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Monday, August 11, 2014

Last week, I got chance to visit a beach on my Bali's Beaches List, Balangan Beach.

Balangan Beach located at southern part of Bali island, it takes around 40 minutes from Kuta. It's totally different from my favorite beach ever (I fell in love on my first step), but yet still gorgeous. I once read an article about this beach, they said it's almost feels like you are going to Raja Ampat (woww). There are not so much local tourists here, not yet maybe. Lots of surfers come here, the rest people were just enjoying the sun like me. Before I live in Bali, I am not so a beach girl (you know, wears bikini, sun bathing, put sunscreen, blabla). But it is really a regrettable thing if you don't try to love beach, since you live in an island that have best beaches in the world. Still not trying to wear bikini (hehe), I spend my time at the beach mostly for just relaxing, my eyes especially. You know the feeling when you surround yourself with so much blue things; the sky, the ocean, the wave. Believe it or not, seeing those things will boost your mood up. The sparkling white sands is another bonus. If you are not kinda a beach girl like me, bring your favorite book or magazine, rent the beach bench (mostly around 50,000IDR, and there is no hour limit!), enjoy your beach time.

It's really Monday again anyway. Writing this post makes me hope to back to the beach soon. I wish everyone have a great great day. Stay awesome!

Balangan Beach (Pantai Balangan)
Jl. Pantai Balangan, Pecatu, Bali.

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