Monday Favorites #2

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday everyone, how was your day? I hope everything is going well. Feel super great since this morning when I woke up. And as I remember, I was even screaming "what a beautiful daaaaay!" when I just opened my eyes, and realized it was pretty gloomy outside hahaha. Whatever, I should do this every day because it really feels good. 

This happy-good-mood brought me here to post another Monday links. Some my favorite links for this past week and I think that would be great if I share them with you all. Sharing is loveee, right? So here we go! 

(1) Personal Branding by The College Prepster
I never thought about personal branding for this blog, but this old post from Carly was like a ringing bell for me. This blog has been running since early 2010, I slightly remembered why I decided to begin this blog, the point is, I want to take this blog seriously. I am kinda curious how I "publish" my trueself through this blog for all this time, so personal branding is kinda important. And about business card, I have mine already since  Jesrisoles was born (I feel so proud when I handed my first business card and everytime I meet someone for business requirement, I'll hand over my card :P), but still I want to make another one. Maybe another design with the title "blogger/writer/entrepreneur/" under my name. Awww. 

(2) "You never know who you're inspiring" by Maxie
This post is like a little morning call for me (thank you Maxie!). Beside thinking desperately about how we are going to inspire others, please note this. Everyone's watching you. Every move you make, every words you say, people pay attention to you. We never know that our life is important for someone. So, live well. 

(3) "Oh My Coffee" by Dinda Puspitasari
Dinda's blog is my new favoriteeeeee! I started to follow her on Instagram because she has those cute illustrations and personal style (gosh, such a talented girl!). This link is a random post I found, but I was like "oppssss" when I read it. Oh my coffee, maybe I should cut my caffeine too? ): 

(4) 7 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight 
My sleep hours is kinda messy since I have this crazy working shifts. I used to go for bed at eleven, but now is really impossible to go to the bed on that time. I am trying to stack my pillows well, sprinkling my body with bedtime powder for baby in lavender scent before sleep (sometimes it works), and listen to my piano instrument playlist. I was thinking to move over my bed, because the position right now is really close to my working desk, which is not really a comfort zone (because my phone, my tablet, my laptop are near my bed, duh!). Having a really beauty sleep is hard, if you are a good sleeper, you are so lucky. I promise when I finished this post, I am going straight to my bed.

(5) Bali's Best 5 Hidden Beaches 
Andreas sent me this link and he asked me to seek these beautiful hidden beaches, I said yes. Bali owns much of beautiful, gorgeous, and romantic beaches ever. Some of popular beaches are full of tourists and I almost cannot enjoy the real itself anymore. Andreas will be back next week here and wish us luck as a beach seeker!

Well, that's it. As my promise, I am ready to bed now. Have a good night people, don't forget to stay awesome in the next morning. Sweet dreams!

Monday Favorite Links is a blog feature where I share something inspiring or lovely from the internet world. You can also share with me your favorite links on the comment box below! (:

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  1. I just dislike that feeling when I start waking, feeling like it'll be a bright, sunny day, when it turns out to be a gloomy day!! But yess, that positive attitude sounds great! :D any day can be sunny.. just depends on your attitude, I guess!

    Anyway, definitely checking out those links- loove the college prepster & the 7ways to sleep better post! X

    Chic Nikkie