What Faith Can Do

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Before I made this post, I was thinking what I’m going to write about. I was browsing along in Youtube, watched a lot videos from Jayesslee channel (I love this twins!), and my brain was working to find an idea to write. Finally, I really got a very good idea to share with you all now.

Do you guys know Jayesslee? Or known well as Janice and Sonia, yes they’re twins. I won’t introduce them in my post since you can just click it and find out, I will share about a video that was recorded in Singapore, where the girls are invited to City Harvest church. They shared a testimony about the one who encourage them a lot since kids until they grown up. The one they called as “Mama”. 

I literally cried when I watched this video. I cried because I found the twins were very strong even when they were in difficult times and the time when their mom was diagnosed as cancer. You will know how the twins’ feeling after you watched the video, the feeling when you are told you would lose your beloved one in days. They didn’t know about what cancer is until they were in high school. By that time, they started to know how serious this cancer about and started angry with God, too. When Sonia (which on the left, who played the guitar) said, the teachers in Sunday School always say “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good”, she tried to believe but it didn’t make sense to her, because her mom was in very bad condition, my tears fell down. Don’t you guys think sometimes… or maybe oftentimes, we like to blame God for things happened in our life. The Bible said, “always be grateful”, but we think that’s crazy. As a human, “grateful” this word isn’t even available when we’re in hard times. We just keep asking God, “Why God You did this to me?” instead. 

But you know what, God hears you when you blame Him. God hears you when you cried out in your hard times. God hears when you start to mad at Him, blame Him thousand times, He hears you. We only see the negative when we are in difficult times, we use human’s glasses, not God’s. If we try to see things from His glasses, we know there will be always a positive. More even than that, we shall put FAITH in our life. Yes, faith. Faith make anything possible, faith can move the mountains, faith can renew the broken hearts, faith can make miracles. That’s what faith can do

It’s almost impossible to have faith in our life, when anything seems even more difficult than before, but trust me, I live by faith. And one more thing about faith, it makes us to become deeper and deeper in Him. Janice and Sonia had proven to us what they got from faith, so how about us know? (: 

Thanks bunch if you spent your little time to read this post, I hope you be blessed. And of course a special thanks for the twins, Janice and Sonia, you both rock! I love you both, you inspired me a lot and stay blessed!  

It All Started In Starbucks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I believe every one of you have your own favorite place to be reminded of. Maybe that will be your school building, because you spent half of your life there or because you met your first crush in that place. And it will be a playground, because you spent half your childhood-life with your childhood friends in there. So many places can be your favorite place because you left some beautiful and fun moments in that place.

Today, I spent my day with my dear roommate, Tika, to prepare our final tests. We went to our favorite coffee shop, and you guess it right, Starbucks! I fell in love with this place since I came to Guangzhou. Sounds cliche if you say. Everybody loves Starbucks, but everybody has different reasons why they love this coffee shop. I love this place for get some inspirations, ideas or just have a ME time. This place has a very great atmosphere that makes you feel like to stay for any longer. I already visited the other Starbucks counters but there's no one makes me like this place do *oh now sounds so cheesy again :P*

good girl! *nerdy*

Well, I won't talk too much. I just want to tell you, this is the time to share your own story which started in Starbucks. The story can be anything, you must upload your picture and tell a story from it. Submit your entry HERE (but first you have to hit the "LIKE" button on "Starbucks Indonesia" Facebook page), read the terms&conditions first, fill the contest form and... TADA! You could be one of five lucky winners to receive FREE Starbucks for A YEAR! *YAY*

The contest deadline until June 26 and the winners will be announced July 1st, so don't waste your time! Oh, the most important, this contest only for INDONESIAN ONLY. 

I have shared my moment and I need your help *if you guys don't mind* to vote my entry here or put my name "REGGIEVIA" on the gallery search box. Thank you for your help, you can tell me if you joined this contest I will vote you too, so... GOOD LUCK! :D

Good Bye

Monday, June 18, 2012

Trust me, it's not a sad post.

First, do you guys miss me? :P I miss my blog A LOT. I miss writing. I miss writing like this without even care about words amount that I type, like what I did with my assignment papers *sigh*

Back to writing topic, when I opened up my blogspot dashboard few days ago, I spotted that my best friend, Sastika, finally posted up many of new writings. Last time I checked her blog she didn’t write anything and when I stalked around in her blog again after watched her video cover with Agustine (which is very good one and surprisingly, I became their first official fan! *GO GO GI!*), I found a post that made me a little bit emotional. If you wonder which post is it, click this one.

Good bye. I have a same thought with Sastika too, why people always say there’s a GOOD in goodbye word. I never understand about that word before until I said it to my beloved one. 

the day we separated for good.

It has been a week after the day he went home to Indonesia and I can’t still believe the fact he wasn’t around me anymore. It feels a little bit weird. One week before “the day”, I asked Sastika, “how was the feeling when you said a good-bye with the one who you really love?”  She laughed before give me an answers. She told me like she wrote on her blog. People come and go in our life, they step to their new chapter, so do we. Things go on and on, so do we. Nothing gonna change that.

I’m so glad I still ‘alive’ until now, I mean I’m not that broke like people think about me before. How funny they always said to me that I will survive or not without him and about our long distance relationship for one year. I’m okay, really. And I know all of you care about me, thanks a bunch! I know it’s hard at first, but this is a chance for us to grow up. A chance for us to become a "single" again and focus to our future. Of course a chance to have long distance relationship too. LDR is really fun! The moment every night I wait for his calls from home and then we talk all night along until fall asleep. I tell him a lot about my day in school and he tells me a lot about his job. And oh, we have our favorite words now on phone, “How’s your day?” :D

Good bye. It’s really a good one. Thanks God, He gave us a chance to learn about this. Before the ending, I wanna tell you something. Few days more is our kind of anniversary day. We actually had celebrated the day one month ago, he promised to take me to somewhere I wanted to visit so bad, The Peak, Hong Kong. And he kept it! You can see the proof here:


Thanks for reading! I'm so happy I can share a lot here to all of you. 
Sorry about being cheesy at last :P I wish you all have a good night!
Be blessed