Ask What For Lunch

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hello everyone. I miss writing some posts right here but this time I just dropped some pictures, telling you that I am so happy living here and I find myself is getting better day by day. Problem comes, problem solved, good opportunity is coming too. Last month I has been taught an important lesson about being brave. I realized for most of the time I rejected for doing something real scares me. I don't even realize maybe one of my dream is knocking outside my door. Some of you keep telling me to dream bigger, my heart tells me so. But sometimes I lost courages for doing it too, just because I am afraid I fail, I am afraid I take a wrong path. Then, I was reminded by this words:

"To stand up to any challenge, spend time on your knees."

Yes, spend your time more for praying to God. Pray for more courages, pray for asking what you have to do and pray for having a brave heart to challenge yourself (:

2013 has been so nice, yet went too fast, don't you think? I still remember how I started this year: write thesis, experienced first time internship as a teacher at school, graduated, moved in new place, job hunting, and finally decided to run a business. I have no idea why I am so excited for welcoming 2014. Much things to be done this month, and much things to do in the next year. Make sure you have a wonderful month and stay awesome. And oh, happy holiday (SOON)!

ps: sorry for my blogpost's title, but is really nearly for lunch break here. What's for lunch?


  1. my lunch (brunch) was 肉蛋肠粉 :3 and the sweet 双皮奶 :p