10 Reasons Why I Choose to Work at Starbucks

Saturday, February 22, 2014

 Hello, I am Reggie and I am making your coffee!

Surprise surprise. Yes, you read it right. I wear my green apron five days in a week. I am officially one month working in my store as a barista. But still I am a new green bean, I still have to learn lots of things. Truth is, working at Starbucks is not only about making good coffee, there are lots of other things (beside coffee of course) you have to learn. I was sooo exhausted on my first week! But now, I am enjoying myself working in the coffee shop. It may be too early to say this, working at Starbucks is the best decision I have made in early 2014. (:

Well, you might be wondering why I am working for this company, especially with my bachelor degree. Here you go I wrote the 10 reasons:  

1. I want to step out from my comfort zone. 
For almost 20 years, I just want to let myself free from the nest. I want to work in place where I can found the better me, and I believe that He wants myself to seek and do something different outside.

2. I want simply experience something new. 

3. I want to be a better writer. 
Coffee shop always be my favorite subject to write. You know, people come and go, they order some coffee, sitting around with friends, colleagues or maybe alone. Each of them tell stories, and I know I cannot miss that. My Daddy once said, a good writer must have good skill of analyzing people. So, yeah that's it.

4. I want to meet new people. 
We have 23 partners in our store and there are bunch of people come to Starbucks everyday. I did meet lots of new people, sometimes I talk with them too. Either just asking about what they do in Bali (mostly for holiday of course, but some of them stay here for work) or just what they have been doing on that day. Talk to somebody you don't know is kinda interesting, trust me.

5. I want to work with a real boss. 
My Mom doesn't count. I mean, yes I work at home with her and she is the boss, but you know... a Mom will be always a Mom :P

6. I want to be a part in someone's day.
Maybe this is why one of our job description is... we have to make someone's day. (: 

7. I want to wear the green apron since high school. 
Mission accomplished. 

8. I want to make a good coffee for people.
Honestly, I am still not that good for making a cup latte and cappuccino. Hmm. 

9. I want to learn how use Mastrena espresso machine

10. I want free coffee.
Nah I am kidding. No, I am serious. Who doesn't want free coffee in their working place? I mean, common. 

So that's it. Once again, this is the best decision I have made in this early 2014. People might call me crazy working as a barista in Starbucks. Well yeah right I don't make much wages in here but please, experiences are moreeee expensive and valuable than money. Plus, I am happy.

Happy weekend people, stay awesome!

Read more about my Starbucks working experiences here:


  1. me very envy >< me want to be there too :3

  2. omg it's also one of my dream jobs tee hee goodluck! :D

  3. OMOOOOOO how can I express my major love to this post? YOU GO GAL! I am glad that you are loving what you do and yes, you look GREAT on your apron. Btw, you are getting even better in words ya? I love love love how you express yourself in this post. Probably one of my most favorite posts in your blog here <3 Have a blessed Monday my dear!

  4. Jane, you must make me a cup of hazelnut latte someday!!!
    You go girl!!!

  5. Hi! Aku mau nanya dong, kalo kerja full time di sbux gitu jam kerjanya gimana sih? Thank you yaah:)

    1. Hi there! Sorry banget baru sempat reply.

      Kalau untuk full time jam kerja standar sih 9 jam kerja (potong 1 jam break). :D

  6. hei cute lady, on thursday i've an invitation for interview as a barista and I a bachelor degree also like u; hahaa. my question is, what should i prepare before the day? is the interview use an english? i hope u can help me, thanks nd keep smile ����

  7. hey cute lady, i've an interview on thursday as barista, and i'm also a bachelor :p lol..
    my question is, what should i prepare before the day? is the interviewer always talk with english or biling? i hope that u can share ur experiences on starbucks to me, thanks darl 😊😉

  8. Hello! I'm so happy I found your blog! I also have a dream about becoming a Starbucks barista one day, and this December or January 2016 I'm going to send my resume to the company. I hope I can make it! <3 thanks for sharing! Have a nice day Jane xx

  9. Kalo part time jam kerjanya brp jam ya? aku udh lulus kuliah 3 th lalu n udh pernah kerja (pindah2 jg sih).. masih bs ketrima utk part time ga ya?

  10. 2 days ago, I have passed the 2nd test to be a barista. So I just want to know what will happen to me hahaha I meant what will I face for the next step. Actually Starbucks wants me to check my healthy and collect all of my documents as new worker and next they will ask me to take training for about 2 months before I am ready to be a barista. do you have tricks to make it running well hehehe....

  11. Untk kerja jdi barista di starbucks harus sekolah barista dulukah atau ada trainingnya dsna?

  12. Holla! Mau tanya, kalau semisalnya kontrak di starbucks itu kira-kira berapa tahun ya jangka waktunya?