Japan Travel Journal 03: Osaka

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Setelah kemarin puas banget di Disneysea, hari ini kami mau berpetualang di kota lain. And as easy as you guys has guessed already, yes we're going to Osaka!   

Kami memutuskan untuk cukup satu hari aja di Osaka. Sayang banget yah cuman sehari di Osaka. Karena kami cuman punya waktu 9 hari di Jepang, dan kali ini ingin lebih lama di Tokyo. Kapan-kapan, kalau ada kesempatan lagi, mau direct flight Jakarta-Osaka. 

So here we're gonna take you with us to explore another beautiful place in Japan!

Japan Travel Journal 02: Tokyo Disneysea

Monday, December 21, 2015

Setelah sehari kemarin agak nggak bertenaga, hari ini siap tempur ke tempat paling bahagia di bumi (kok aneh ya kalau bahasa Indonesia hahaha). 

Salah satu kenyamanan pergi jalan-jalan sendiri bukan berarti molor sampai kebablasan ya. Waktunya jadi lebih santai dan fleksibel aja. Because today we're so much ready for Disney trip dan nggak mau kesiangan sampai di sana, kami bangun agak pagi, supaya bisa tiba di Disney resort sekitar pukul sepuluh.

Japan Travel Journal 01: Shibuya and Harajuku

Friday, December 11, 2015

I was planning to make this journal on the blog right before we arrived in Tokyo (yes, I was too excited!), simply because years later I can look back how we spent good times here in Japan. One of the greatest experiences in life! 

Karena judulnya travel journal, jadi kalian nggak akan menemukan yang namanya travel guide, travel tips (cara menyusun itinerary, cara apply visa) dan sebagainya. Sebelum berangkat ke Jepang, aku sendiri nemu banyak banget hasil googling pembahasan lengkap mengenai hal-hal itu. Dan memang jalan-jalan ke Jepang udah lumayan hits ya dari dua tahun yang lalu, apalagi sejak disahkannya free entrance visa dengan e-passport. Aku ini termasuk telat banget. Cuman telat nggak telat, yang penting super happy bisa main ke negara sakura ini. 

Langsung aja cus, kita bahas dari hari pertama kami sampai di Tokyo. Mundur dikit pas di hari keberangkatan aja deh.

All About Our Wedding

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Yang ditunggu-tunggu, akhirnya muncul! Eh, tapi ada yang nungguin nggak, sih? HAHAHA

Hari ini mau 'bawa' goodies dari acara pernikahan kami di Bali. Peringatan penting: pastikan kuota intenet Anda mencukupi untuk buka postingan ini!


We Became Mr and Mrs Yu

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hello everyone! 

Sorry been away for too long, we just came back from an unforgettable week!

Eat in Bali: Seniman Coffee Studio and Naughty Nuri's

Sunday, September 20, 2015

We went to Ubud again last week!

Rencana ke Ubud kali ini cukup spontan. Sepulang dari Jakarta bareng papa dan Andreas, Mama tiba-tiba ngajakin ke Ubud untuk spa. Kayaknya kalau udah pernah ngerasain spa enak di Bali, pasti ketagihan untuk kedua kali, ini berlaku untuk beliau. Mama nemu satu tempat spa enak dan not pricey at all (katanya 2 jam dua ratusan ribu ajah) di Ubud, namanya Putri Bali. Lokasinya sederetan, bahkan sebelahan dengan Naughty Nuri's. Oh, kalo gitu sekalian aja makan siang di sana.

Beauty Love #2: Tips On Getting Ultimate Summer Glow

Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer is winding down, but I'm sure some of us are still looking forward for those days where we can spend time at the beach or just having a good time at outdoors. Today I would like to share my most easy and simple tips for getting a summer glow, and of course we stay on low budget. Here they are:

Super Foods

If people have an apple for their on-the-go fruit, I have grapes. I don't really like the other berries like strawberry or blueberry, but I love grapes. If you want to eat it in different way, you can mix grapes with plain yogurt. The grapes give some flavors when you eat them together. It's my perfect healthy snacks, it's light, healthy, less calories, you have no worries!

Who doesn't love lemons? It doesn't only give a crisp taste for some dishes (especially Chinese dishes, you know, sweet and sour lemon pork? *drooling*), lemons are rich source of vitamin C, which is in my case, my body needs more for it. Most of the time, I just cut it into slices and put them in a glass of cold water. Or in other days, I will make Alodita's magic honey-lemon shot. The recipe only needs one tablespoon of raw/natural honey and half squeeze of a lemon. This really works like magic and a fun way for detox your body. Plus, lemon helps your skin glow.

Egg is my favorite! It's like you could make anything from an egg. I usually make egg dishes for my power breakfast, my favorite are scramble eggs and sunny side-up. Though egg contains lots of protein, but people on a low-cholesterol diet may need to reduce egg consumption, because more than half calories found in eggs come from the fat in the yolk (source: wikipedia.com). 

Besides of these my favorite super foods, sometimes I also cook my own healthy meals. Speaking of cooking, have you checked ALOHA healthy recipes? Seriously, if you're a healthy junkie and love cooking, you gotta love their healthy recipes. They even have healthy dessert recipes too! One of my favorite recipes from their site is Baked Egg Avocado. Hey, it's eggs again! :P

Skin Care 
Moving on to skin care. Honestly, I'm not that typical girl who likes to spend time for taking care of her skin. Probably since I'm blessed enough not having a serious problem with my skin. The only thing I always do for my skin, is to moisturize, a lot. Since I have dry skin, my favorite moisturizer is from Vaseline. I use the one with pure oat extract, which keeps your skin amazing. And for those who live in tropical country like me, sun screen is a must when you go outside. Sunburn hurts, ouch.

So that's all of my favorite tips on getting ultimate summer glow. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would like to read your favorite tips on summer too! If you don't mind, you can share with me in the comment box below. Have a great Monday. Stay awesome!

Do You Have Enough For Today?

Monday, August 31, 2015

 credit to A Place For Art

I love reading Bible. If I could say this, Bible could be my most favorite book in this world. I'm not kidding. Sometimes the words in it are confusing, but most of the time, the words make sense to me. 

For this whole month, I have been reading Proverbs again and finished it this morning. The author of Proverbs book should be given a Nobel for his powerful wisdoms. I found many times of life quotes on the internet, has taken from Proverbs book. It means, the words are applicable in our daily life. 

Here's one of my favorite verse from the book and has became my daily prayer in the morning. This verse below is in Easy-to-read version.

"Don't let me tell lies. And don't make me too rich or too poor- give me only enough food for each day.
If I have too much, I might deny I need You, Lord. But if I'm too poor, I might steal and bring shame to the name of my God." 
-Proverbs 30:8-9

If there's only one first problem in my life (I said if, because we all know there are too much problems in this life hehe), that would be things seem like never enough for me. 

Whether you're a Christian or not, I'm sure we all agree what the verse above said to us. Sometimes we might become greedy for everything we want in this life. We complain we don't have enough money for living or we don't have enough people to support us about things we do. But only God knows what would happen next, if we have too much of those things that we expected. You may skip this part, but if you read Bible, you can check the story when Israelites became wild and greedy, when God provided them with bunch of Manna to eat. God was so clear when He told the Israelites to have enough Manna for each day, because when things are too much for them, they would leave God alone. As same as when things are too little for them, they would leave God alone too and blame Him for everything. Does it sound familiar to us? When we have too much, we forgot where these all things came from, and when we have too little, we begin to blame The Man up there why He can't provide us more.

So let's think about this. Each day when we wake up in the morning, before we start to complain that we don't have clothes to wear, or we don't have things to eat for breakfast (though there's instant noodle in the cupboard and leftover coffee from last morning), or we don't have enough people to support us...

We always have enough clothes to wear today,
We always have enough coffee and bread for breakfast today, 
We always have enough people that surrounds us, to give us chance to learn and to grow. 
As long as we realise that those things really be "there" for us and be thankful about it. 

Do you have enough for today? (:

Brought Back From The Old Hometown

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I was back to Jakarta weeks ago and I haven't shared any pictures from the town yet. Despite some wedding stuffs to deal with, I had so much great times with some dear friends too. I couldn't be more blessed knowing that God has sent these people for me.

I would like to snap more pictures for posting in this blog, but the other side, I didn't want to be overly busy taking pictures with camera, because I just wanted to enjoy every minutes and "be there". So, I just snapped everything quickly without any attemps to take better shoots.

I leave a description for each pictures below. Some faces who made appearance here, maybe they belong to some people that you guys already familiar with ((: 

(1) You probably know her already, yes... meet my childhood bestfriend, aka the future maid of honor, Kina! It was almost impossible to arrange our meet-up schedule, every time I was in town. This time, we finally got each other! We grabbed Japanese lunch together with Andreas, and after that we went for the bridesmaid-dress fitting. Such a lovely day! 
(2) Me and Andreas was having Korean BBQ for lunch on second day in Jakarta. It's located in Kelapa Gading, the place called Bornga. Nice, but too pricey.
(3) Meet my super adorable nephew, Daniel! Last time I visited him, he couldn't even walk by himself. Now he's one year old already, he grows up too fast! Anyway, he knows how to flip my camera into selfie mode, so this is the result. 
(4) Well spent afternoon at Ah Poong. I ate so much things there. From Nasi Gudeg Jogja to Pempek Palembang. And this Kopi Susu (coffee with milk) is quite nice too. 
(5) Bogor surprised me with lots of new coffeeshops and nice restaurants. This time Andreas took me to Monarchy. We were spending time here to work on some wedding stuffs (again).
(6) Dinner at Melrimba Garden, Puncak. Both of us forgot to bring a jacket, so as you can guess... we were freezing all night. But thank goodness for hot zuppa soup, sop buntut, teh tawar hangat
(7) Of course you know her, right? My twin-sister-from-different-mother slash my blogger fella slash my future bridesmaid, Sastika! I slept in her dorm (yes, dorm. Feels like college years already, eh? :P) for one night. And in case you're wondering, yes... she was wearing her bridesmaid dress. Pretty, is she? 
(8) The twins-angel and their bodyguard ((:
(9) Another quick meet-up with this lady. I just picked my pre-wedding albums up from bridal, and Jessica came to meet us before she heading back to church and I should catch my flight too that day. Too bad we didn't have much times to catch up. Soon ya!
(10) Before leaving to the airport, we decided to have Korean (again) for early dinner. Jessica told us about this restaurant and guess what, I LOVED IT! Everything we ordered are perfect. Plus, we can re-fill the side dishes without any charges! How cool is that! Free stuffs always make me happy ((: Oh anyway, the place called Mapogalmaegi, and it's located at Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Monday Favorites #5

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue-ish scene at Sanur I snapped when we missed our speedboat off to Nusa Penida last month *sobs*

Since last week, when my brother was off for a week from his duties at hospital, everytime he found out me drinking coffee while I was working, he started to give me speech about why-drinking-coffee-everyday-is-not-good-for-health. I give my defense from articles that I've read but I think it's useless since I was talking with a doctor-wannabe, right? But I guess he's right, and I hope this report by Leo from Zenhabits, helps me commit to stop drinking too much coffee. Start tomorrow. *glancing to my cup of coffee this morning*

While I should stop drinking coffee, I think this article is amazing. I always wonder how typical Americans have their coffee-break in a fancy coffee shop. I always think it must be cool. 

I will be moving soon and that will be my first moving experience by my own. I might not be a good designer, but me and Andreas have decided to decorate our own nest soon (we even want to paint walls by ourselves!). 

I think Marcella is genius for making this list *calling for every boys to read this*. Anyway, at first I thought I am type number six, but I think I am more the last type. What number are you, ladies?  

Wish everyone of you have a wonderful and blessed a week ahead! Stay awesome!

Think About This And That

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A: "What are you planning today?" 
J: "Hmm nothing much. I want to blog, still looking for inspirations."
A: "What are you thinking lately?"
J: "A lot. Hahaha." 

So, here we go. I just make a list about things I'm thinking about lately. Please don't bother my thoughts.

1. Recently I met people who often ask me about what I do for living, and when they found out I don't do 9 to 5 job, they are quite surprised. It's not like a 'good surprise', I believe. I was more like 'jobless' for them just because then. I could read their mind, somehow. When they 'try' to make conversation to know more about what I really do and to convince me that I 'should' do other job for living, and what I'm doing right now is not enough, blah and blah, this question came up: what's wrong with things that I do?  

Sometimes I just think people care way too much about other people lives. They think they know the best, but truth is, the best one for someone isn't always the best one for other one. Those people think I will make more money if I do a "job" that they expected I would do or not just "helping" my family to run a business. A big company like Samsung was born in a family and this era, almost everyone owns at least one of Samsung gadgets, including myself. If it's not me to develope (yes, I use 'develope' word biar makin intens aja) my family business, then who else? For those people who had tried to give me some "advices", thank you. But I did choose my own path, so I just live my life (:

2. This month is closer to the end, means my wedding is only NINE WEEKS away. As scary as it may sound, guess what, I think I'm not that scared anymore. My last visit to Jakarta, we finished all of our wedding stuffs. We picked our rings already, our pre-wedding pictures are done (and they are so beautiful!), we're also done dealing with the souvenirs. I think now we both can relax to plan our honeymoon trip *FINALLY*.

3. One of my mom's best friends was back from UK and since she has a family in Bali, she came for visiting us too. She is a very lovely and most humble person that I knew. She used to stay with us for couple weeks when I was a kid, so I'm easily treats her like my own mother. The first day me and my mom went out with her, we had a lovely lunch day. We also had a nice conversations, despite our nice meals too. She ordered almost everything and told me in that heavy asian-british accent, "We eat fish and chips and scone and potatoes, almost every day. I want to eat everything here!". I spent that afternoon with long chits-chats with her. I admire about everything she has done in life. If there's any chances for bringing her to meet you guys, I would, someday.

Anyway, she also gave me a pre-wedding gifts. Yayy, my first wedding gift! When she handed me a shopping bag that smells really good from inside, I was so surprised. It was a L'occitane products! Never once in my life I purchased L'occitane because the prices I can't afford, hahaha. It's really beautiful! I used the shower oil this morning and I smell good (please, don't sniff me :P). I plan to use the other products next month for better results till my wedding day.

Music Love: PARTY - Girls' Generation (SNSD)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Totally my favorite summer (holiday) jam for whole month! The song lyrics describes perfectly how we feel (and crave some more!) about summer break, right? Let me know if you love this song as I do. Cheers! 

Eat in Bali: Home Mate

Saturday, July 25, 2015

We just finished our workout and decided to have a nice breakfast that day.

Tinggal di Bali selama hampir 2 tahun, aku jarang banget mengunjungi tempat-tempat yang sering di-mention orang di Instagram, atau sekarang lebih sering disebut dengan instagrammable places. Kebetulan kafe dan restoran yang disebut kebanyakan berlokasi di Seminyak dan kebetulan juga aku nggak tinggal jauh dari area sana, maka hari itu kami memutuskan untuk brunch date di salah satu kafe kecil yang direkomendasi oleh salah satu blogger Rosalinda Tjioe.

Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu

Friday, July 24, 2015

Nggak tau kenapa, holiday season tahun ini seru banget! Liat feed Instagram dan Path para teman juga seruuu. Rame-rame nge-post #summerholiday, #familytrip #beachtime, pokoknya everything about summer holiday. Walaupun aku nggak bener-bener liburan (soalnya tinggal di Bali tuh every day is holidayyyy *truestory*), tapi aku tetap kosongin satu-dua hari untuk full day jalan-jalan ke tempat yang belum aku pernah kunjungi.

Kali ini, aku dan Andreas pengen coba explore ke daerah Canggu. All I know about Canggu itu suasanannya tenang, adem, banyak kafe kecil yang lucu, dan hidden beach. Kami nggak sempat explore sampai gimana banget sih, soalnya waktu itu bawa mobil, jadi agak ribet kalau mau parkir, apalagi jalanan di Canggu lumayan kecil, kebanyakan jalan tembus lewat gang kecil.

After we had our nice breakfast at Home Mate, kami langsung capcus ke destinasi yang udah di-search Andreas yaitu, Pantai Batu Bolong. Liat gambar di Google, pantai ini cantikkk banget! Di tengah pantainya, ada karang bolong yang bikin view pantai ini jadi fantastik. Cari lokasi di Google Maps, berangkat! 

Perjalanan dari Petitenget ke daerah Canggu nggak jauh, 30 menit udah sampai di lokasi pantai. Begitu liat laut, aku langsung semangat mau foto si karang bolong itu, tapi saudara-saudara.... karang bolongnya nggak ada! Beneran nggak ada. Karena kebetulan kami berdua agak sipit, matahari juga agak terik, jadi kami coba membuka mata lebar-lebar. Well, karang bolong itu tetap nggak keliatan. Aku sampai nanya berkali-kali ke Andreas, "Mana bolongnya sih?", dia sendiri pun bingung, hahaha. 

Setelah ngecek di Tripadvisor sebelum nulis blog post ini, aku baru found out kalau "karang bolong" itu namanya Pura Batu Bolong, dan lokasinya ada di Lombok! Pantes aja ya, dicari-cari nggak ada tuh yang bolong di pantainya. Sampai nanya bli-bli SPBU pas perjalanan pulang keberadaan si "karang bolong" itu, he mentioned other beach's name, yang pada akhirnya kami berasumsi dia juga kurang tau, hahaha. Oya, "karang bolong" itu bukan karang, tapi pura yang berada di tengah pantai. Hampir sama kayak Tanah Lot, cuman ada bolongnya di bawah. Yang kami kunjungi di Canggu itu, namanya memang Pantai Batu Bolong.

Pantau Batu Bolong ini adalah salah satu spot terbaik buat para surfers, karena memang ombaknya guede banget. Pantes aja, pas perjalanan menuju ke pantai ini, banyak bule yang naik motor bawa papan surfing. Sepertinya akses untuk ke Pantai Batu Bolong ini nggak cuman satu. Soalnya akses yang dikasih tau Google Maps ini, menibakan kami di lokasi yang sama sekali nggak ada kendaraan parkir dan pengunjung. Kalau mau ke lokasi yang lebih ramai, kita bisa jalan kaki menelusuri pantai. Kita pun nggak bayar tiket masuk wilayah pantai, seperti tempat wisata umumnya. Karena ya mungkin itu tadi, akses jalan yang dikasih tau Om Gugel ini bukan akses umum. 

Moral of the story: kalau mau visit pantai yang ada di Bali, lebih baik cari informasinya sedetil mungkin. Soalnya yang aku tau, beberapa pantai di Bali, punya panggilan nama yang berbeda. Misalnya, Pantai Suluban lebih dikenal turis sebagai Blue Point. Awalnya aku pikir pantai itu harus diakses melalui hotel Blue Point, eh ternyata nggak. Pantai Suluban itu memang nama di kalangan penduduk lokal. Sama deh kejadiannya kayak si Pura Batu Bolong yang di Lombok itu, disangka sama dengan Pantai Batu Bolong yang ada di Canggu, hahaha. #lessonlearned

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

Friday, July 17, 2015

Just arrived from our excited holiday plan and decided to post this as soon as possible! This morning we headed to Ubud, for visiting Luwak coffee plantation. Pertama kali tau tempat ini dari postingan blog-nya Sonia Eryka, she mentioned a place that we can see plantation of Luwak coffee and tasting different flavors of coffee, that sounds nice already! So here we go for our first experience in Bali Pulina Agro Tourism!

Jujur banget nih, salah satu alasan aku ke Pulina, is because this place is kinda popular on Instagram. Aku coba search pake hashtags #balipulina, #balipulinaagrowisata, dan hasilnya banyak banget foto kece di tkp tersebut! Aku pernah baca di majalah Cleo, mereka melakukan survei terhadap 100 responden wanita soal update liburan di medsos, ada 57% responden ingin mengunjungi tempat liburan yang sedang populer di media sosial. So, aku fixed korban medsos banget yaaa, hahaha.

Tadinya aku kira Pulina ini semacam agro wisata pada umumnya, masuk nggak bayar dan bisa coba langsung kopinya. Soalnya dulu pernah iseng masuk ke agro wisata luwak di daerah Bangli, ternyata luwaknya cuman seekor, dan nggak ada penjelasan apapun mengenai penanaman dan proses tentang biji kopi luwak ini. Pas sampai di Pulina, aku yakin banget ini pilihan agro wisata terbaik!

Pertama kita akan ditanya dulu sama petugas di sana, apakah kita mau langsung coffee tasting atau mau liat luwaknya dulu. Karena luwak si pemeran utama, of course we want to check them first

Si luwak ini ternyata sejenis sama musang, luwak itu nama lokalnya aja. Walaupun mereka ini terlihat sangat lucu dan gemesin, ternyata mereka galak. Luwak jantan dan luwak betina sengaja dipisah, karena luwak jantan bisa makan baby-nya sendiri ): jadi si ibu luwak dijadiin satu sama anak-anaknya, si papa dipisain di kandang yang lain.

Biji kopi yang dimakan luwak itu ternyata nggak bisa dicerna di perut mereka. Kotoran biji kopi yang dikeluarkan mereka pun, bentuknya masih kayak biji. Kata bli-nya, paling susah saat memisahkan kotoran biji kopi dengan... ehem, maaf lho buat yang lagi sambil makan... 'kotoran' luwaknya yang lain. Ya iya susah ya bli, agak geli gimanaaa gitu. Jadi inget adegan terakhir antara Carter dan Edward di film The Bucket List, pas Carter ngasih tau Edward, asal muasal kopi luwak kesukaannya itu. Now you know why Luwak coffee is so expensive, hahahaha.
Habis liat para luwak, kita dikasih liat biji kopi luwak (yes, 'kotoran'-nya itu) yang udah dibersihin dan lagi dijemur. Biji kopi luwak ini lumayan unik, kayak batu kerikil gitu, bijinya juga berlapis, jadi harus dikupas dulu kulit luarnya.

Biji kopi yang ini siap disangrai!

And now it's about time, my favorite part of this tour, coffee tasting! Di sini kita bakal dapetin satu set kopi dan teh (ada 8 macam) untuk dicoba berikut kudapannya. Setelah tasting, kita bisa order single cup dari jenis kopi atau teh yang udah dicoba tadi. Jumlah single cup yang bisa dipesan, sesuai dengan jumlah tiket yang sudah dibeli. Oh ya, sebelum masuk ke dalam wilayah agro wisata ini, kita diwajibkan untuk beli tiket. Harga tiket 100k/orang, udah termasuk satu set coffee tasting plus snacks. Ini sih harga lokal ya, soalnya pas mau masuk, ditanya sama petugasnya, mana supirnya, ada guide atau nggak. Karena aku emang penduduk lokal, dikasihnya harga segitu. Kurang paham kalau fee untuk turis ((:

From right-left: Pure Bali Coffee, Vanilla Coffee, Pure Cocoa, Chocolate Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Ginger Coffee, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea

Kopi Luwak emang nggak termasuk dalam set yang dikasih, tapi bisa kok order single cup-nya. Harus coba! Dibanding kopi macam single origin kayak Sidikalang (my dad's favorite), kopi Luwak ternyata nggak begitu strong. It tastes nice, by the way. Aku sendiri order chocolate coffee, rasanya enakkkk banget! Yang suka kopi moka, musti coba!

Bali Pulina nggak cuman kopi luwaknya aja yang menarik, tapi sensasi minum kopi dengan breathtaking view-nya ini, bikin harga tiketnya nggak jadi mahal-mahal amat, hahaha. Worth it!

Di bagian belakang tempat kita menikmati kopi, ada satu wilayah khusus buat foto-foto. Bener-bener keren banget deh. Fun fact-nya, aku tadinya nggak sadar lokasi foto-foto ini ada bentuknya. Ternyata stage ini bentuknya kayak biji kopi!

Rasanya puasss banget setelah ke sini, karena aku udah nunggu lama untuk bisa visit tempat ini, tapi belum ada waktu yang tepat. Pas hari ini liburan, satu keluarga santai (minus sang adik yang harus jaga di rumah sakit) and Andreas is coming here, so why not, right? 

Mudah-mudahan selama Andreas di sini, aku bisa ngunjungin some places yang belum pernah aku kunjungi di Bali. Maklum, cuman bisa jalan-jalan kalau ada doi, hahaha.  

Anyway, selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri buat teman-teman yang merayakan ya! Wish you all have a prosperous eid. Stay awesome!

100 Things I Am Grateful For

Monday, July 13, 2015

Credit to Pinterest
Today's post was inspired by my dear friend, Sastika. I made this kind of list before here and this is just another longer version. It feels good after finishing this list, I am kinda surprised because there are lots of little things should be grateful for. We sometimes might have a bad day, but it's not a bad life. Why judges a bad day as a bad life, right? These kind of little things help to brighten up our hard times.

Anyway, since it's Monday, I have to quoted one of my friends, Jessica, she wrote this last week on her Instagram caption and it's worthy to be shared: "I know today it's Monday and you assume it's going to suck, but according to statistics, there will be over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 childbirths, and 42 miliion hugs occuring today throughout the United States. There will be also 600 dogs adopted, 35,000 ballons sold, and 800,000 skittles eaten. Plus, the word "I love you" will be said over 9 miliion times. So again, I know today it's Monday and you assume it's going to suck, but just smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day."

Have a great Monday anyone!

Books I Read Recently

Sunday, July 5, 2015

So here are some local books that I have read so far this year. As you can see, yes I have been reading fictions, MetroPop for a specific genre. I loveeee Ika Natassa! I purchased few of her books recently. Since I read Twivortiare 2, I was like, "Gue harus beli bukunya yang lain!"

Speaking of Ika Natassa, she published a new book called "Critical Eleven", which becomes so popular among her readers since she announced it from her Instagram. She opened pre-order for this new book last Wednesday, too bad I didn't get a copy ): Things gone mad during the book pre-order day. 1,111 copies of the book sold out in 11 minutes! Say whaaaat. Pantes aja, ya, disebut-sebut dengan pre-order berdarah, figuratively, of course. 

If you guys have a recommendation of good books, please let me know. Local or English both are fine. 

Anyway, I never shared this in public, this is one of my random short story that I wrote. I just found it in my writing folder and I was surprised knowing that I actually wrote this! Three pages long. I hope you enjoy it! 

*please don't take this without my permission. I beg you!

Style Love: Jessica Jung Airport Style + Korean Girls Diets

Thursday, July 2, 2015

One time, when I was shopping in a online local store, I found very cute outfits and asked my mom about it. My mom said this to me, "You know what, you have a good sense of fashion style, but why you always go out with that t-shirts and jeans and flat shoes? Try dress up! You're 23 not 13!". Yes ladies, I am the one who admires fashion magazines and articles, looking for latest fashion updates, knowing this pieces would look good with the other one, but at the end, myself always go for comfy t-shirts and jeans and flat shoes, just what my mom said, hahaha.

So, started this year, my mom actually encourages me to shop more for "grown-up look alike" outfits. I actually purchased some dresses, blouses, and sometimes still shop more tees. And as for references, I always pick Jessica Jung's airport looks. Did you guys remember this post? Jessica is my favorite for her airport looks. She always looks effortlessly gorgeous! She never fails with shirts tuck into her jeans and boom, it looks great!

1. Jessica's outfits colors palette: black, white, grey, blue, sometimes bright colors like pink or neon colors.
2. Jessica's favorite wardrobe: shirts, skinny jeans, blazers, flat shoes or sneakers, big bag or clutch.
3. Jessica's signature style: sunglasses! No wonder her loves for sunglasses brings her to have own sunglasses line called, Blanc & Eclare. Have you ladies heard about it?   

I found that every k-pop girls looks so flawless even in their everyday style or no make up days. The main reason why they always looking good, of course that rocking body and long legs (no wonder, they dance all the times, with heels!) and every fashion pieces on them. But really, what makes they look good, is the secret behind their healthy skin. Korean girls really like eating fruits. When I watch korean variety show, I found that every girls-group always pick fruits whenever they were served any kind of foods. For SNSD girls, they basically eat everything. I once heared about their eating habits rumour which for me is real crazy. What kind of human takes only 1,500 kcal for a day? I just found this article about their eating habits, it's very interesting. If you wonder around about their famous mannequin-body, or you maybe consider to take audition as a member of korean girl-group (who knows?), click this link to find more!

Anyway, I once picked this style and trying on myself when I bought this red sweater. Close enough? :P

Words Can Heal, Words Can Kill

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

 Quote credit to Diana Rikasari and her #88LoveLife book

You know sometimes in any kind of relationships, when I am about into an argument and find someone saying things that not please myself, I always turn a really bad guy. I am easily hurting someone with my words, and you know exactly what would happen next after hurting someone. It even becomes worse if that person who is someone important in my life. I say sorry and the person (if I'm lucky enough) accepts my apologize and forgive me, then the problem solved. At this point, I forget something. Something that I can't take it back from the person I hurted. Yes ladies, sometimes words can heal someone, words can lift someone else up, the other times words can kill and hurt someone. Both good or bad words, they would be planted forever in someone's heart. You can't take it back. So, feel before thinking, think before speaking. #lessonlearned

Quick update! My friend, Jesslyn, who designed my #PassionTalk book's cover, and now designed my wedding invitation, texted me yesterday, told me that my invitations are finally done printed and the company shipped them all to her home. Yay! I can't wait to see them all! The printing process actually makes me and Andreas nervous for weeks. The company doesn't let us to have first print as a sample (you know, usually when you are about to print bunch of files, you have to see the first printed result, to check all contents, colors, materials, etc). It does make me crazy, guys! We might not have a massive numbers of our invitations, but still we have hundreds to print out! Thanks God, Jesslyn told me everything were fine, the result came out as her expectations. I'm so relieved and so thankful. Work and plan a long-distance wedding with your long-distance fiance seriously not a real good idea. Please learn from my experiences ladies.

Have a good day for you all, stay awesome!

My Daily Motivations

Saturday, June 27, 2015

1. "Morning talk" with God and pray to Him before start my day. 
2. Always say "thank you" to everyone offers help to you, being nice or just makes your day. 
3. Power breakfast. Usually scrambled eggs with Fiesta stickies, or sometimes Indomie goreng pake telor.
4. Say "good morning" to every dearest people at home, and the one who lives far awayyy there :D
5. Never give up. Because life only comes once and besides, I'm half way there.

Our Wedding Tips: 5 Easy Steps to Start Planning A Wedding

Thursday, June 25, 2015

So you guys have discussed things before you decided to get married? Now it's time for you to start planning your big day! 

Life Updates

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello people, how was your day? I just got back again from the town, to deal with some wedding things and other stuffs. So here I would like to share some my life updates. I know they are nothing for you to care about, but since it's my blog, I want to keep some personal things that I could look up some other days. If you got stumbled on this blog and reading this, I would like to say thanks, and for me you are the special one. Stay awesome! 


1. Having a great time with Andreas's family. 
I had so much difficulties since the begininng when it comes to his family, especially with his parents. Since he is the young boy in the house, and his other brothers and sister have been married for years (and Andreas has keponakan already), it seems like everyone has their own expectations on his "future" wife. I put lots of pressure on myself, and speaking honestly, sometimes I found myself "trying" to be another person that they "wanted". After all, I am on my best when I just being myself, and I believe all they "wanted" from myself, it's myself. So guys, if anyone said to you "ambil hati mertua itu susah", it's true hahaha. But, it doesn't matter when you just being you. And I'm more than happy realising that they treat me as their part of family.

2. Got my perfect Sangjit dress and bridesmaids' dresses. 
I have been searching a perfect dress for my Sangjit day, which is I will be wearing the same dress after the holy matrimony in Bali. I thought it will be so much easier finding the dress than a wedding dress, well... the dress is "the dress", it is really so difficult to find. Until I discovered a store from Instagram and I asked Andreas to take me to the store. Lucky me, they have the dress that I needed. It fits me perfectly when I tried it on. Also I picked some dresses for my bridesmaids, and surprisingly they chose the same design at the same time hahaha. Can't wait for wearing my Sangjit dress and take pictures with my girls on the big day! 

3. One fine day in Bedugul. 
I will end this post with some pictures from our short getaway yesterday. You might ask, getaway on Monday? That sounds great, right? Hahaha. Since I lived in Bali, Bedugul is not a place that I choose for a short trip, because I believe I am more "anak pantai" than "anak gunung". But I guess, I'm starting to love Bedugul. You get fresh air, eye candies everywhere (you can see lots of green and clear sky), it is just so relaxing. Gladly one of my parents friend, who lives in Bedugul, invited us to visit her place. Seriously guys, I didn't expect her place is gonna be awesome! She gave us a home tour and showing us her fields, which she plants all kind of vegetables, fruits and flowers. We ended up brought some "hasil kebun" from her. Of course my Mom was the happiest one hahaha. I thanked God for another day that could spend with my dear family.