[PUBLISHED] The Book Talk

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where should I begin? 

Finally, my book has published! Let me share a bit how I decided to write my first ever Christian book. 

I started to write this book around two months after I moved in Bali. I wasn’t that busy (not busy at all, actually), I didn’t have anything to do, so I decided to write, almost every day. The idea was born after I shared the same topic about passion in my community at church back then. I have been speaking for almost one and half hours but still feel that there’s still lot to deliver. So write them all in a book that would be very good idea. 

Some closest friends and family surprised when they know that I wrote a book, even my parents. I told my Dad and Mom about this when I finished writing the book and while editing process. My Dad was my first reader and he helped me with the grammatical error and other inputs. And Mom.. as you may guess, she was just like “Wow, really?” then she started brag in her BBM personal status and told her friends that her daughter is actually writing a book and also asked to them buy a copy later (such an adorable Mom!). 

PassionTalk never happen if I just store the idea inside my head. You know, idea only just being an idea if you never give it a try. As the title called, yes this book talks a lot about passion, about future, and also how you define yourself in God before you life the life’s purpose. If you go to the local bookstore, there are soooo many books talk lots about passion itself, but I can 100% guarantee they never talk about passion in God, what God says about passion and why He gave us that in our life. 

 How I store every idea that pops out in my mind in my journal

The very first idea that was born, I got it from one of Bible’s verse:

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." 
Ephesians 2:10 

So yeah, I don’t know what to say anymore haha. The book is available at nulisbuku.com, if you want to order a copy, you just click the picture of my book on the left side bar. Oh, last thing. Did you remember about this post? Some of my closest friends asked me to sign the book and write a message before it delivered to their home, but it will be a little bit harder since I don’t have any stocks of my books and I used self-publishing service to publish the book, which means the book is not ready stock. I was thinking, how about I arrange a mini book launching (heartbumps when I wrote this) in few months later, with closest friends and family members. On that day, we can share anything related about the book, share about our passion, our dreams, or maybe we can do praise & worship together. At the end of the gathering day, I can sign all of the books. Tell me if this a very good idea hahaha. 

Have a nice day everyone and stay awesome!      

Snapshot Sharing 02: First Internship as Mandarin Teacher

Sunday, March 16, 2014

In February last year, I went to Pekanbaru to complete my internship task as a Mandarin teacher in a private school. Yes, you heard it right, I worked as a teacher or you might call me "laoshi" (teacher in Chinese).

This is my very first time teaching in a class. I spent good times with the kids. They are so cheeky but also adorable at the same time. I have one and two favorite kids actually. The one I remembered named Alice. She always sits nicely at the front row. She speaks Chinese fluently and her Mandarin test always a great score. I asked her why she's so good in Mandarin and she said, "Because I speak Mandarin at home with mama and papa. When I grow up, I want to be a Mandarin teacher just like you." See, every teacher loves this kind of kid hahaha

Another fun fact of my internship memory, me and Sastika went to same school together for internship. I stayed in her place for two weeks and that was my very first time too visited her family in her hometown. We had a really great time together.

Well, being a Mandarin teacher at school was interesting and fun, but also tell me something: This is not a job that I want. LOL. I love teaching, but maybe not in a school. I hope someday I get a chance to teach something I love to do (blogging or writing workshop? wow sounds so cool).

Oh almost forgot the picture! Here the only picture that I have with the kids. This is my favorite class ever! 

Books Love #1: Koma by Rachmania

Friday, March 7, 2014

Pertama kali lihat judul buku ini, yang terbesit di kepala ada dua: koma tanda baca atau koma dalam arti "mati suri". Aku beli buku ini di awal tahun dan sejauh ini, novel ini masih jadi favorit. Selain karena judul dan sinopsis yang menarik, aku kangen banget dengan tulisan Rachmania. Inget "Eiffel I'm in Love, kan? 

Ternyata bukan novelnya aja yang menarik perhatian, novel ini merupakan sebuah simbol dari sebuah fase kehidupan Nia yang katanya stagnan dan penuh renungan. No wonder, waktu baca buku ini, aku kayak "kebawa" dalam cerita. Rasanya dunia "koma" itu memang benar-benar ada dan sesungguhnya manusia bisa belajar untuk lebih "hidup" dalam dunia "koma". 

Hari ini aku mau share beberapa quotes yang sangat memikat hati dalam novel Koma. Kisah bagaimana seorang perempuan muda yang cukup naif dalam cerita cinta dan kehidupannya, Jani, bertemu dengan sosok yang merubah pandangan hidupnya di dunia "koma", Leo.  

Ready to fall in love. 

“Semua perasaan menular. Karena hati memancar. Dan, itu membuktikan bahwa kamu sama nyatanya dengan manusia yang memiliki raga dan berjalan,” kata Leo sambil menatap dalam ke mataku.

“Kok, kamu bisa tahu aku lagi mikir apa? Kok aku nggak bisa baca pikiran kamu, sih? Nyebelin!”
“Kamu bisa, kok. Tapi kamu lebih mikir untuk ngedengerin isi pikiran kamu yang kusut dibanding isi pikiran orang lain.”

“Pola pikiran kita mencerminkan pandangan kita terhadap kehidupan. Kehidupan kita adalah ciptaan Yang Esa. Kalau kamu berpikir negatif, maka kamu punya pandangan negatif terhadap kehidupan, yang artinya kamu menganggap Tuhan telah menciptakan dunia yang penuh dengan kenegatifan untuk kamu tinggali...”

“... semua perempuan sama. Mereka punya hidung, mata, dan yang lainnya. Yang membuat beda adalah apa yang mereka rasakan. Kamu merasa nyaman dekat aku, tidak?” tanya Leo.

“Banget,” jawabku refleks.

“Itu karena aku merasa nyaman dengan diriku sendiri. Aku merasa bahwa Tuhan telah memberikan rupa yang sempurna dan tidak ada bandingannya. Itu sebabnya kamu melihat aku tampan.”

“Itu narsis bukan, sih?”

“Mencintai diri sendiri adalah menghargai diri sendiri. Merasa dirinya berbeda dengan cara yang baik, tapi tidak merasa orang lain berada di bawahnya.

“Kamu bahagia karena kamu semangat. Kamu semangat karena kamu yakin. Kamu yakin karena kamu positif. Kami positif karena kamu bahagia. Itu sebuah lingkaran dan kamu boleh mulai dari mana saja yang kamu mau.”

“Kenapa orang senang menganggap bahwa Tuhan berada jauh di atas langit dan tidak di depan mereka?”

“Bagaimana mungkin kamu bisa memberikan sesuatu kepada orang lain jika kamu tidak pernah memberikan apa pun kepada dirimu sendiri. Bagaimana mungkin kamu menerima sesuatu dari orang lain jika kamu tidak tahu caranya menerima dari dan untuk dirimu sendiri? Bagaimana mungkin kamu bisa menerima pengampunan dari orang lain jika kamu tidak tahu caranya mengampuni dirimu sendiri?”

“Menjadi bahagia itu tidak perlu menunggu kondisi dan alasan. Just be happy.”

“Rasa takut adalah musuh terbesar semua orang. Rasa takut membuatmu menghindari banyak hal, padahal dalam hidup banyak sekali hal yang bisa kamu pelajari.”

“Aku sepertinya ingin menangis bahaga,”

“Lakukan saja. Lakukan dengan hatimu.”

“Pancaran aura dan perasaan Leo membuatku sangat nyaman... Ia terasa begitu dekat seakan-akan kami tidak memiliki rahasia apa pun dan tidak ada kepura-puraan.” 

“Aku hanya yakin setiap orang akan dipertemukan dengan orang-orang yang ia butuhkan dalam hidupnya. Semua orang pasti mendapat seseorang dengan peran yang berbeda untuk mendapatkan semua pengalaman pahit dan manis dalam hidup supaya kamu benar-benar merasakan hidup.” 

“Kamu merasa kalah, padahal tidak ada seorang pun yang merasa menang. Aneh. Bukannya harus ada yang menang supaya bisa ada yang kalah?” 
Gemes banget ya si Jani dan Leo ini? 

Dan masih banyak lagi sebenarnya yang pengen di-share, tapi kayaknya bakal jadi spoiler buat yang belum baca. 

Just grab this novel, read it, feel it. Selesai baca, aku pengen banget belajar seperti Leo yang selalu positif dengan pandangannya tentang hidup, dan seperti Jani yang lugu, namun mau bangkit dan meneruskan perjuangannya dalam mencapai mimpi. 

Koma, Rachmania Arunita, Bentang Pustaka, November 2013. 
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What's in My Working Bag

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I usually take this bag with me for work or just for hang out. I bought this for my birthday present last October. I reallly love this bag! This bag contains lots of things but when you carry on your back, it doesn't feel too heavy.  Every night before sleep, I always pack my working essentials so in the next morning I don't need to be hurry. 

(1) Basic barista needs. Since I am a new green bean, I have to take the barista journal, basic barista module and the coffee passport everyday. The coffee passport is awesome. Every time you try a new coffee (we do "conduct coffee" every day, when you try coffee and learn about it), you have to write it down the details. So far, I have tried.. hmm.. five or six of Starbucks whole bean? I should check for it again. 

(2) Green apron. Of course this is a must! 

(3) Daily journal. I got this free from a local magazine. I feel little bit bad because I rarely to write my journal these days. I have to do this again.

(4) Kitty wallet. I am 22 but I am still using Kitty's stuffs (and don't judge me about the bed sheet too :P)

(5) Tissue. My brother always tells me that girls MUST have a pack of tissue in their bag. 

(6) Power bank. But now I bring my phone charger instead. 

(7) Lips essentials. I just have one lipbalm from Maybelline and one lipstick from Revlon. I use lucious pink and it has a nude pink color. 

(8) My everyday best friend ever: BB and Sam. Yes it has a name haha.   

That's all things in my bag. Oh I almost forgot about a bottle of mineral water. I never forget to bring my tumbler because, you know, you can take home anykind of beverages hehehe. Last night I brought home Asian Dolce Frappe. So, maybe you can share with me what's in your working bag? :D