A Quick Goodbye to 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I am writing this post waiting for our New Year's Eve dinner. Well, can you believe that 2014 is in few hours to go? Let's take a little time to write a quick review of 2013 and some goals to achieve in 2014! 

I set a theme for 2013 and surprisingly, there were still so much things that I haven't achieved yet. Talking about experience 2013, yes I experienced lots of things. Like writing final thesis, sharing about my favorite topic in my church community, graduated, moved into a new place, meet some new people and so much more. But I feel like I miss some other things this year and I am not really sure what was it. Anywaaaay, I still feel so grateful I can make it till the end of the year, not by myself just because of God's will. I also promise myself once again to make 2014 even more challenging. Like what I said before, I am still twenty two and I will let myself to taste a life that Lord has given to me.

So some goals for 2014: I found that it might be hard to set goals for entire year, so in 2014 I will learn to set goals for each month and I have to stick with it. Like in the next January (which is TOMORROW already!), I have set some little goals for blogging related. Speaking of blogging, I have to work harder! I have to write and post regulary, I have to set my blogging planning even more organized, I have to learn how to take a nice pictures and so much more. I should take a time everyday to think about fun ideas for this blog. I want to say thank to Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess, because I've learned some blogging things through their pretty blog. Blogging this thing is kinda addicted for me and I just want to make it grow day by day. And for other goals, I decided to begin 2014 with something related to my dream. I have been working on it for almost four months. If everything is going well (and I am sure it will be going well *fingercrossed*), I will make an announcement in January 14th. God knows I am very excited about this ((:

Sorry for a real quick post. Now I have to get ready for dinner with my family in a resort. We got invitations from our friend who worked in the resort plus my brother, Jeven, is also gonna have a live music performance with his friend during the night. How cool is that? But right now we are all praying for the nice weather because suddenly the rain is pouring down ):

So maybe some of you want to share a little about your new year's resolutions? I would like to know. Have a great one tonight and I will see you next year haha. Happy happy happy new year! 

So Far being Twenty Two

Friday, December 27, 2013

Being twenty two means, you just don’t even care about what people expects about your life, about what are you going to do or what you have to do for the rest of your life. Life is all about your choices. Don’t live under people expectations unless you want to “mati muda”. Just don’t. 

Being twenty two means, let your heart always be ready for receiving something that you never imagine to happen. Because you know what, life is full of surprises. And like Forrest Gump’s chocolate box, “you never know what you are going to get.” Your life is your chocolate box, taste it, feel it.

Being twenty two means, you realize that there is always somebody besides you, to pursue a dream together. Because “two are betterthan one”. 

Being twenty two means, maybe you are considered too young to make a decision about a thing that lasts for a lifetime. But you just want to prove it that you are mature enough to take the decision. Because again, it’s your life.

Being twenty two means, you can easily enjoy little things around you and simply being happy because of it.
Being twenty two means, allow yourself to take a break and press pause. Why are you just busy doing for nothing? Take a deep breath, look around, you live a beautiful life. Ask yourself, what do you want to do to make this life more counts? Travel somewhere? Write a confession letter? Cook a dish for your dearest one? 

Being twenty two means, let yourself to live at the moment. Be grateful for anything you have at the moment. Don’t let yourself busy counting your blessings, because God provides them all with everything for the sake of our enjoyment. So, simply enjoy them instead. 

And last, being twenty two means you are more than ready to live in another step of new ages. More surprises, more lessons, more blessings, more happiness.

Enjoy your last few days in December 2013. I hope you are doing good. Stay awesome!

Press Pause

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sometimes, you need to press pause and look around your life. Sometimes, we forget how to enjoy the taste of this life. We are busy for doing nothing, we are trapped in a place while we thought the place probably the safe one. The truth is, all of us want to get out. Get out to see this life. Get out to feel our true heart. Get out to find our own happiness. After that, all of us are ready to press the play button again. 

Happy weekend (:

Ask What For Lunch

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hello everyone. I miss writing some posts right here but this time I just dropped some pictures, telling you that I am so happy living here and I find myself is getting better day by day. Problem comes, problem solved, good opportunity is coming too. Last month I has been taught an important lesson about being brave. I realized for most of the time I rejected for doing something real scares me. I don't even realize maybe one of my dream is knocking outside my door. Some of you keep telling me to dream bigger, my heart tells me so. But sometimes I lost courages for doing it too, just because I am afraid I fail, I am afraid I take a wrong path. Then, I was reminded by this words:

"To stand up to any challenge, spend time on your knees."

Yes, spend your time more for praying to God. Pray for more courages, pray for asking what you have to do and pray for having a brave heart to challenge yourself (:

2013 has been so nice, yet went too fast, don't you think? I still remember how I started this year: write thesis, experienced first time internship as a teacher at school, graduated, moved in new place, job hunting, and finally decided to run a business. I have no idea why I am so excited for welcoming 2014. Much things to be done this month, and much things to do in the next year. Make sure you have a wonderful month and stay awesome. And oh, happy holiday (SOON)!

ps: sorry for my blogpost's title, but is really nearly for lunch break here. What's for lunch?