Newbie Place!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holla finally I'm back to the blogsphere! It has been a week since I moved here, the new dorm. What can say... WOW. Yes, my new dorm it's a WOW. I can hear everyone keep saying that our new dorm building is the best dorm in our school *of course it is!*. The best thing is, we have FREE internet connection for two months! Dancing around, haha! Anyway, you have to visit our dorm by night, very beautifulllll. Ahh, I just love this place! This atmosphere! Someday I will show you the outdoor view. Tonight, I'm just gonna show you my new desk, gahgah :P A little bit different from the old one, I was so happy I can decorate my new desk again. Fyi, I have 3 roomates, just like before in the old place, but different roomates. Each person in a room have our own desk and bed, the bed is top of the desk. Can you imagine that? It reminds me to my old bed when I was a kid, tehee. So this is my new favorite place to work, study, internet surfing, anything!

This is my favorite side of my studying desk. I put of all my CDs collection on top, which I brought them all from Jakarta, the center is all of my books collection, some of them I brought too from home and some I bought here and the last part is random. The stationery place, little monkey from a friend, a big money-box (the pink one) and also my handphone case (the black one, one of Japanese cartoon character, I forgot what the name it is!) I patched something if you noticed, a little memo (or maybe kind of post-it) there, I write anything that I have to do that day.

On the left side, I have these all. My beauties things and the others. There are some my meal set plus my breakfast on the top.

And this is the whole desk's view! Perfect! :D

I'm pretty sure there are will be some more random things later on my desk. Actually, I have another hidden place on the bottom, but I won't share them, kkk. Oh right, I got the most cleanest and tidiest desk in my room! *applauseee* hahaha! I'm so good to arrange something orderly, I learned it from my mom and dad since I was little. They would be so proud if they know. About my new roomates, thanks God I have awesome roomies! We share our wardrobe together, mix it match that, go shopping together on weekend and cooking together for dinner. Speaking of the wardrobe, this is my new wardrobe.

Mostly autumn-winter outfits, I prepared anything for it, the summer outfits I placed them on top. A little bit messy in there so I have to clean them up later.

Thank you guys for the comments since I left. I'm very fine right now. And there's one question from Stevia - The Sweetest Escape, "If you can spend a lovely day as someone else, who would you be? :)" thanks Stevia for asking, this is a hard one, haha! Hmm... I would be a cooking chef! Haha! I'm so into cooking stuffs since this last month, I was wondering it would be a perfect, lovely day as you can said it, if I could be a chef. I cook something special for some people that I love, I cook something based on my own recipes, ahhh... this will be a lovely day! (:

It's almost mid-night here, I should make some comments in the other blogs, thanks God again I don't have my morning class tomorrow! Have a good night friends, blessed night!

Moving Day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm so busy in this morning, I packed all of stuffs that needed to move by day. Yeah! I'm moving today! Finally, they decided to make this announcement yesterday and we rushed to finish our stuffs. I am not sure the new dorm building has a internet connection already or not, but before it's too late, I wanna to say to all of you, my readers, thanks for loving my I love Hongkong post. Seriously, I'm so happy when read all of you comments! And for those who followed me, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Jane very very loves you! I promise I'll be back with the part two after I'm ready in the new room. I'm gonna off for a while so... just like Dana did when she was in hiatus week, I make a q&a section for anyone of you that (maybe) want to ask me a question. I'll try to answer them all finely. Open up until next Tuesday. Okay then. Jane is going to moveeeeeeee now! See you later and have a great Friday night! 
Byeeee (: