Fashion 911

Friday, September 7, 2012

This is the real emergency, fashion emergency! So I made it to "fashion 911", smart enough? :P
The situation right here is, I have three pieces of fall/winter outfits that I REALLY don't have any idea how to wear them (in different way). I don't really smart about fashion, but since this year is gonna be my last winter, I want to dress nicely than before. You can tell me something like "you can wear this with this cute pants" or "this outfits will work with this t-shirt!" or anything. Let's take a look the "helpless outfits" here:

I bought this cute sweater last year when my Mom came to visit me. The cheapest sweater I ever have. When I saw this, I asked my Mom how was it and then she let me to buy. Last time I wore this with a purple tights and it's a disaster -_- what do you think?


The second outfit is this semi-blazer. I bought this when I was in high school. I reall wanted to wear a blazer but in fun way so I decided to buy this. But now, I'm stuck about what should I wear inside?

The last one is one of my favorite sweater!  I wore once with white shirt that has a collar but it looked a little bit weird since this sweater has a low "V" pattern. But I really want to wear this again, tell me what's good to pair with ): 

My outfits really needs your help guys. Thanks before if you drop some tips for me here, I really appreciate it! It's Friday so I hope you guys have a great weekend! Happy Friday! (:


  1. 1. sweater pertama bisa di padu padain sama celana pendek hitam atw legging hitam :)
    2. sweater V neck bisa digabung sama kaos warna apa aja, without any collar ya

    1. Aih, iyah juga yah pake shorts item! Haha yg sweater coklat nggak bisa pake kaos, aku udah pernah coba malah keliatan biasa2 saja. Eniwei thanks yaa (:

    2. actually itu V neck bagusan ga pake apa2 sih dlmnya >< kalo mau d rangkap kaos atw tank top gt, kesannya emg biasa...

  2. Hai, Jane!! Will try my best to give some fashion advice!

    I think first sweater could be worn over dress (red/white/brown from the sweater) with tiny white tiny belt over brown stocking tucked in boots.

    THe blazer is grey so why not give it a touch of color with great mustard top (not a shirt tho!) over a black skirt/dark skinny jeans again, tucked in your trusty boots!

    V neck sweater is super tricky!!! I have three and I guess the only way to fight the cold weather is with some chunky white scarf and white beanie! i think jeans/skirt over stockings should do the trick

    well, hope it helps!

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. Hi, Stevi!

      OMG, nggak kepikiran pairing sweater itu sama dress! It would be very nice! bakal aku coba dan capture hasilnya buat km haha and I just thinking about pair a mustard shawl with the v neck sweater :P thanks a lot for your ideas, dear! <3

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