Six Years Of Dating You

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Yesterday, we both celebrated our six years dating anniversary.

First year of our dating anniversary, we were still in college, so we just went out for simple dinner at a small restaurant spesifically serves porridge. We ate and talked for hours how we could bring our relationship to next level. And that time, marriage was not our topic.

Too bad I don't really remember what we did on second anniversary, because that year we were so busy on Andreas's graduation and he was back for good.

Third year anniversary, it was my turn to go back home and moved to Bali. Andreas came to visit us for few days in October. He felt sorry for not celebrating our anniversary again, but instead, he handed me a blue box (not from Tiffany, girls!) and asked me to step into a different level of our relationship. I said yes!

Fourth year annivesary, again he came to Bali and we went out for our first fancy dinner.

On fifth year (whoa... what a long journey, isn't it?), we began to prepare our wedding stuffs; from pre-wedding photoshoots, dealing with the vendors, etc. We just had a little talk on phone, how excited we were for welcoming our big day.

And now, for the sixth anniversary, we are standing in a really different phase. We are a married couple, expecting our first kid, finally could afford a car by our own sweats, and so many other exciting things we hope for. 

Dating and marriage life are in a different portion size, but we are thankful that we have learned so many things to build our relationship in the past six years. We believe anything happened in the past, or even later in future, those things make us stronger.

Dating phase is fun, but marriage life is more than that. It's a lifetime lesson. If you're lucky enough to find someone who is willing to join you in a team, your relationship is definitely worth to fight for. 

And I'm lucky to have mine.

Happy 6th anniversary, my dear (:

Baby Essentials (Wish List)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sejak sebulan yang lalu, udah beberapa teman dekat nanyain, "Eh, lo mau apa buat hadiah lahiran?", sejujurnya aku pun bingung mau apa, hahaha. 

Pregnancy Journey: Second Trimester (4-6 months)

Monday, June 13, 2016

As I'm writing this, I am 28 weeks (3 days) already, which means I finally made it to the last stage!  Let's make a recap about the second-trimester journey. Here we go: