What's in My Working Bag

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I usually take this bag with me for work or just hangout. I bought this for my birthday present last October. I really love this bag! This bag contains lots of things but when you carry on your back, it doesn't feel too heavy.  Every night before sleep, I always pack my working essentials so the next morning I don't need to hurry. 

(1) Basic barista needs. Since I am a new green bean, I have to take the barista journal, basic barista module, and the coffee passport every day. We have this kind of routine to try different coffee beans every day in the store. Each coffee has a different unique taste, so we have to write down the details in the coffee passport (as you can the one little green book).

(2) Green apron. And make sure it always clean! 

(3) Daily journal. I got this free from a local magazine. I feel a little bit bad because I rarely write on my journal these days. 

(4) Kitty wallet. I am 22 but I am still using Kitty's stuff (and don't judge me about the bed sheet too :P)

(5) Tissue. My brother always tells me that girls MUST have a pack of tissue in their bag. 

(6) Power bank. But now I bring my phone charger instead. 

(7) Lips essentials. I just have one lip balm from Maybelline and one lipstick from Revlon with nude pink color. 

(8) My gadgets. Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry. 

That's all things in my bag. Oh, I almost forgot about a bottle of mineral water. I never forget to bring my tumbler because, you know, you can take home any kind of beverage after work hours hehehe. Last night I brought home Asian Dolce Frappe

So, maybe you can share with me what's in your working bag? :D

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  1. omg working as barista at starbucks sounds more awesome now! lucky you :D