[PUBLISHED] The Book Talk

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where should I begin? 

Finally, my book has published! Let me share a bit how I decided to write my first ever Christian book. 

I started to write this book around two months after I moved in Bali. I wasn’t that busy (not busy at all, actually), I didn’t have anything to do, so I decided to write, almost every day. The idea was born after I shared the same topic about passion in my community at church back then. I have been speaking for almost one and half hours but still feel that there’s still lot to deliver. So write them all in a book that would be very good idea. 

Some closest friends and family surprised when they know that I wrote a book, even my parents. I told my Dad and Mom about this when I finished writing the book and while editing process. My Dad was my first reader and he helped me with the grammatical error and other inputs. And Mom.. as you may guess, she was just like “Wow, really?” then she started brag in her BBM personal status and told her friends that her daughter is actually writing a book and also asked to them buy a copy later (such an adorable Mom!). 

PassionTalk never happen if I just store the idea inside my head. You know, idea only just being an idea if you never give it a try. As the title called, yes this book talks a lot about passion, about future, and also how you define yourself in God before you life the life’s purpose. If you go to the local bookstore, there are soooo many books talk lots about passion itself, but I can 100% guarantee they never talk about passion in God, what God says about passion and why He gave us that in our life. 

 How I store every idea that pops out in my mind in my journal

The very first idea that was born, I got it from one of Bible’s verse:

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." 
Ephesians 2:10 

So yeah, I don’t know what to say anymore haha. The book is available at nulisbuku.com, if you want to order a copy, you just click the picture of my book on the left side bar. Oh, last thing. Did you remember about this post? Some of my closest friends asked me to sign the book and write a message before it delivered to their home, but it will be a little bit harder since I don’t have any stocks of my books and I used self-publishing service to publish the book, which means the book is not ready stock. I was thinking, how about I arrange a mini book launching (heartbumps when I wrote this) in few months later, with closest friends and family members. On that day, we can share anything related about the book, share about our passion, our dreams, or maybe we can do praise & worship together. At the end of the gathering day, I can sign all of the books. Tell me if this a very good idea hahaha. 

Have a nice day everyone and stay awesome!      


  1. omg congrats for the book! your mom is so funny. I can imagine how she reacted.. not that I know your mom but I know how moms react to her child's achievement :D


    1. Thank youuu so much Vina! Hahaha yes it is, and she is funny actually, maybe one day you can meet her :D

  2. YES YES IT IS A GOOD IDEA. did I sound like excited (and screaming) already? LOL. really can't wait for the book to arrive. congratulations for the book launching, this must be a very good start of your writing career (career bok career hahaha) semangat terus yaa kakak penulis :)

    1. Ahahahaha then I choose you to be my event organizer yaa lolol
      Thank you so much honey, enjoy reading the book yaa. Kamu juga terus semangat menggapai mimpi ((:

  3. Waaa, kak Jane congratulation! You made a book and that's just so cool! Wihihi mamanya kak Jane sama deh sama mama aku, pasti deh diberitain ke temen-temennya, tapi yah kak itu namanya support mama ya hehe :D

  4. Wow congrats ♥ i was thinking to made a book but i think its quite hard . ♥ any advice girl??


  5. Congratulations dear! yes you should make a mini book launching! its a great idea!