Morning Notes

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lately I feel that God has taught me a lot about being patience, less worrying about life and surrender all things to Him. Now I become less grumbling and complaining, and surprisingly I found myself simply enjoying my days. Finding yourself in another (better) version of you, sometimes, it feel weird but feel great too. I believe in process. We somehow never knew where God leads us to, as long as I follow Him through His plan, everything is gonna be fine. Perhaps it will turn out so much better than you imagined before.

This Song Stucks in My Head

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It becomes my cardio playlist, it becomes my morning jam, it becomes my mood booster, it stucks in my head like forever. Someone has said to me, EXO's songs are totally eargasm. I agree.

College Years: Story and Some Tips

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I rarely (or never) talked about my college years in this blog. It was almost two years since I've graduated, everything was changed ever since. The transition being a college student into an adult-life, seriously has driven me crazy. Here some lessons and tips (and pictures!) that I would like to share to with you all about my college years.

Yeah this is me on my first year in college. Literally, a freshman!

1. Take chances and try everything new.
Since you are new in a world called college, you have to be brave to take any chances and try everything new. You will experience almost EVERYTHING in your college years. You might be surprise or nervous at the first time, but the time when you deal with those new things, you got permission to proud of yourself. During my college years, I've experienced so many things. One of most favorite experience, when I got chance to become a volunteer for an huge event, Asian Games. No regret at all.

My experience in volunteering on a huge event, Asian Games 2010. (above) As a Media Partner on Asian Para Games, (bottom) As a City Volunteer on Asian Games

2. Dealing with homesickness. 
This is it, the most number one issue that every college student (especially when you have to leave your family and home to another country) have to deal with. I was dealing with my homesickness almost for the first three months. The first month was the crazy part. I was so depressed, I felt so lonely, I almost cried (literally) in the bathroom, every morning before class. And I remembered one day, I got phone call from my dad. That day was a first weekend and I planned to go shopping with friends. Later I know my dad called me to tell me that my dear grandpa has passed away. I was completely sad and lost. The time when I've started to adapt this new life, the heartbreaking news came to me. But hey, it was not a bad life, it was just a bad day and I had to move on. The only thing that helps me to deal with homesickness, it was only get busy. Take a project, join school activities, make new friends, eat more good food, those things help you to cure your homesickness. We live in a digital world, internet helps to keep contact to our family members.

3. Go to class, pay attention, make a note, don't play your phone, drink coffee. 
I know, kids, especially when it comes to winter days, the weather makes us not to leave our comfy bed instead going to class. But seriously, you need to go to class. Though my college fees was free because it was paid by the scholarship, but my parents sent me here for study and they sent me money every month, so I think I was not gonna waste that. And when you're in class, pay attention to your teacher, make a note because trust me you will need that in final exams. Don't play with your phone, if you feel tired and your eyes can't take it anymore, drink coffee (or hot tea) instead. Study said coffee helps better when we're sleepy but have something to be done than you fell asleep in the class.

ps: yes, I skipped my class once... no, twice.

4. Find a community.
It can be everything. Mostly you can find it in your own college department, as for myself I found my community in a church. A community is really important. Live your life alone, far from your family is hard. A right community helps you to grow up and (surprisingly), some people in it can bring out the best of yourself. I can say that I've learned so many things in my community. Half of my college life was fulfilled from this community. So let's yourself out, blend with the others and learn from it. You never regret it, and it might become your favorite part of your college life (:

5. Travel more.
I should never give this advice, because the only thing that I feel so regret during college is traveling. Four years in China I only got chance to visit some places around Guangdong province: Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and I also got chance to travel in Beijing (and I just realized I don't have any pictures from the trip haha). My dear friend, Sastika, has traveled a lot to some places in China and I think you should learn from her. 

 Macau, 2010

Hong Kong, 2011

6. My degree doesn't matter.
I know some people go to college and study a major based on their own choice. That's really good. As for me, I graduated with education degree (my major was Chinese Language Education). My degree obviously leads me to a job you might know as a teacher. It was tricky at the first time, as I mentioned it before this major is a major that I've dreamt about. What I'm doing right now it's really not related to my education degree (though I give a private tutor of Chinese language, just because I don't wanna to lose my Mandarin accent and the massive vocabulary... and also I still have some loves for its culture and history). At the end, I never regret went to education school, because I've learned so much and somehow it helps me in what I'm doing now. 

7. Find something you're good in and sharpen it.
Honestly guys, I found the thing that God wants me to do is during college years. Everyone of us has own desires and passion. When someone follows his passion, he turns out to another (best) version of himself. What do you love; teaching, business, art, singing, sharpen it. One of my favorite advice from my dad is, don't stop create from what you love. Even Louis Vuitton never stop being great since he decided to leave his home, walked  (by foot!) to Paris, and start building his dreams. That time he was only 16. Keep doing what you love and what you believe in, create and sharpen it.  

8. Enjoy your college years.
Last but no least, enjoy your college years. I can see my difference after graduated, good difference of course. You don't want to miss any single moments. Embrace it, learn from it. It might be tough, but later you realize it's actually worth it.

College years are interesting. I was amazed how college years has shaped me to become another (better) person. When I was looking back to those years, it feel great and knowing that God never leave me till now, it's even better.  

Every college experiences are different. Don't be hesistated to share yours here, I would like to hear. Stay awesome!

The Year of Ram

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate! This is our second time, spending Chinese New Year without our big family members, since we moved to Bali. It's weird feeling because here in Bali doesn't celebrate Lunar's Day, except for the local Chinese. But it's great and I feel blessed, I could spend time at home with family, enjoy our feast together and of course... receiving hóngbāo, a.k.a the red pockets! 

Since the morning, we have been busy caliing our family and friends to greet them. We were so busy passing over our phone to say new year's wishes. My favorite part when I called my grandma. She always sounds cheerful and happy, asking how's everyone going. Back then before we move here, when it comes to Chinese New Year, I'm always looking forward to my grandma's cooking. Her speciality of course something made from pork, I totally forgot what it calls haha. But I hope next time I could taste her cooking again.

I hope everyone of you having a great time today. Once again, may the new year brings many good things and blessings to us. Stay awesome!

Fine Sunday

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello universe. Last week, I got friends came here for their honeymoon. Yes, they are newlyweds! Since they didn't plan anything for the honeymoon, they asked me to join with them. This was my second time joining a friend's honeymoon in Bali, should I proud of it? Haha. But this time was really really a great one.

Let's just straight with some pictures, shall we?

I didn't bring my camera that day, so Ci Dinda was in charge to take the pictures. And of course, Ko Steve was in charge to take our pictures and he was like "foto lagi?", every time the food arrived on the table then us girls began to take food photos. Namanya juga peyempuan, Ko! :P

Can you guess already where we had our dinner? Yes, it's a tiny little nice Greek restaurant called Souvlaki Greek Restaurant or Warung Souvlaki. I love the ambience and the blue colored theme helps us to release. The food was okay, 7,5 from 10, since I am not a fan of Greek culinary. I never tried Greek before, but I guess they are pretty close to Italian (I guess?). I ordered something looks like a lasagna, surprisingly it was great. The cheese tasted differently from regular cheese and they served it with fruits salad on the side. For the price, you have no worry, darling. We only spent IDR135 (it's around 11 dollars... like what??) for three different kinds of menu and beers. Cheers for that! I definitely come back on another day with Andreas, because I'm sure he'll like it here.

About the location, is not really hard to find, but you have to walk in from Kuta Beach street (Poppies Street, near the Kuta Bex). I didn't find any local tourists here, mostly are foreign travelers.

 This one that I ordered. Totally forgot what it called. 

 This one is Ko Steve's favorite. Sorry it looks messy but trust me it tasted very good. Basically it is beef meatballs with mashed potato and cheese on top. Again I'm clueless with the name of this food.

After our Greek dinner, it's time for dessert! They took me to Flapjack's, which is one of the most popular dessert place in Bali. People come to Bali, they definitely take time to sit here. I never been here before, so when they knew it was my first time, they were like, "Seriously, Che? You live here!". Yeah, this kid seriously need to go out more.

Flapjack's almost like in everywhere, Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, etc. So you don't have to worry to find this place. We chose Tiramisu waffles with Ferrero gelato flavor on top. They also have pancake and other gelato flavors. I saw Oreo flavor that time, I will come back for that soon.

One of the best hearty food, at least for me hehe.

I just realized Ko Steve was holding knife hahaha. I guess he was pretty tired that day, taking all us three here and there, plus helping us for pictures ((:

The day ended up in The Bistrot, a vintage boutique cafe located in Seminyak. We just ordered some drinks. Cappuccino for me, iced latte for Ci Dinda and apple martini for Ko Steve, which actually was ordered by his dear wifey but ended up with him hahaha. We only spent minutes here then they drove me home.

I love spending day with them. They shared lots things especially how they planned their wedding. Ceritanya sekalian minta wejangan dari yang baru nikah gitu, deh! Fun fact, I met Ko Steve for the first time on their wedding day, but I was like meeting an old friend. He is nice and friendly, a brother figure indeed. Thank you so much you two, took me to new places, told me stories and of course treated me (my belly) so well. I hope we can meet again soon. Please take care! 

I'm quite relaxed tonight, knowing that tomorrow will be a day off. I'll have my Zumba class in the morning so I better sleep now for extra energy. Good night loves and stay awesome!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

 Credit to: Pinterest
This is gonna be a longggg post without any (pre-wedding) nice pictures. Kenapa pre-wedding, karena aku pengen sharing apa aja yang aku pelajarin dalam hubunganku dengan Andreas, khususnya menjelang wedding day kami (ciyeee). Buat yang udah nikah, pasti ngerti banget fase sebelum merit itu hebohnya kayak apa. Bukan cuman ngurusin detil dan konsep pesta itu sendiri, tapi lebih ke persiapan mental masing-masing pasangan. Okay, should I start now? Here we go. 

Jadi di post sebelumnya, aku udah mention akan nikah tahun ini, tepatnya di bulan Oktober nanti. By the way, I'm going to 24 and he's 25 this year. Yes, kami termasuk pasangan yang orang-orang bilang bakal nikah muda. Kami pacaran hampir lima tahun, dari awal kami udah komit hubungan ini akan dibawa sampai ke tahap pelaminan (halah). Sebenarnya sejak komit itulah kami langsung dikasih Tuhan untuk 'nikmatin' proses dalam relationship kami. Banyak yang bilang masa pacaran adalah masa yang indah, well iya sih, tapi menurutku 70%-nya habis buat nguras emosi hahahaha. Bukannya kami sering berantem ya, tapi karena pacaran itu proses mengenal satu dengan yang lainnya jadi ya sulit banget. Kenal diri sendiri aja belum full, apalagi harus belajar tentang orang lain. Dan saat itu aku baru umur 19 dan dia 20. Labil banget cyinnn, cucok abis deh. Masih tengil, masih egois, masih sama-sama pengen nyenengin diri sendiri. 

Sejak Andreas ngajakin nikah (dan ortunya juga udah dateng ke ortuku), jujur aku banyak pertimbangan dan ketakutan sendiri. Bukan soal kepercayaan aku dengan Andreas, namun lebih ke soal diri aku sendiri. Aku merasa semuanya terlalu cepat. Baru lulus, baru adaptasi di lingkungan baru, masa udah mau nikah? Karena kebanyakan mikir dan terlalu khawatir, aku pun jadi sering tengkar lagi dengan Andreas (padahal kami udah jarang banget tengkar) dan ini bener-bener sulit banget kami lewat. 

Saat ini, di mana kami cuman punya waktu kurang lebih delapan bulan untuk enjoy our single life, dan ketika aku flashback, now I understand why God brings us until here. Ada 3 poin penting yang aku pelajari dari relationship ini. 

1. You couldn't change anyone, including your partner/spouse. 
Me and Andreas are totally living in different world. Latar belakang keluarga kami beda banget, sifat kami apalagi. Terkadang ada aja yang bikin gregetan sama sifat masing-masing. Manusiawi banget kalau kita rasanya pengen merubah diri seseorang, sesuai dengan keinginan kita. Semakin kamu mencoba, semakin kamu menyakiti diri sendiri. The thing is, we couldn't change anyone else. Everyone of us was born differently. Nggak ada pasangan yang kembar sifatnya, hobinya, kesukaannya, dll. Untuk bisa nerima orang lain, aku belajar untuk nerima diri aku sendiri dulu, dan ini yang aku lakukan untuk menerima Andreas sebagai pasanganku. 

2. We all have our own issues. 
Masing-masing couple pasti punya masalah pribadinya sendiri. Nah, begitu masalah muncul pasangan itu diuji banget. Sebagai partner, aku berusaha untuk support Andreas menghadapi masalahnya, begitu juga sebaliknya. Enaknya punya partner, kita bisa saling berbagi susah maupun senang. Kalau di salah satu line janji nikah begitu kan, "dalam susah maupun senang". Apapun masalah yang dihadapi, coba untuk terbuka sama partner kamu, cerita aja apa adanya, what you feel, what you need. Saat kita bisa terbuka, kita juga belajar untuk percaya kalau partner kita itu bakal mendukung kita sepenuhnya. Aku sebisa mungkin nggak sembunyiin apapun dari Andreas. It's okay to tell your problems, masalah itu bukan aib kok. I will marry this guy, it's almost impossible to hide things from him. Lebih baik sekarang daripada nantinya ruwet.

3. Don't give up your dreams, build them together instead. 
Begitu aku tau bakal nikah muda, ketakutan terbesarku adalah: nggak bisa merealisasikan mimpi. Pas aku kuliah semester tujuh (Andreas udah lulus karena dia satu tahun di atasku), kami berdua mulai mikir serius soal pernikahan. I gave him a sign already that I don't want to get married too early, ya maksudnya kayak ngasih sinyal "jangan propose abis lulus ini ya" haha. That time I was only 21, plan-ku bakal nikah di usia 25-26, apalagi saat itu kondisinya aku masih nggak tau bakal pindah ke Bali. Setelah aksi mewek-mewekan di telepon (serius aku nangis, plus itu lagi masa-masa mau skripsi), he asked me why. Aku bilang jujur masih pengen ngejar mimpi, masih pengen liat dunia, masih pengen nikmatin "single" life. Andbwhat he said? 

"Gimana kalau kejar mimpi itu bareng-bareng? Gimana kalau liat dunia bersama?" 

Aku langsung diem, literally silent. He was damn right and I hate when he's right.

Aku nggak pernah mikir itu sebelumnya. Aku malah terlalu eager untuk melakukan semuanya sendirian, padahal aku punya partner yang luar biasa mendukung aku. Dari situ aku sadar, ada beberapa hal yang memang bisa dilakukan bersama daripada sendirian. Nikah di usia muda emang bukan plan-ku, but maybe it's God's. And He sent me this guy to be my dream partner. Nikah muda nggak akan menghancurkan mimpi, we choose to build them together.

Sebenarnya aku masih pengen nulis lagi tapi kayaknya postingan ini bakal jadi sebuah buku haha.

Huaa rasanya lega banget bisa share ini di blog! It's really nice to have an outlet where you can share everything like this. Well, aku nggak tau ada berapa dari kalian yang udah nikah atau malah juga lagi mengalami hal yang sama saat ini. Nikah muda itu pilihan. Bukan soal usia, tapi gimana kita udah bisa tanggung jawab sama diri sendiri. We're not a perfect human being and so not a perfect couple. Kami cuman mau belajar terus sampai kapan pun usia kami nanti.

At the end, we're both beyond excited about what's coming next. Wish us luck. Stay awesome!