10 Things I've Learned Working at Starbucks

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello my dear friends. Just for your little information, today was the day I ended my job as a barista at Starbucks. And now you sounded like "What? Did you just write the post reasons why you chose to work at Starbucks?". Well, it seven months passed already, and I don't get it how times jump that far. And yes, I was only working for seven months. 

I was dreaming about get a part time job at Starbucks since I was in highschool (and it was also on my 2012 life list, you may check my journal). Life seems like teasing me, even God loves to tease me since the beginning. I never thought I would find myself working at my favorite coffee shop, with my Chinese Education degree (funny that my friends out there working as a teacher, me busy making lattes for everyone), as a full timer, andddd... in Bali. But I am so thankful for this great opportunity. Working at Starbucks has taught me almost about everything. And now I am here, writing some of the things that I have learned:
1. Customers are always right.
This is quite obvious, but yeah it is. Customers always want to get the best, especially when it talks about coffee (everyone takes coffee seriously, did you know that?). Some of customers might ask for random drinks, some of them maybe don't have any clue what to order, or some of them hates the taste of the coffee that we just made. Thankfully, Starbucks is a big company. We are gonna make whatever you want until you feel satisfied and happy with your drinks. Your coffee tastes wrong? Sure, we are gonna make another one. It is our passion to brighten up your day (:   

2. Working with crazy people ever. Not literally crazy, I mean like you will meet bunch of different people. I was kinda "special" when I worked at Starbucks, I was the only one Chinese there, and it feels like you drowned in a wrong pool. The first month when I joined the team, I was trying hard to blend in. Long story short, I found out there's one or two people hates me. Not like really hate, but I know they don't like me. But I just don't care, I guess you guys has been those kind of situation too. Wherever you work at, you will find out some people doesn't like you. It's okay. People are just people. And this case taught me something familiar when I was in Sunday School: love the people who hates you and pray for them. 

3. Friends with local. Last week, I had little talk with my friend. He asked me why I chose to work at Starbucks, the money is not that good, especially when he knew my degree. Well, I told him it's not about the money. Yes I make minimum wage at Starbucks. Reason why I choose to work here because I want to friend with local people. I came here as a stranger, but I have to stay here. Getting know to the locals is a must for me. Understanding what they usually do and don't, learn the way they talk, getting know about the local tradition and so much more.

4. Barista is not always making coffee. I mop the floor, I clean up the merchandise shelf, I change the dustbin bags, and any other else. You would never imagine how we work daily.   

5. I have to memory all of drinks menu in Chinese. Our store customers mostly are Chinese tourist. So, speaking in Chinese is a must. I jotted all the menus from Starbucks chinese site. It sounds silly at the first time, but we are getting used to. Let me tell you how to say" frappuccino" in Chinese... it is "Xing-Bing-Le" (星冰乐). :D

6. Smile a lot. Because it helps. Sometimes I don't feel energized for work or maybe "a special monthly guest" are coming, but smile cures everything. Start with fake smiles is okay. Your job is make someone's day, start from yourself first, and spread it out.
7. Treat customers like friends. And don't be surprise if you will get few new real friends after that. This is why we are trained to memory customer's name, especially for those regular one. 

 Meet my favorite regular customers hereee. They are Taiwanese who also work at the same mall building where I worked in. They are so nice, friendly and soo adorable. I am gonna miss them all (':

8. You should read The Book Onward. Before you decided to join the green team, kindly asking for you to read this book first. Learning about a company where you are gonna work in is important. Ps: thanks for Andreas's brother who surprised me with this book, after two months I wore my green apron :P

9. This is kinda little trivia, yet really interesting: Korean people always goes for Americano, Chinese people always goes for Xing Bing Le, Australians always goes for Flat White, and local people always goes for promotions like "buy 1 get 1" hehehe.

10. Starbucks is not only about making coffee, you make experience through your coffee.

Working at Starbucks took me to another new experience, new world and also another opportunities. I am gonna miss everything: making coffee for customers, making free coffee for myself (hehe), hearing awkward jokes with the Balinese friends (seriously, sometimes I don't get it what they're talking about, I just laugh), sharing nasi bungkus at break time...  

Times flies, and my life still goes on. I had some plans already to move another chapter. I am gonna put deadlines for each of my plans. Wish me luck, friends. Whatever you are doing right now, keep going and don't forget to stay awesome! 

Oh anyway, I have one question. Have you ever working a job that you never expected? How does it feel like? And what has the job taught you? Share your story at the comment box below and I would really like to read it!

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Personality Test | INFJ

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around three weeks ago, my best buddy, Jessica, told me about this personality test. It was pretty fun because I was searching about online personality test too. I had been taking different types of personality tests since I was in school. My daddy, who is a counselor and a grapholog, sometimes helps me to find out too. I am always curious about myself. Sometimes I feel I am hundred percent know much about myself, but the other day I am feeling strange, unfamiliar with myself. But I think it's normal especially for us who are in the 20s stage. We are busy seeking for identity day to day, through what we do or the way we think. We are very weird yet complicated creature ever, when actually God simply made us from dust. But does it mean we are very unique in our own way?

This personality test is very easy to do, and I loveeee the way they explain for each personality. They even let us to explore our kind of personality (our strengths&weakness, in a relationship, career paths, etc). What makes my eyes wider, there are so many kind of people in this world! 

When I plan to write this post, I took my test once again and the result is still the same. I got myself: INFJ

I am little surprised with the fact I am one of INFJs. I am kinda a helper, which means I don't ever think myself is a helper hehe. But mostly this personality speaks loud for me. Like in friendship, an INFJ seeks out someone who shares every facet of passion and imagination. That is even more obvious, because I only own few people in my life to share dreams with.

It is really fun and excited to find out what kind of a person we are. Jessica always reminds me to "be friend" with ourselves. Because no matter how we know much about the others, knowing ourselves more is even better. And the most important thing that we can't forget is, to remember The One who created us. Stay awesome, people! 

Get the test for FREE here: http://16personalities.com/ 

Balangan Beach | Under the sun we met

Monday, August 11, 2014

Last week, I got chance to visit a beach on my Bali's Beaches List, Balangan Beach.

Balangan Beach located at southern part of Bali island, it takes around 40 minutes from Kuta. It's totally different from my favorite beach ever (I fell in love on my first step), but yet still gorgeous. I once read an article about this beach, they said it's almost feels like you are going to Raja Ampat (woww). There are not so much local tourists here, not yet maybe. Lots of surfers come here, the rest people were just enjoying the sun like me. Before I live in Bali, I am not so a beach girl (you know, wears bikini, sun bathing, put sunscreen, blabla). But it is really a regrettable thing if you don't try to love beach, since you live in an island that have best beaches in the world. Still not trying to wear bikini (hehe), I spend my time at the beach mostly for just relaxing, my eyes especially. You know the feeling when you surround yourself with so much blue things; the sky, the ocean, the wave. Believe it or not, seeing those things will boost your mood up. The sparkling white sands is another bonus. If you are not kinda a beach girl like me, bring your favorite book or magazine, rent the beach bench (mostly around 50,000IDR, and there is no hour limit!), enjoy your beach time.

It's really Monday again anyway. Writing this post makes me hope to back to the beach soon. I wish everyone have a great great day. Stay awesome!

Balangan Beach (Pantai Balangan)
Jl. Pantai Balangan, Pecatu, Bali.