Favorite Things and Unseen 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's only one day left until we greet 2015, I'm beyond excited for a new year! This year has been passed just like that, but I am so glad I am standing strong right here right now. 

What do you guys plan to do? 

Beauty Love #1: What's In My Makeup Pouch

Friday, December 12, 2014

I am not a makeup girl, honestly. Little girls normally want to wear makeup when they grow up, I think I am not one of them. The first and only makeup tool that I had when highschool was compact powder. Some of my (popular) friends in school used blush and lip gloss to school. Later when I graduated from highschool, I started to think maybe I need to be more girlie, so one of my friend (she's 5 years older than me and wears makeup daily) took me to mall to get my first makeup kits. 

But then, I abandoned my first eyeshadows, mascara, blush for almost two years. Out of nowhere, I asked my ex-roommate to take me buy some new makeup tools again, this time I promised myself to wear them often. And yeah, I didn't break that promise till today! 

Here on my makeup pouch are all my daily makeup stuff. I wear them almost every week, mostly when I go to church, casual day out with family or friends, for work, etc. Let's see what I have here: 

1. Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation (light beige) and Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One (natural) SPF 25 PA++

I am totally a Maybelline girl, maybe because Maybelline is the only one makeup brand that friendly to young skin and the price is friendly. I never get my skin problems since I used Maybelline. Sometimes I want to try another "department store" makeup brand, but I'm afraid they are too harsh for my skin. So for now, I just stick to Maybelline.

2. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (black)

I am totally a sucker for gel eyeliner! The first time when I tried gel eyeliner, I was like "gosh, this product is totally created just for me!". I have monolid eyes, liquid eyeliner never works for me and I can't use it by myself (usually my eyes turn red and so teary). Gel eyeliner is just perfect for my eyes, easy to apply and last longer, even when I'm sweating lots, it doesn't smudge out. Eyeliner is a MUST for my daily makeup because it will make my eyes more open and bigger (especially when I have terrible sleep or hard cry night before). I heard Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is kinda popular too, maybe I'll try out someday. 

3. Maybelline "The Falsies" Volum Express Waterproof Mascara 

Did I mention I'm a Maybelline girl? Haha. I used the other one before this, but the falsies is very nice too. Mascara helps me to make my eyes bigger too, but sometimes it sucks because I wear my glasses at the same time. You know, your mascara sticks with your glasses, ewhh.

4. NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

It's hard for me to find a perfect eyeshadow palette for an everyday look. When I found this at NYX counter, I know this is will be my perfect palette. And it really is! It's pigmented and the colors are so lovely. It can be used for casual wear and you can make a smokey look with this palette too. This is just perfect. One of my favorites too. 

And the other stuff I have in my pouch are eyelash curler, some of the bobby pins and hair tie, Sasa dual eyeliner and eyeshadow brush from Masami Shouku. Ah, I forgot to mention my lipstick, I got it from Revlon. But I need another brighter shade because my Mom said to me, a girl always needs a nice lipstick. And I'm thinking to get an eyebrow kits also a blush/bronzer palette. Any suggestions girls? (: 

Little Thoughts of You

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

October 2013, my boyfriend, or as you guys know, Andreas, popped out the question already. I am not sure it's an official proposal thing or not because no ring there haha (well, he said one ring is enough for the wedding day and he gave me another sparkling thing instead), but he asked me and I said yes, so yes I'm getting married. I'll tell you about the wedding preparation details as I can later, but first let me tell the story how we met and introduce you to someone that I've been relationship with for 4 years and 5 months.

Nggak kenal maka nggak sayang (:  

My most favorite selfie during my post-graduation trip to Hong Kong!

We met in 2009, it was my first semester on college in Guang Zhou, China. The first time I eyed Andreas, never crossed my mind that I would marry him someday. I wasn't into him, really. The only reason because he's not the guy that I wanted. I had barely ever start a conversation with him. He belonged to a group of friends that I didn't close to. What the matter is, I wasn't interest anything at all about him. I didn't know since when some of my friends started to tease me with him. I was a little bit annoyed, because every time I saw Andreas, I became hate him more hahaha (sorry, love!). But seriously, I was questioning a lot why it has to be me with Andreas? And what did he think about me? About this jokes by some of our friends? What does he feel? Does he really like me?

Well, it was not a joke and I think God also had planned something for both of us. 

One day, when I had my lecture, my phone received a text message, from an unknown number. I still slightly remember what the message was about: "Hey there, a girl who is wearing white shirt today. How are you?". I stared down on my clothes immediately, and yes I was wearing a white top. The next thing I did, I gave a glance to my best friend (who was my "teman sebangku" for 4 years). She was like, "what?" and I showed her my phone and she started giggling. That gave me enough explanation. Andreas knew my white top from her. He got my number from her. And it was officially my first text message from him.

More and more messages came in. We started to chat on MSN too (yes guys, MSN was so popular back then. Remember all that cheesy gif emoticons?). It has been going on just like that for almost three months. I started to see him in different person than I thought who he was before. Sometimes he acts awkward in funny way (at least for me), he always has interesting different point of views, he will swap his food with mine everytime when I don't like my food order, and he is the only guy who brought me bunch of fruits when I was sick and tells me fruits are healthy, and also made me go to the gym. Andreas had surprised me lots of things.

After all, he was like become a place for me to share what's happening on my every day's life. Every night I found myself rolling over at the bed while having a night phone call with him, and he was the first person that I looked for when I'm upset or in a trouble. I remember when I went out one night to buy some fresh fruits, the rain was pouring down suddenly and I didn't bring an umbrella. I was panicking and I didn't know why I called him for asking help (later I remembered because he lived not far from the fruits store) and he came to bring an umbrella for me just in a minute. He walked me home and we didn't talk each other. That time, I finally felt something strange that people usually called... butterflies in  stomach. I think there are sooo many of them in my tummy!

And they are keep coming until this day. It has been already five years since the first time I met him. And this kind of feelings, are still the same when he walked me home every night. We are not a perfect or dreamy couple, sometimes we make mistakes and we learned from it, sometimes we blame each other but we love again. I was feeling afraid of marriage this thing, I was worried about everything. Not about what wedding dress I should wear or how many bridesmaids that I need, I was more worried about what kind of wife or mother I am going to be, am I good enough for him, for the family that we will raise together? He smiled at me and said, "everything is gonna be okay." Now I know and always know, I'll marry a right man.

Someone told me marriage sounds so crazy, crazy enough to choose one person to spend all of their life with. You chose me and I chose you. But I believe God chose both of us to walk together in the next life path. I love you and I always do. Again, see you soon next year in October.

What I Am Looking Forward To

Monday, December 1, 2014

It supposed to be a Monday favorite links post, but I am sorry there are no links to share because I scroll too much Instagram lately. Anyway, I am looking forward to these little things:

1. 2015. When I woke up this morning and checked out my Path, I was seeing everybody posted something about "welcoming December!" or like "sweater weather hey December". One thing that I realized was "oh my gosh, next month is freaking January!!". Yes, 2015 just like at the corner guys. Plenty of things happened this year, some of them are so thrilling yet some of them bringing us happiness. I am not gonna complain, because 2014 is just another great year, I wish you have the same thought with me.

2. Sushi date. Have I mentioned before that I don't eat sushi without Andreas? It's not cheesy thing, it just because I don't have sushi partner with me here, either my family member. When I eat sushi, I eat everything. I eat a lot, like seriously guys, I order everything in the menu if I go out for sushi with him. Maybe this is just one of hundred reasons why we are being together (nah, you can put some cheese here). Anddd, I guess this brings us to another dream: eat sushi in Japan! 

3. Some good books for holiday. Call me geeky because I am. I just bought myself a new novel yesterday (I got Christmas discount for it, yay!), and I am thinking to get more until the end of the month. Have you read something nice lately? Please let me know!

There you go my little post from me tonight. To be honest I am lacking of inspirations these days, but I guess a new month will take me back to the right mood and bring me lots of new inspirations. Let's get a beauty sleep already, good night everyone and stay awesome!

Sisters Meet-Up in Bali

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's funny when I have my friends come to Bali for (their) holiday and they ask me to give a tour to some places, it turns to be my holiday too. This happened when my favorite girlfriend was here around two weeks ago. You guys probably guess who is she already huh? Yes, it's Miss Taniady!

Twenty Three

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wait guys, did I just make a post about my birthday here? Oh, wait... it was last year! And now I am twenty three! 

Time flies reallyyy fast when you're enjoying every minute of it. There were plenty of memories and surprises since the beginning of 2014, now we're closer to a new year again (like two months to go!). My birthday this year was kinda special. Yesterday it's Jesrisoles first time joined a local event at Kuta Beach. I was in charge to take care of our booth for whole day. The night before my birthday I was so grumpy, later I knew that I got PMS (yes, girl. I was dealing with PMS, on my birthday, how cool is that). It was really exhausting day, but I can't stop smiling receieved birthday messages from friends at the same time (thank you guys for the wishes!), plus, I earned some money on my birthday, ehehehe. Long story short, the event went pretty well, I got a chance to meet some new local friends too (thanks for coming by yesterday friends!), and also enjoying a beautiful sunset scenery! I was so thankful for a dear helping partner yesterday on the event, Nini! She's a really nice person. We just met each other on that day and we had a nice conversation. Thank you so much Nini for your help, we couldn't make it without you!
Thank you so much Nini, you are such a great partner!

It was almost 11:00pm when we arrived at home. My mom picked me up and I found she bought a cheese cake for me! Despite of the tiredness, I was very happy because a birthday cake was on my lap and can't wait to eat it up! We didn't have time to cute the cake and blow the candles yesterday, so I just blew the candles today! I was very happy, my belly is the happiest one.

The... best... cheese cake... EVER! The bottom part is brownie cake!

Well, I have something to say actually, I even have the draft post that I wrote a week before haha. I was planning to post it on my birthday. But I changed my mind to save it for another right time. It's a story that deserve to be told. I'll give you a hint: Something that I decided to make it official. Aha, you guys probably guess what it is already? No? Please staying here with me for the next story. Have a great Sunday everyone, stay awesome! 

5 Pictures of Tuesday 07

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 (1) It was my first time hit the gym in the early morning. I finally took a big decision to take a membership for gym class two months ago if you guys wondering. I was sweating much and feeling so gooood on the entire day. That's the best way to begin my day!

(2) After gym, I deserve a cup of nice morning coffee. Excelso the only coffeeshop they have in the plaza building so I don't have other choice. I was about to order iced latte but the breakfast menu that I was going to order comes with free coffee, so... yayy for that! This is my first robusta house blend coffee from Excelso. I was thinking to drink it black. However, a little bit sugar won't hurt.

(3) And here you go the breakfast! Sorry for not-so-appetite picture, trust me they taste nice. The baked tomato almost melted in my mouth! 

(4) This picture was taken few weeks ago, also in Tuesday. This is me while working in Jesrisoles (remember the culinary business that we run last year?). I take the responsible for social media promotions, so I take lots of pictures for daily updates. Please have a look of our risoles house business on Instagram, @jesrisolesbali. Come visit us when you are around!

(5) It has been a long time, say hello to our dear furry friend! She is almost 11 years old (it's 77 in human years!), she loves to play hide and seek with you, she loves cereal for breakfast, and we love her very much!

Monday Favorites #3

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Monday everyone. Another great links that I found and I hope they will inspire you through the day. Well, I mean for the next day, because I meant to post this in the morning but yeah whatever. You can read them before you sleep and feel good on the next morning. Have a great night and sleep well.

1. "Less is More: Tips on Living Minimal" by Pale Lily
I have been thinking about "simplicity" lately in every aspects of my life, and my mind was blown by reading this beautiful post. Everyone of us could live a simple life, but we normally turn it to a complicated one instead (I said normally, because.. it is!). I don't know why since when I feel like that I take my life as a competition. That makes me sometimes I am afraid that I am not good enough to be a better person. When I see people do better than I do, I start to compete. Sounds bad I know, but thanks God I realized everyone owns different life. If I won't live my life, then who will. Stop comparing myself is definitely my first step for living minimal.

Anyway, please do visit Pale Lily, Sofia writes beautifully in every post. A plus for the clean layout.

2. "10 Things You Need to Learn to Start Living The Life of Your Dreams" by Grease and Glamour
There's only one word to describe this post: fancy. I am not a girl who really likes or eager to travel around the world, but I always find in such an amazing way when people learn about life through a journey that they take alone. Again, it still related to living minimal, if you guys take a decision to live your dreams, let's doing these 10 things together. Scare yourself enough, push yourself enough, then let your future surprises you.

3. "How to Breath" by Zenhabits
In case you suddenly forget how to take a breath, this post is for you.

4. "Healthy Iced Coffee Protein Shake" by Simply Taralynn
I have a seriously relationship with coffee (in case you don't know about it). Since I haven't get my coffee maker yet, I always go for instant coffee and that's not really good. I am so glad to find this genius recipe from Taralynn (known as Undressed Skeleton). It's great recipe because I had my very first protein powder already and I can't wait to mix it with coffee. Sounds like this will be my next favorite drinks, we will see.

5. "Breakfast Hacks: 17 Ways You're Eating Breakfast Wrong"
My dear friend Sastika sent me this link, because she knows me that well about breakfast *wink*. Some of them I've been following right, the rest of them just blow my mind. And you're so wrong when you don't have your breakfast in a day.

Monday Favorite Links is a blog feature where I share something inspiring or lovely from the internet world. You can also share with me your favorite links on the comment box below! (:

Workspace Favorites

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I supposed to clean up my workspace (yesterday), but I feel like to sit down in front of my laptop and decided to write a little post. I am gonna clean up my desk after that, promise!

I'm always wondering how my workspace looks like if I work in an office. You know, the office like cubicle one, and your desk would be full of stuffs like post-its, sharpies in different colors, magazines, and other cute things. When I was browsing to GoGirl! magazine website, I found an interesting post, they actually share about the magazine crew workspace! Some of you guys probably (already) knew that I'm always dreaming about working in magazine company, and GoGirl! is my favorite local magazine to work for. The magazine crew workspace are so TEMPTING! They really look like "a desk" that belongs to magazine office (I mean they look so colorful haha). Oh well, let's take a look some of my favorite workspace:

 The editor's desk

 The managing editor's desk

 The editor's desk

The fashion stylist's desk. I adore the colorful post-its wall! 

All pictures above are courtesy of GoGirl! Magazine website

And this is my workspace looks like right now: 

Sorry it doesn't look very nice for your eyes haha, but I am working on it. Later after I re-arrange the stuff on my desk, I will show you my workspace looks like and details on the desk! I am also thinking to move my desk to another corner because the desk right now is beside my bed. I realized it is not really 'healthy', so I am about to seperate my workspace from my 'sacred' place.

Now I am really gotta go to clean up the desk, wish me luck! Have a wonderful day and stay awesome!

Eat in Bali: Sundate Today at Bebek Bengil Ubud

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I am always feeling excited about weekend. I will take a break from the routine and usually I will take my family out on Sunday after church. But for today, my mom has planned to have lunch at Bebek Bengil Ubud. You might often hear about this place because Bebek Bengil is one of must go place when you are in Bali. Bebek Bengil serves you an original taste of Balinese crispy duck, if you are not a really fan of duck, they have chicken meal on the menu. But since the duck is the main course here, so let's give it a try. Oh anyway, this was my second visit already.

Simple Homemade Iced Latte with Starbucks Via Ready Brew

Friday, September 12, 2014

Making a perfect iced coffee at home is almost impossible for me. There's no coffee press or espresso machine (I plan to buy myself a coffee press later on my upcoming birthday!). Thanks to Starbucks they make this amazing product calls "Starbucks Via Ready Brew". Basically, it is like instant coffee, but hey it is Starbucks instant coffee. You can drink Starbucks at home. That just amazing. 

You only need one sachet of the via brew, I used the Colombia one (just mix it with hot water), fresh milk, and some ice cubes. Pour the milk until the glass half full (or maybe little bit more), fill it with the ice cubes (coffee ice cubes is better). Then, this is my favorite part because this is the moment when the iced latte seems perfect. Pour the coffee on top, like a macchiato, and put your straw. Voila!

You can also add more sweetener, sugar, flavored syrup or anything that will please your mouth. I would like to add some vanilla syrup but I don't have any. This plain iced latte is more than enough for me. I am gonna try another coffee recipes, because make your own iced coffee at home is really cool. Sorry for the not so photogenic coffee. I was thinking it must be the ice cubes. The ice cubes melt so fast right after I hit them with the hot coffee. I looked up this recipe later I will try once again to make my iced coffee perfect.

Good luck on making of your own. Just keeping try until find your perfect iced coffee. Stay awesome!

[GIVEAWAY] Your Passion Journey

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hello hello. Nggak kerasa udah enam bulan berlalu sejak terbitnya buku PassionTalk. Setiap baca ulang buku sendiri, rasanya aneh, seneng, nggak percaya, semuanya campur jadi satu. Impian nerbitin buku, udah ada sejak SMP, di mana saat itu lagi suka banget baca novel genre teenlit dan seri Chicken Soup. Walaupun PassionTalk diterbitkan secara self-publishing, namun aku seneng banget karena bisa menyelesaikan apa yang aku suka. Terkadang amaze sendiri melihat bagaimana cara kerja sebuah mimpi, atau passion di hidup seseorang. Lewat menulis, aku belajar mengenal diri sendiri maupun keadaan di sekitar. Lewat menulis juga, aku mendapatkan banyak feedback yang bisa membangun karir menulis ke depannya. Dan lewat menulis, I found some people told me that my writings marked their heart. It's crazy I know, but I always remind myself that those all are not about me, it's always about The Almighty One. So, buat teman-teman yang udah baca PassionTalk, terima kasih. (:

Sebelum melanjutkan buku berikutnya (yes, there will be always another book after the first one, right?), aku punya dua copies PassionTalk buat kalian yang belum baca. Cara untuk mendapatkannya mudah. Kalian tinggal masuk ke link giveaway ini, share passion atau mimpi kalian, baik yang belum diwujudkan maupun yang sedang "on the way". Kalian boleh bebas bercerita, tujuannya biar orang lain juga bisa menikmati cerita kalian dan we can encourage and bless each other. Dua tulisan terpilih, masing-masing akan mendapatkan 1 copy buku PassionTalk plus tanda tangan penulis :D

Aku tunggu cerita kalian ya! Stay awesome and be blessed!

PS: Preview PassionTalk, bisa dilihat di link berikut ini: http://bit.ly/VlEY05

Back From The Town

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello my beautiful readers, are you still there? I just came back from the town, well actually I got back here since last Saturday. I booked my flight to Jakarta and stayed in Bogor (Andreas's hometown) for almost two weeks. There are so many things that I've done, these three little moments are my most favorite part: 

(1) Meeting Andreas's family again, which is very very nice. I still can remember how I met his family for the first time, around two years ago. Man, it was so damn awkward!  Thank God after some trips we have been together, now I am getting closer with all of them. And this may sounds little bit cheesy, but it is so sweet when you are getting know more about your boyfriend from his family story. Hearing what Andreas usually did when he was a kid, or how his brothers always made pranks for him (and he always tried to take revenge but failed :P). Please telling me that I am blessed having them in my life (: 

(2) Finally I met up with GBI GZ friends! It has been for a long time guys, I really miss them all! Despite of not-so-good-service from the cafe we went, we had a really great time. We talked lots, we shared lots, took some selfies and we made a little earlier birthday surprise for our dear friend, Sastika! She didn't have any idea that time haha. Your birthday has passed already but I hope we made you happy!

(3) I didn't tell about my coming to anybody, including my two best girl friends, Kina and Jessica. I did a little surprise for both of them and I really did a very good job hahaha. Their "damn what are you doing here" face is sooo priceless! I am so glad we finally reunited and yeah I miss you both already. 

With my two best girlfriends

Okay, this blogpost is starting like a personal diary but whatever, because this is my blog and I am happy that the fact I am sitting in front of my laptop, blogging while watching TV on Monday. I hope you guys having a great Monday too. Stay awesome! 

10 Things I've Learned Working at Starbucks

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello, my dear friends. Just for your little information, today was the day I ended my job as a barista at Starbucks. And now you sounded like "What? Did you just write the post reasons why you chose to work at Starbucks?". Well, it seven months passed already, and I don't get it how times jump that far. And yes, I was only working for seven months. 

I was dreaming about getting a part-time job at Starbucks since I was in high school (and it was also on my 2012 life list, you may check my journal). Life seems like teasing me, even God loves to tease me since the beginning. I never thought I would find myself working at my favorite coffee shop, with my Chinese Education degree (funny that my friends out there working as a teacher, me busy making lattes for everyone), as a full-timer, andddd... in Bali. But I am so thankful for this great opportunity. Working at Starbucks has taught me almost everything. And now I am here, writing some of the things that I have learned:

Personality Test | INFJ

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around three weeks ago, my best buddy, Jessica, told me about this personality test. It was pretty fun because I was searching about online personality test too. I had been taking different types of personality tests since I was in school. My daddy, who is a counselor and a grapholog, sometimes helps me to find out too. I am always curious about myself. Sometimes I feel I am hundred percent know much about myself, but the other day I am feeling strange, unfamiliar with myself. But I think it's normal especially for us who are in the 20s stage. We are busy seeking for identity day to day, through what we do or the way we think. We are very weird yet complicated creature ever, when actually God simply made us from dust. But does it mean we are very unique in our own way?

This personality test is very easy to do, and I loveeee the way they explain for each personality. They even let us to explore our kind of personality (our strengths&weakness, in a relationship, career paths, etc). What makes my eyes wider, there are so many kind of people in this world! 

When I plan to write this post, I took my test once again and the result is still the same. I got myself: INFJ

I am little surprised with the fact I am one of INFJs. I am kinda a helper, which means I don't ever think myself is a helper hehe. But mostly this personality speaks loud for me. Like in friendship, an INFJ seeks out someone who shares every facet of passion and imagination. That is even more obvious, because I only own few people in my life to share dreams with.

It is really fun and excited to find out what kind of a person we are. Jessica always reminds me to "be friend" with ourselves. Because no matter how we know much about the others, knowing ourselves more is even better. And the most important thing that we can't forget is, to remember The One who created us. Stay awesome, people! 

Get the test for FREE here: http://16personalities.com/ 

Balangan Beach | Under the sun we met

Monday, August 11, 2014

Last week, I got chance to visit a beach on my Bali's Beaches List, Balangan Beach.

Balangan Beach located at southern part of Bali island, it takes around 40 minutes from Kuta. It's totally different from my favorite beach ever (I fell in love on my first step), but yet still gorgeous. I once read an article about this beach, they said it's almost feels like you are going to Raja Ampat (woww). There are not so much local tourists here, not yet maybe. Lots of surfers come here, the rest people were just enjoying the sun like me. Before I live in Bali, I am not so a beach girl (you know, wears bikini, sun bathing, put sunscreen, blabla). But it is really a regrettable thing if you don't try to love beach, since you live in an island that have best beaches in the world. Still not trying to wear bikini (hehe), I spend my time at the beach mostly for just relaxing, my eyes especially. You know the feeling when you surround yourself with so much blue things; the sky, the ocean, the wave. Believe it or not, seeing those things will boost your mood up. The sparkling white sands is another bonus. If you are not kinda a beach girl like me, bring your favorite book or magazine, rent the beach bench (mostly around 50,000IDR, and there is no hour limit!), enjoy your beach time.

It's really Monday again anyway. Writing this post makes me hope to back to the beach soon. I wish everyone have a great great day. Stay awesome!

Balangan Beach (Pantai Balangan)
Jl. Pantai Balangan, Pecatu, Bali.

About Making Choices

Thursday, July 24, 2014

One day, me and my boss were starting a random conversation. He suddenly asked me about why Asian kids seem like to follow whatever their parents wants. They always pick a "safe" major in college, so they can own a high position in a company, or they ended up to work for their parents company/business. So Asian kids sounds like don't have their own choice and live forever under their parents wings.

Note: my boss is Balinese.

Basically, our parents always want and give the best for their kids. They have a hope, someday we can contribute in our social circle in the future (istilah gaulnya jadi orang yang berguna buat masyarakat). That's why (sometimes) they have high expectations on us. So they try to "convince" us that their choices are the best, and that will make us ended up to study a major in college, based on their choices, such as medical, business, law, etc (if you are an Asian, you probably get it).

Sounds familiar already? Hey you, my dear Asian friends? :P

Let me share a true story. Me and my brother have been that kind of situation before. I always wanted to study major like communication or journalistic, and my brother wanted to study music. At the end, I got my major in Chinese Education, while my brother still having fun (not a sarcasm tho) on his medical major.

Before you judge anything on both of us, let me continue this story...

At the first place, I was mad and upset with myself and all the situations that made me "have" to choose the study-in-china-with-a-major-I-never-wanted-before option. But the only thing why I chose to study in China, just because I got full scholarship and that time, my family was going through a hard time. It was almost impossible for them to pay my college fee in private university, especially in Jakarta. Aku berusaha logis aja. Lagi nggak ada uang, terus dikasih beasiswa penuh di luar negeri. Serasa dijatuhin uang dari langit. Orang pinter nggak mungkin nolak, 'kan? 

I still remember when finally I was on my first year in college, I was grumbling almost everyday. Yah namanya bukan jurusan pilihan. Sometimes I forgot this was the choice that I've made, but yeah I made my choice clearly already, and the rest is a history.

The point is all about responsibility. Doesn't matter what choice that you've made, you have to be responsible for doing it. When my parents put their hope on me, I am also trying to "convince" them back that I am being resposible on my choice. Although I couldn't study the major I wanted, I still can learn about it on a world called internet. These days, you just google anything, and bam! You'll get what you need. Sometimes, I hate people who have a mindset like "kan kamu udah kuliah capek-capek dapet gelar, pulang malah jaga toko". I mean, helloooo, who are you? You don't have any permission to judge someone's life. And excuse me, have you ever started your own business, so you can say words like that? Well, as long as you are happy with your own choice, it is really okay. Make your parents proud, is another great bonus.

The funny part when my Mom always reminds me about someday I'll be thankful to her about anything that she has told me, and I guess she's right (gosh, mom is always right!). In early 2014, I was asked for being a Chinese tutor in a resort in Bali, because of my major. That's really something for me. And after that, I finally wrote and published my very first book. You see, I am doing my life here.

It is not about I am a Chinese or Asian and you aren't. It's all about our personal choice. Your life doesn't depend of what people say about you.

"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibilty
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

If you are doing something right now that not even related to what you have studied in the past, I am telling you now, that's okay. Everything is fine as long as you enjoy it and being responsible. As in my case, I really want to always make my parents proud while doing things that I love. 

P.S. This is a video by CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pasific in Entertainment) for #IAmCampaign. This is a story by our favorite Michelle Phan. Apa yang diceritakan Michelle somehow related dengan apa yang aku tulis di atas. Semoga menginspirasi, ya!

Pictures Perfect

Saturday, July 19, 2014

"We are all made in different personality and we are unique by our own way. But one thing we know, God has made us become a family. And it wouldn't be changed forever." 

Monday Favorites #2

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday everyone, how was your day? I hope everything is going well. Feel super great since this morning when I woke up. And as I remember, I was even screaming "what a beautiful daaaaay!" when I just opened my eyes, and realized it was pretty gloomy outside hahaha. Whatever, I should do this every day because it really feels good. 

This happy-good-mood brought me here to post another Monday links. Some my favorite links for this past week and I think that would be great if I share them with you all. Sharing is loveee, right? So here we go! 

(1) Personal Branding by The College Prepster
I never thought about personal branding for this blog, but this old post from Carly was like a ringing bell for me. This blog has been running since early 2010, I slightly remembered why I decided to begin this blog, the point is, I want to take this blog seriously. I am kinda curious how I "publish" my trueself through this blog for all this time, so personal branding is kinda important. And about business card, I have mine already since  Jesrisoles was born (I feel so proud when I handed my first business card and everytime I meet someone for business requirement, I'll hand over my card :P), but still I want to make another one. Maybe another design with the title "blogger/writer/entrepreneur/" under my name. Awww. 

(2) "You never know who you're inspiring" by Maxie
This post is like a little morning call for me (thank you Maxie!). Beside thinking desperately about how we are going to inspire others, please note this. Everyone's watching you. Every move you make, every words you say, people pay attention to you. We never know that our life is important for someone. So, live well. 

(3) "Oh My Coffee" by Dinda Puspitasari
Dinda's blog is my new favoriteeeeee! I started to follow her on Instagram because she has those cute illustrations and personal style (gosh, such a talented girl!). This link is a random post I found, but I was like "oppssss" when I read it. Oh my coffee, maybe I should cut my caffeine too? ): 

(4) 7 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight 
My sleep hours is kinda messy since I have this crazy working shifts. I used to go for bed at eleven, but now is really impossible to go to the bed on that time. I am trying to stack my pillows well, sprinkling my body with bedtime powder for baby in lavender scent before sleep (sometimes it works), and listen to my piano instrument playlist. I was thinking to move over my bed, because the position right now is really close to my working desk, which is not really a comfort zone (because my phone, my tablet, my laptop are near my bed, duh!). Having a really beauty sleep is hard, if you are a good sleeper, you are so lucky. I promise when I finished this post, I am going straight to my bed.

(5) Bali's Best 5 Hidden Beaches 
Andreas sent me this link and he asked me to seek these beautiful hidden beaches, I said yes. Bali owns much of beautiful, gorgeous, and romantic beaches ever. Some of popular beaches are full of tourists and I almost cannot enjoy the real itself anymore. Andreas will be back next week here and wish us luck as a beach seeker!

Well, that's it. As my promise, I am ready to bed now. Have a good night people, don't forget to stay awesome in the next morning. Sweet dreams!

Monday Favorite Links is a blog feature where I share something inspiring or lovely from the internet world. You can also share with me your favorite links on the comment box below! (:

Friday 13th

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello everyone! I am bringing Friday's pictures in a wrap. Today was a very great day. One of my old friends from Guangzhou, Felly, came from Jakarta for her pre-wedding photoshoots and she asked me to help her and her fiancee to take more pictures for the pre-wedding photo collections. I never experienced before but I did my best haha. We visited some places, including Pandawa Beach, Ayana Resort, and then we visited some great places for our belly. There are some pictures are my favorites, I hope they will reveal them soon. 

Anyway, speaking of places for our belly, we managed to try churros at Beachwalk. Not too bad and not too pricey. Go try with the dark chocolate dip. And we also went to Gusto, the most popular gelato in town! Seriously, for you guys who loves ice creams or gelatos, you have to try this. Snickers flavor is my favorite. And again, it's not too pricey, at all. It's only 20,000IDR/small cup and you will get two flavors in it. You can seat indoor or outdoor, free wi-fi so don't worry. So cozy, perfect for evening meeting or chit-chat time with friends. They also have coffee, maybe I will try next time. 

It always feels so good meeting your old friends. We never met again since I was graduated last year. We really had a great time together. We talked lots of stuffs and shared some thoughts. Thank you so much Ci Felly and Ko Arnold for your time. Have a safe flight tomorrow! (:

Man, time flies really really fast. And it reminds me about other important works to do and I have morning shift tomorrow. Make sure you guys have a great Friday night, stay awesome!

5 Pictures of Tuesday 06

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It really has been a while since I posted the last pictures of Tuesday. Now I am back with some Tuesday pictures! 

 (1) I was completely sick and feeling so unwell last Tuesday. I thought it must be work stuffs and lack of a beauty sleep. Thank God I was sick on my day off, I could rest well whole day at home. I spent my day with these essentials. Novel, hot tea, tissue and some snacks. I finished the book anyway that day, yeay! 

(2) Remember about this gratitude jar? I made this in the beginning of 2014. The purpose of this jar is completely same with those gratitude/thankful journal, write down everything you thankful for in that day. Instead of a journal, I write in post-its and tuck into this gratitude jar. Last week, I checked the jar and taraaa... pretty neon post-its colors pouring out! When I read these all randomly, I smiled a lot. It's really good looking back to those great memories. Not always about good things, sometimes bad things happen and yeah I just write them down and be thankful. Anyway, this piece is one of my favorite thankful moments (:

(3) Weheee, look at these awesome stuffs for belly! My cousin brought us some Korean foods. There are some snacks, ramen, green tea (which is very good, seriously), seaweed and so much more. Thank you so muchhh, cousin! Saranghae, means I love you haha :D 

(4) *mouthering* I have been craving for this called "Siobak Singaraja" food since... I don't know. Today was the day! We had these for lunch. If you guys plan to come to Bali, please let me know, so I can take you to try this. You will be thankful to me ((:

(5) My dear mom was celebrating her birthday last week. Since she went to Jakarta, we arranged a little birthday dinner for her tonight and daddy bought her some chocolate cakes. Happy birthday once again, mommy! Stay healthy, stay gorgeous, forever young and God loves you (:

It's almost midnight here but I am still up for catching a movie called Safe Haven. Yes yes, after I finished the novel, lucky me to have chance watch the movie version. I hope I can get up early tomorrow. Have a wonderful night and stay awesome.