere. I read a post from Alodita about “counting your happiness”, and last night unfortunately I found Tara's post about same thing too. She followed by Alodita’s post and made her own happiness list.

There’s a lot of happiness I got recently, well… every day! Let’s see what I got here:
  1. Started from Tuesday, I’m officially becoming a piano instructor. Okay, or just call it simple… piano teacher. 
  2. And the next two days, I got a very nice compliment from my friend about something that I’ve done.
  3. Yesterday when I was in class, my Mom sent me pictures of my dog at home and I couldn’t stop to laugh! She’s very adorable dog! Now I miss her.
  4. My boyfriend and his brother came back to Guangzhou two days ago from a business trip. Although their flight was delayed because the bad weather, but thanks God they arrived safely.
  5. I cooked today for lunch, tasted good but… I AM SO FULL NOW! *pokesbelly*
  6. I learned to play a new song from Israel Houghton, “Jesus at The Center” with my friend, I used to learn this song before, but now I can sing and play thing song. I’m so happy! <3
  7. This is a guilty pleasure. But I didn’t know why I spent my money for a portion of chicken wings plus chicken nuggets from McDonalds few days ago and ate them alone in my room. I feel bad. Really. But, it’s weird now I’m writing it in my happiness list.
  8. Fransiska (the one I mentioned before on previous post) is on her birthday today! Me and some friends are going to give her a birthday present tonight. I hope she will like it!
  9. My brother finally got his very first job too in Bali! As a piano instructor too, how cool is that! Yeah! *high five*
  10. Finishing this list and I’m so very very happy. 

Chasing Childhood Dreams

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Few days ago, me and my friends went to my boyfriend’s living apartment to play monopoly cards and eat some food together. We arrived earlier and my boyfriend wasn’t at home yet, so we stopped by at a playground around his apartment.

It was drizzling through day, so no one’s there to play. We were playing happily like five years old kiddos. Well, we know we’re not in that ages anymore, but it just happened spontaneously, like we never knew about our real ages! 

I didn’t write this post without reason, I have something to tell you about. 

Last night, I checked on Cassandra’s formspring (yeah I'm such a stalker lol) and as usual, she got so many questions from her fans. Then I got a very interesting question, “I am curious of being 20s, it’s like the age of losing childhood dreams, is it right? What’s your opinion?” So Cass’s answer is, “I disagree. It is the age of CHASING childhood dreams.” Okay, now you got my point, right? Hehe. When I read this, I was like… yeah, that’s so true! 

I’m in my 20 right now (and going to be twenty one in next few months). Before I reached this age, I was worried about future. I was not ready for part of growing up. I always wanted to be free, happy and I can do anything I want. But after I reached this age, my opinion was totally wrong. Still worried, but not as much as in the past. Being 20s, is the best time to pursue your dreams. Maybe you don’t know what will happen in the following five, ten years. But at least, you can imagine if your dream comes true. Remember when you were young, you will do anything to get what you want. Kids never being tired about their wishes, they have like what we called now, passion. They want a toy, they must have the toy. Cass is right, being 20s is the age of chasing our childhood dreams. I don’t know maybe some of you getting tired now or thinking about to give up and stop to continue your journey. No, you don’t have to and never think about that again! Trust me, you will be regret, a HUGE one.

So, whatever you are dreaming about, keep dreaming about it. A wise line from famous person in the past, Waltz Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”, this is the power of dream and the most important, don’t forget to keep in faith in your dreams. Good luck!

P.S: Post without photos, not really nice. So, here are some pictures we have from the playground. Please don’t laugh, we are just kids. LOL! 

My good friends: Fransiska and Agustine (first picture above on the left)

Apakah Harimu Menyenangkan?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

picture credit:

Kamu tau bagaimana cara memulai hari yang menyenangkan? 

Ketika kamu siap untuk melangkahkan kakimu keluar pintu melihat aktifitas dunia, jangan lupa memilih sepatu yang nyaman untuk dipakai. Seseorang pernah mengatakan, sepatu bagus yang memberikan rasa nyaman padamu, akan membawa dirimu ke suatu tempat yang tidak akan pernah kita pikirkan. Setelah memastikan sepatu ternyamanmu, jangan lupa berbisik kepada dirimu sendiri, “aku bersyukur kepada Tuhan dan aku siap untuk hari ini!”. 

Ketika kamu sedang menjumpai dunia, jangan lupa untuk terus tersenyum. Senyum membuat segalanya indah, senyum membuat semuanya terasa hangat. Kamu bisa memberikan senyum kepada sang penjual kopi di mana kamu membeli sarapanmu, kamu bisa memberikan senyum ketika melihat anak kecil berlari dengan riang menuju sekolahnya. Senyum yang akan mengantarmu kepada hari yang positif.
Ketika kamu sedang berjalan, aku percaya akan banyak kerikil dan batu-batu kecil yang berserakan di jalan. Kalau tidak hati-hati, mungkin kamu bisa terjatuh. Sama halnya ketika kamu berjalan dalam kehidupanmu, perjalananmu nggak akan selamanya mulus. Seringkali kamu tidak hati-jati dan terhatuh. Jangan menangis, jangan mengeluh. Berdiri lagi dan jangan menyerah untuk melanjutkan perjalananmu.
Ketika kamu sedang memandangi dunia, amati dan diamlah sejenak. Banyak sekali kejadian yang akan memberikanmu sebuah inspirasi atau sekedar membuatmu kagum akan karya tangan-Nya. Langit yang mempunyai warna gradasi biru dan putih, itu hasil lukisan-Nya yang indah. Sepasang kakek dan nenek yang berjalan sambil bergandengan tangan di taman, itu adalah cerita cinta yang paling romantis yang Ia tulis. Apakah kamu pernah memperhatikan itu semua sebelumnya?
Ketika  kamu mengakhiri perjalanan hari ini, jangan lupa mengucap syukur kembali kepada Tuhan yang memimpin perjalananmu. Jangan lupa beristirahat, dan melanjutkan kembali perjalanan yang menyenangkan esok hari.
Apakah kamu sudah memulai dan mengakhiri hari-hari yang menyenangkan?