A Glimpse of My Childhood Dreams

Friday, March 6, 2015

It has been raining for wholeeeee day, non-stop from last night till tonight here. Feeling to write a post and I found this draft. My dear friend Sastika has tagged me to do this post. I thought it's gonna be fun (and nice) to reminisce about our childhood days. So here is a glimpse of my childhood dreams. Oh and here you can read the blogpost by Sas.

1. To be a cashier at a supermarket.
This is so silly, but you might to know this little story. When I was a kid, maybe around five or six, Mr. Santa in my school gave me a Christmas present (which was I knew later that actually from my Mom LOL), is a toy cashier register. It's cutee and colorful! The mini-me was jumping around the house and couldn't wait to play with it. The toy machine comes with fake money and as I remembered, every day after school I was looking forward to playing with it. I was always in charge to be the cashier and my Mom was the customer. Fast forward to adult-me, did it really happen? Well, yes, but no in the supermarket. When I was working in Starbucks, I (finally) learned how to work with the real register machine. Of course, I was dealing with real money too. And fyi, it's touchscreen!

2. To be a pianist.
Isn't it funny when you wanted to be something when you were little kid, but as you grew older you realized that's not going to happen? I've been playing piano since I was six, or maybe seven. I thought piano is going to be fun, and yes it was really fun until I had my first Royal exam. I got a pretty good score for my theory exam, but failed for my practical exam (I took for sixth grade). That time, I was exactly sure that I was not going to be a pianist. I should say I'm a "penikmat musik klasik" (my favorite composer is Chopin) and  playing piano is one of mood therapy. Thinking about that I can't memorize any classic pieces when you ask me to play, yes I was not born to be a pianist. It feels like I'd been wasting my parents' money for more than 10 years haha. But no regret at all. At least I can read music notes *proud*

Oh anyway, I'll show you my Royal exam certificate that I always have been proud of. 

3. To work at McDonald's. 
When I heard one of my friend got a part-time job at McDonald's when he studied abroad in Melbourne, I was like, "I wanted too!". I imagined myself making burgers, pouring cola, making ice cream, frying those chicken wings, hmmmmmm. The dream was about to happen when my parents suddenly bought us (me and brother) a McDonald's play set. It was one of my favoriteeeee childhood memories and I believe that day was my best day ever. Okay, some of you might wondering what kind of McDonald's play set? Let me show you, this picture I got from Google of course. 

 Mine was the left one

Basically, you can make your own "burger" from this snack maker, as the box said "make delicious snacks you can eat and drink that look like McDonald's Happy Meals!". I remembered we used marie regal biscuits as the burger buns hahaha. This was really fun I tell you. But again, I happen not to work for McDonald's and it's funny too that I like McDonald's iced coffee rather than its fried chicken :D

4. To be a writer/novelist.
Well, maybe this is the more realistic dream that I'm still on the way to pursue it hehehe. Every time the question "what do you want to be in the future" popped out, I simply answered "silently"... I want to be a writer. You know, I can imagine myself in ten years later, when I'm going to be a mother and wife, I'm going to be a writer too. I'm totally fine if someday I have to work from home, take care of my family and sit for whole day working for my upcoming book. It just like really okay, because this is what I want. But yeah again, you can't just want something without doing something to make it happen, right? So, let's work work!

Looking back those childhood memories, I found that the little me back then was very blessed. I really had that "masa kecil sangat bahagia" moment. We can't be young in age anymore and we couldn't be back to our childhood, but we can keep that "spirit" stay in our heart. Being an adult is another blessing, because hey we're all growing up. Though most of the time we easily feel unsure with our capability or afraid to take risks, I tell you my friend it's okay. The last chapter of a book that I'd read recently, Travel Young by my favorite girl Alanda Kariza, she said, 

"Stop over-thinking. Start enjoying the ride. Live in the moment." 

Just let your inner child stays in your heart (:


  1. We always seem to dream bigger when we're younger, don't we? Love seeing a glimpse into your childhood ambitions. :)

  2. About the cashier thing.. you know what I used to want to be one too :)) Found it really cool when mba-mba kasir is hitting the code number of the products really fast HAHA. Thank you for sharing my dear, I love reading this!