5 Pictures of Tuesday 06

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It really has been a while since I posted the last pictures of Tuesday. Now I am back with some Tuesday pictures! 

 (1) I was completely sick and feeling so unwell last Tuesday. I thought it must be work stuffs and lack of a beauty sleep. Thank God I was sick on my day off, I could rest well whole day at home. I spent my day with these essentials. Novel, hot tea, tissue and some snacks. I finished the book anyway that day, yeay! 

(2) Remember about this gratitude jar? I made this in the beginning of 2014. The purpose of this jar is completely same with those gratitude/thankful journal, write down everything you thankful for in that day. Instead of a journal, I write in post-its and tuck into this gratitude jar. Last week, I checked the jar and taraaa... pretty neon post-its colors pouring out! When I read these all randomly, I smiled a lot. It's really good looking back to those great memories. Not always about good things, sometimes bad things happen and yeah I just write them down and be thankful. Anyway, this piece is one of my favorite thankful moments (:

(3) Weheee, look at these awesome stuffs for belly! My cousin brought us some Korean foods. There are some snacks, ramen, green tea (which is very good, seriously), seaweed and so much more. Thank you so muchhh, cousin! Saranghae, means I love you haha :D 

(4) *mouthering* I have been craving for this called "Siobak Singaraja" food since... I don't know. Today was the day! We had these for lunch. If you guys plan to come to Bali, please let me know, so I can take you to try this. You will be thankful to me ((:

(5) My dear mom was celebrating her birthday last week. Since she went to Jakarta, we arranged a little birthday dinner for her tonight and daddy bought her some chocolate cakes. Happy birthday once again, mommy! Stay healthy, stay gorgeous, forever young and God loves you (:

It's almost midnight here but I am still up for catching a movie called Safe Haven. Yes yes, after I finished the novel, lucky me to have chance watch the movie version. I hope I can get up early tomorrow. Have a wonderful night and stay awesome.

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