Sunday, September 16, 2012

What have I been up to recently? I'm pretty fine, life is good. Try to learn something new every day, still learn how to deal with myself. So, yeah... my life is so wonderful. It's too bad if I don't share something I have learned to all of you.

Few months ago, when I was reading Alanda Kariza's book, Dream Catcher, she wrote about Steve Jobs's commencement at Stanford University in 2005. I was wondering so I checked for it immediately on Youtube. My heart feels so warm, touched and more than that... inspired, by this amazing person. And suddenly, I found myself, I miss Jobs. 

Too bad, we lost the most powerful person in this world last year. But I believe, Jobs never regretted about how he gave all of his potential and big ideas for us from his big works. I'm not an Apple person, but at least, I learn something from this Apple Man. Okay, maybe I don't understand about what's new from Apple, iOS something bla bla bla. But, I do love ToyStory, Pixar short movies ( they're so cute overload!). Pixar would never born if Steve Jobs never got fired by his own company, Apple. Wonder why? Watch this video and trust me, in the time between fifteen minutes, you will get inspired too. No big deal, just stories from Jobs... (: 

"Sometimes life hits us in the head with a brick, don't lose faith." -Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


  1. I remember watching his commencement speech when I graduate college a few months ago. His words are truly inspiring and he's a great man, and a great speaker. :)

  2. it;s such a loss but i do learn much from Apple!


  3. I don't really follow Job's career but he is truly an icon, it's a loss to the world</3.

  4. First, it's about connecting the dots. oh my this is mindblowing, I wonder what would I realize 10 years from now.
    Second, it's about keep doing what I'm in love with even when I am rejected or publicly recognized as a failure. "It was the awful tasted medicine, but I guess we needed it."
    Third, simply fear death and live fully according to your OWN inner voice.
    Fourth, I thank you for sharing this, such a shame I didn't put that much attention to this inspiring man before.

  5. this speech was one of the most brilliant speeches ever. thanks for your reminder

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