What's in My Working Bag

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I usually take this bag with me for work or just for hang out. I bought this for my birthday present last October. I reallly love this bag! This bag contains lots of things but when you carry on your back, it doesn't feel too heavy.  Every night before sleep, I always pack my working essentials so in the next morning I don't need to be hurry. 

(1) Basic barista needs. Since I am a new green bean, I have to take the barista journal, basic barista module and the coffee passport everyday. The coffee passport is awesome. Every time you try a new coffee (we do "conduct coffee" every day, when you try coffee and learn about it), you have to write it down the details. So far, I have tried.. hmm.. five or six of Starbucks whole bean? I should check for it again. 

(2) Green apron. Of course this is a must! 

(3) Daily journal. I got this free from a local magazine. I feel little bit bad because I rarely to write my journal these days. I have to do this again.

(4) Kitty wallet. I am 22 but I am still using Kitty's stuffs (and don't judge me about the bed sheet too :P)

(5) Tissue. My brother always tells me that girls MUST have a pack of tissue in their bag. 

(6) Power bank. But now I bring my phone charger instead. 

(7) Lips essentials. I just have one lipbalm from Maybelline and one lipstick from Revlon. I use lucious pink and it has a nude pink color. 

(8) My everyday best friend ever: BB and Sam. Yes it has a name haha.   

That's all things in my bag. Oh I almost forgot about a bottle of mineral water. I never forget to bring my tumbler because, you know, you can take home anykind of beverages hehehe. Last night I brought home Asian Dolce Frappe. So, maybe you can share with me what's in your working bag? :D

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  1. omg working as barista at starbucks sounds more awesome now! lucky you :D


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