Friday 13th

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello everyone! I am bringing Friday's pictures in a wrap. Today was a very great day. One of my old friends from Guangzhou, Felly, came from Jakarta for her pre-wedding photoshoots and she asked me to help her and her fiancee to take more pictures for the pre-wedding photo collections. I never experienced before but I did my best haha. We visited some places, including Pandawa Beach, Ayana Resort, and then we visited some great places for our belly. There are some pictures are my favorites, I hope they will reveal them soon. 

Anyway, speaking of places for our belly, we managed to try churros at Beachwalk. Not too bad and not too pricey. Go try with the dark chocolate dip. And we also went to Gusto, the most popular gelato in town! Seriously, for you guys who loves ice creams or gelatos, you have to try this. Snickers flavor is my favorite. And again, it's not too pricey, at all. It's only 20,000IDR/small cup and you will get two flavors in it. You can seat indoor or outdoor, free wi-fi so don't worry. So cozy, perfect for evening meeting or chit-chat time with friends. They also have coffee, maybe I will try next time. 

It always feels so good meeting your old friends. We never met again since I was graduated last year. We really had a great time together. We talked lots of stuffs and shared some thoughts. Thank you so much Ci Felly and Ko Arnold for your time. Have a safe flight tomorrow! (:

Man, time flies really really fast. And it reminds me about other important works to do and I have morning shift tomorrow. Make sure you guys have a great Friday night, stay awesome!


  1. huaaa envy you guys so much. pengen banget bisa ksana juga, doain yaa ntar jadi, I'll try talking with le boss :) anw these are some great shots! miss you dearrr <3

    1. I am waiting for a good news, my dear. I miss you tooooo, I hope we are gonna meet soon! Take care <3