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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

 View from my spot at Waterbom Bali today

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We had been through a long weekend (I bet you guys had a great one!) and now we are all back for another great week *fingers crossed*. Honestly, I didn't have a great morning today, something spoiled my mood, and I had a little bit accident on the road on my way home. Thank God I am saved, and the person that bumped me from the back saved too, but my ride's body has damage. You might think today is really not a good day for me, well maybe yes, but it's not a big deal for me. I am still grateful because at least I had my chicken muffin for breakfast hehe (: 

So, what's for tonight? I want to share some of my favorite links. This is kinda a long-waited blog post because I want to share my favorite readings from the internet since few weeks ago. Thanks to Bloglovin, they send me every weekend some of their top pics of the week. Some of them are my new favorite blogs or websites, they help me a lot whenever I need inspirations or just for fun readings. I hope you will enjoy these links as I did. If you have some too, you can just leave them at the comment section. So here we go. 

Since I moved to a new home, so many guests come for visiting our family. Especially when they are on holiday, they maybe decide to stay at our home for two or three days. Sometimes I and Mom feel so worried and anxious about our home looks like. Is it okay to let people see how we live right here? Is it okay if my friend knows that I have a giant yellow duck on my bed and hugging it while sleeping? Having guests in our home it's like having friends or maybe new people in our life. Don't panic if someday people coming across in our life, treat them like a family, they won't judge us, because they know that we all have the same life's issues. Seriously, this article is a genius one.

Another creative idea from my favorite creative person ever ate Arriane! I have read some articles that tell us how to have a productive day ala professional. To be honest, Arriane's productivity hacks are daebak (read: the best one!). Are you losing a productivity day these days? Just click the link above, trust me you will have a brand new day than before!

(3) The Joy of Less: Lessons in Minimalism
Another life lesson from choose 33 items from your wardrobe and pack away the rest. It's quite cool when people learn from a simple act like this. 

Well, one of my secrets of adulthood says, "Never take your parents or other senior's words as an interruption". Trust me, at the end, you will thank them.

Are healthy people all vegetarian? Are healthy people going to the gym every day? This list is another amazing list that I ever read. Do you ever consider yourself as a healthy person? Check this list to make sure.

Monday Favorite is a blog feature where I share something inspiring or lovely from the internet world. You can also share with me your favorite links on the comment box below! (:

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