Start An Enjoyable Day

Monday, July 16, 2012

This post is related to this post, I posted in Bahasa before now I'm gonna post in English version. There supposed to be a short video about this, but it was delayed. Too bad but I try to make it happen! *poke someone* So, enjoy this post. I hope you guys have a enjoyable day, stay blessed! (:


Do you know how to start an enjoyable day?

When you are ready to step outside the door to see world’s activities, do not forget to pick a comfortable pair of shoes to be worn. One has said, a good shoe gives a comfortable feeling to you, and will bring you to some place you have never imagined. After the most comfortable shoe has worn yet do not forget to whisper to yourself ‘I give thanks to God and I am ready for today!’.
When you are seeing the world, never forget to always put smile. Smile makes everything wonderful, smile gives warmth to all things. Give your smile to a steward who serves your breakfast, smile when you see a kid who is running happily to the school. Smile will bring you to a positive day.

When you are walking, I believe that would be a lot of gravels and stones on the street thus, if you are not careful, could make you stumble. As you are walking the journey of life, the road will not always be smooth. A lot of time you are unaware and stumble. Do not cry nor grumble. Stand on your feet and do not give up to continue your life journey.

When you are seeing the world, watch and be still for a sec. A lot of things going on that would give you an inspiration or an admiration of the work of His hands. The blue and white gradation the sky has, that is His beautiful painting. An old couple that is holding hands and walking at the park, is the most romantic romance that He writes. Have you realize any of these?

When you end your trip today, again, do not forget to give thanks to God that has led your trip. Have a good rest and continue to have a wonderful trip on the next day.

Have you start and finish the enjoyable days?

*Special thanks to Agustine Angeline for the translation. 

Suddenly, Bali!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

From Kuta beach with love ♥
Too bad this morning Bali was raining, so it's a little bit gloomy. But now the sun is coming out! 

Hi everyone!

I'm so glad to tell to all of you that I'm in BALI right now! I just arrived safely here yesterday, my brother who lives here picked me up then I stay in his kos for four days until my parents come in next few days. Yap yap, I'm gonna have a family vacation here. Sounds great? I guess this will be a perfect summer holiday! Sorry for bad quality picture above, it was taken by my phone. My Mom is gonna bring the camera so I promise there will be many pictures I can share to you. I can't wait to explore Bali more and more, shopping and eat seafood! I miss Bali A LOT.

Anyway, I found a good read again from Cassandra's blog, she wrote about how the little random things can make us happy if you want, this is so true. Life is too short to complain, why don't you choose for happy instead?

Short post from me and I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. God bless and stay awesome!

Hello Dolly

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry for the random title, I just named it by the song I am listening to :P
Say YAY for holiday! Finally my exam weeks are over and thank God I can through all of them very well and the scores are pretty well too. I was surprising myself because I was getting lazy for study this semester, but it was over, I don’t care anymore and let’s wait for the next semester! (I will be a SENIOR can you believe that??)

I’ve been feeling so inspired lately, I read a lot of stuffs now I want to share some goodies to all of you. Maybe after read these, they can brighten up your days (: 

Last, I want to tell you a good news! I was featured by GoGirl! Magazine, no no not as a fashion blogger of course :P so I sent my writing to them few months ago and I didn’t get any replied, so I thought they are not gonna publish it. But who knows my writing suddenly made an appearance in the magazine for July edition! 

sorry for the bad quality, it sent by my friend using her phone.

Thank you so much GoGirl! and of course I thank God for let me created this dream. Well, it’s a small article, it actually came with a very long words, I guessed they cut it. But if you want to read the complete story, you can read it on, put the title “Masih Adakah Kepedulian Di Antara Kita?” on the search box. Yes, the story is in Indonesian. I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks before if you read it (: