10 Reasons Why I Choose to Work at Starbucks

Saturday, February 22, 2014

 Hello, I am Reggie and I am making your coffee!

Surprise surprise. Yes, you read it right. I wear my green apron five days in a week. I am officially one month working in my store as a barista. But still I am a new green bean, I still have to learn lots of things. Truth is, working at Starbucks is not only about making good coffee, there are lots of other things (beside coffee of course) you have to learn. I was sooo exhausted on my first week! But now, I am enjoying myself working in the coffee shop. It may be too early to say this, working at Starbucks is the best decision I have made in early 2014. (:

Well, you might be wondering why I am working for this company, especially with my bachelor degree. Here you go I wrote the 10 reasons:  

1. I want to step out from my comfort zone. 
For almost 20 years, I just want to let myself free from the nest. I want to work in place where I can found the better me, and I believe that He wants myself to seek and do something different outside.

2. I want simply experience something new. 

3. I want to be a better writer. 
Coffee shop always be my favorite subject to write. You know, people come and go, they order some coffee, sitting around with friends, colleagues or maybe alone. Each of them tell stories, and I know I cannot miss that. My Daddy once said, a good writer must have good skill of analyzing people. So, yeah that's it.

4. I want to meet new people. 
We have 23 partners in our store and there are bunch of people come to Starbucks everyday. I did meet lots of new people, sometimes I talk with them too. Either just asking about what they do in Bali (mostly for holiday of course, but some of them stay here for work) or just what they have been doing on that day. Talk to somebody you don't know is kinda interesting, trust me.

5. I want to work with a real boss. 
My Mom doesn't count. I mean, yes I work at home with her and she is the boss, but you know... a Mom will be always a Mom :P

6. I want to be a part in someone's day.
Maybe this is why one of our job description is... we have to make someone's day. (: 

7. I want to wear the green apron since high school. 
Mission accomplished. 

8. I want to make a good coffee for people.
Honestly, I am still not that good for making a cup latte and cappuccino. Hmm. 

9. I want to learn how use Mastrena espresso machine

10. I want free coffee.
Nah I am kidding. No, I am serious. Who doesn't want free coffee in their working place? I mean, common. 

So that's it. Once again, this is the best decision I have made in this early 2014. People might call me crazy working as a barista in Starbucks. Well yeah right I don't make much wages in here but please, experiences are moreeee expensive and valuable than money. Plus, I am happy.

Happy weekend people, stay awesome!

Read more about my Starbucks working experiences here:

Snapshot Sharing 01: Our First Picture Not As A Couple

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snapshot Sharing is a new feature in this blog. Known as #throwback, share one picture back in my life and write a story about it. I will take you to be right there with me. 

ps: Thank you so much Danielle for this sweet idea! 

Since today is a Valentine's Day, I decided to take this picture to share with you. It was taken around five years ago, not the day exactly I met Andreas, we knew each other already but we weren't that close even being good friends that time. I remembered one of my friend couldn't stop teasing us and pushed us to take a picture together. So, with no doubt, don't have any clue... snap! We had done our first picture, not as a couple. Matching shirts (because there was an event in our church), matching glasses and matching poses. When looked back this picture again, I found it was really adorable. Surprisingly, I love it. And of course, I am thankful because we're walking in the same path for almost four years. I love you completely (:

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Spread the love. Muach muach! 

January: #ThankYouMonth

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I have been doing #ThankYouMonth during the month of January. The original of this little project was coming from Our Daily Bread. January is the month of global #ThankYouMonth. The rules are pretty simple, but it depends how you do so into your real life. 

Spend the whole month learning about gratitude.
We can easily find something to thank God every day.
When you think of all that’s good, thanks to God.

Remember that as a normal human, we don’t always think all that’s good. Sometimes not-so-good things happen and we cannot deny it. The real challenge is here: just say thank you to God.

Too many things happened in this month. Started from my long holiday- Andreas came with his sister family to Bali (and actually he came again last week), got a new job, and I was not only learning about gratitude in January, I also learned some other lessons. 

1. When you choose to be happy, you are happy.

2. Doing hobby during spare times is (kinda) important.
Since I was writing my first book, I have read lots of books and articles about passion and purpose of life. It was pretty obvious that I was too busy care about my passion. Pursue a passion is good, and you have to. But sometimes we just need to do whatever we want. I am talking about hobby here. Our passion is not our hobby (well maybe our hobby happened to be a passion, mine is writing, for example). Instead of writing, I will do something else in my spare times. Sunday usually is my free day. After went to church, I simply let myself do some hobbies that maybe I rarely do in weekdays. Reading books, napping (uh, nice!), etc. Pursue a passion is good, but don’t forget to enjoy your hobbies too. 

And of course #ThankYouMonth won’t stop only at the end of January, we have to be thankful every day, every moment in our life. I was inspired so much from my dear friend, Sastika. She did 365 days of gratitude journal and I am doing the same thing, but I made a little bit modification. Instead of writing  a journal, I make a “Gratitude Jar” (thanks Joei for this idea!). The rule is pretty simple, you just write down in a small Post-It about things you should be thankful that day, then put it in the jar. That’s it! This little activity becomes a habit for me, especially when I just came home after work, I straight to the jar and put my “thankful” note in it. If you want to do the same, just find any kind of jar (mine using an old chocolate can from Harrods), put the jar anywhere you can easily find out. 

So, anything to be grateful today? (:

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords!” –Psalms 136:3