Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yes I'm here to declare that I AM HOME! :D
And as usual, I do nothing when at home, spend my whole day with dearest dvd player and notebook, good books and good foods! Seriously, Indonesian dishes are AMAZING, Mama's cook is on the stage! (:
I don't have anything good to post today, but I will share you some pictures that I got from my friend's folder. The pictures below are taken by him when we had our dinner at our favorite Hongkong Cuisine restaurant after Youth Service. Three pictures only for today. Have a great day!

we asked the friendly waitress to help us took a shoot
we saw a little cute doggie named Cookie, he is really adorable
oya, you should talk with him in Cantonese, he doesn't know English or Chinese ((:

me, boyfriend and his sister-in-law (:

New Year's Letter

Monday, January 3, 2011

I missed out my 1st January 2011 post, I spent my last 2010 days with my fellas on new year last weekend, we did some mini-party and also had a fellowship at church, we had some good time. I didn't take some good photos *sadly I know ):* 

Well, I haven't said any new year greet to all of you, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! Let's start the new year with the new beginning. All the best for you, peeps!

People always do some "new year resolution" at this time, I'm a little hesitant to call mine as a resolution since I wrote some goals, wishes and things to do in 2011. For me, 2010 is my favorite year but it's also become the hardest year to say goodbye.

Let's check the list what I've done and which one is failed or maybe I shud say I haven't do it WELL in 2010 (:

  • Have good grades for college. (STUDY HARDER!)
  • Have a HONGKONG trip. I got my chance to Hongkong actually, but something happened then I lost my Hongkong ):
  • Have a new Canon DSLR. Still saving my money to get it!
  • Have a closer relationship with dear God. I did it (: but sometimes I skipped my morning-meditation especially when winter season comes. It's so hard to get up early, idk why -.-
  • Have a new blog site. Yeah, you read it now :D
  • Have a Online Shop page. Yes, I have it on a Facebook page, and my mom manages it.
  • Play piano/keyboard for Sunday Service at church. Sunday, 11 July 2010 was my first premiere! hahaha :D
  • Have a work experience. err... I shopped a lot for my online shop stuff and packed them all to Indonesia, is that work experience?
  • Have new friends. Bunch of new friends around me :D:
And now this is the letter to future me in 2011!

2010 was a great year for you. You had done some good things and some bad things in 2010. And now 2011 is here, it came for you to begin a new life! In 2011, you have to make your parents proud of you, DON'T EVER TRY TO LET THEM DOWN AGAIN! You have to get your first job soon, maybe a piano teacher? or anything you can do and it earns money. After you get the money, you save it, try to defray yourself without begging your parents for money again, and you can buy yourself good clothes, a pair of pretty shoes, a trip to Hongkong and a beautiful Canon DSLR! You will have more new-good-friends and you still with your dearest boyfriend and celebrate 1st year anniversary with him in 2011 at Guangzhou of course! The other important thing is you still do your meditation every morning before class and do some PW in your room when your roommates not at home, khkh. STOP EATING TOO MUCH, take more exercises, STUDY HARDER and get good grades, and stop being egoist! When you read this at the end of 2011, you will see what have you achieved.

Jane, January 2011.