I ♥ Hongkong (part 1)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remember my post about summer here? I have a great summer MORE better than last year! What can I say is, this is the best summer so far! I regret the most I didn't fly home this year, I stayed for whole summer in this city. Quite sad, but the condition wasn't that bad. I still enjoy and have some fun during this summer time. I didn't spend my money for holiday, the other way, I EARNED some money for my own "pocket money." I feel so proud on myself, it's time for me to grow up, right? I won't bother my mom&dad again for money. Although something made me sad though about my job *which I won't explain here*, but I still can survive in this holiday. Yuhuu! :D

I want to share here with you guys is... the best part of my summer holiday! I'm always craving someday I will have my Hongkong trip, and the wish comes true! Last week, on Monday, me with my bf FINALLY went to Hongkong!! *applause* Sorry being too excited, but have a trip to Hongkong is one of my biggest dream. Well yeah I visited Hongkong before and the post about it you have seen at here, but that's not an official trip. THIS IS, THIS IS the official one! I woke up at 5, I was even preparing my clothes for this trip. We rode by train and one hour later we arrived. Tell you what, the atmosphere in Hongkong with China is definitely different! The air-smell, people, anything are totally different. I am not being pleonastic here, but you may ask some people that ever been in Hongkong. I bet you we felt the same thing. Anyway, my boyfriend is so familiar with Hongkong, he was there for many times so he always be my guide. kkkk.

Actually, we arrived earlier. The stores on the side road still closed, but as we walked to the Metro Station, so many Hongkong people were ready to begin their busy daily work.

morning road

I'm always curious about Hongkong culinary. I love to eat something like "jajanan" or maybe in chinese it called "小吃" (xiao chi). They called Hongkong as a "world of delicious food" and yeah it is. But sadly, I didn't much time for culinary trip, I spent my whole day walk through the city, enjoy the beautiful view and window shopping! I swear I'll be back for Hongkong more often to discover the food!


Taraa~ I found this small stall on the side road, they sell something like dumplings, shumai (as called "siomay" in Indonesian). meatballs, and any dimsum. I bought one Shumai Stick for 3HKD only! and it tastes so good. Hmmm... morning breakfast!


After a stick of Shumai, we journeyed on the street. The Hongkong weather was so friendly to us. my boyfriend checked the weather forecast night before there will be a rainy day, thanks God gave us a beautiful bright day!

Our first stop at Langham Place. We visited the shopping mall. This is the greatest mall that I ever seeen! The exterior of the mall is characterised by an iconic multi-faceted façade of yellow fissured Brazilian granite stretching from street level to the roof. And they have a highhhhhh escalator inside the mall.


langham place starbucks
Starbucks Coffee.

One of interior design inside the shopping mall. I love the doodles, it's very cute.


This is a horoscope wall. There is a big wall with holes. Each hole refers to one zodiac name. You peek inside the hole of your zodiac, then you can see your zodiac oracle.

peeking hole
Peeking the hole. Baaa... my boyfriend first appearance!
The interesting thing is, our horoscope is same! The mysterious scorpion!

I think the mall concept this month is all about zodiac. I found the another interesting about zodiac thing. This machine will tell your fortune by donate your dollars into the machine, choose your selection item, then the machine will work. Then, a silly idea popped out from my head, I keep my Rupiahs in my purse, I was thinking what would happened if I put Rupiahs into the machine. But, stupid me... THE MACHINE DIDN'T WORK AT ALL. hahaha! It didn't! really! I hit the machine and kick it, they stealed my 5000 Rupiahs, huhu. Then I realized the warning "there is a hidden camera watching you!" above the machine so I stop kick it :P

horoscope scorpio

See the 5000 Rupiahs? Yes it belongs to me!

blah blah blah...

Time for us to lunch! We didn't know actually what should we eat. We went to Causeway Bay for window shopping. We didn't find any restaurant to stop by. My boyfriend planned to have a lunch at Modern Toilet. But we couldn't find the store (which is actually the store already closed). So we chose our place for lunch randomly.

Fyi, when the first time I entered this place and looked for the menu, the prices is killing me!
It's really expensive and I don't really like the dishes. I keep bothering my boyfriend to go to other places, but he refused. We looked up the menu again and again for... 10 minutes, maybe? And we end up with this foods.

baso enak

Okay, sorry babbling before about this restaurant. But after I tasted this meatballs, THEY TASTES VERY NICE. I still mind about the prices but its okay now. And I love the bowl design, tehee.

And this was my boyfriend ordered. I didn't remember what it called. But it tastes very spicy, he keep sweating while eating this food, hahaha.

To be continue...

The Hongkong journey will be continue later. If I finish this post, there will be a HUGE one. The moving day starts tomorrow until Sunday and I'm not sure there will be an internet connection in the new dorm building, so just wait for the next post (: 

Enjoy your day fellas, God bless!

First Blog Award

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'M SO HAPPY! YES VERY HAPPY. The very sweet girl, Julie from It's a Girl Thing gave me "One Lovely Blog Award". This is my very first blog award that I ever got since I started this blog. The funny thing is, I didn't notice before there was my name on the list. I just read the question part because it's interesting, until Julie was commenting back on my blog said that I was the one of her blog award nominee, then when I checked her blog back, and I notice it... yes my blog name is on her list! lol! Thank you so much, Jul. You made my day! And you guys, you can check out her pretty blog on the link above (:
The Rules are:
  • Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  • Complete the form below.
  • Tell seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers.


Name your favorite color: gray for sure, and I do love pastel colors.

Name your favorite song: oh this is a hard question. I'm a music addict, I heard bunch of songs. But actually, I love to enjoy instrumental music; piano, acoustic, orchestra and jazz. For piano, Yiruma is my favorite indeed! Lisa Ono and Norah Jones are the best jazz singers!
Oh, I sound oldish, do I?

Name your favorite dessert: Cheese cake, the best cheese cake that I ever know here is from Angel Simple.

What pisses you off: people who make a promise but in the end they broke it. you don't have to promise me something that you could never make it, I don't beg you to promise me something, right?

When you're upset: cry like a baby lol yes, I'm a sensitive person, this is a bad yet a good thing in the same time.

Your favorite pet: Pomeranian! I have one, her name is Vika. I miss her so bad!

she's a photogenic dog :D

Your biggest fear: losing someone that I love? ):

Your best feature: my eyes and my super black hair! people always asks me that my hair is a dyed hair or not. No, no... I never dye my hair for a lifetime, although I was once desperately to dye it when I was in high school.

Everyday attitude: smile all day, LOL all day and don't forget to be grateful for everything God has done for you that day (:

What is perfection: well, as we know, nothing's perfect in this world, for me, Jesus is One of The Perfection!

Guilty pleasure: eating too much T,T

7 random things about me:

1. I love dancing.
But not in public (underlined). Not everyone of my friends or somebody know that I love to dance. My parents and my brother often find me dance alone in my room at home (I have a secret place to dance, but now it's not a secret anymore for my family since they found me. BUSTED!). If I turn on the music player with loud volume, then they know that I'm dancing. lol stupid, eh? but yeah, I love dancing!

2. I'm a big fan of Korean Girl-Band, Girls' Generation.
My favorite member goes to Tiffany Hwang! She's the best and the one of my role model. I could make a long paper about her, so I will stop here, haha!

girls generation

tiffany hwang

3. I can speak Mandarin fluently.
Mandarin is my mother language since I was born, I talk Mandarin at home with my mom cause she's only the one who speaks Mandarin. Mom has been studied Chinese in Taiwan for 6 months. I used to talk with my brother also, but ah... I think he didn't get interested at all in Chinese.

4. I love to read and write. No doubt!

5. I like to drink coffee.
Just like my dad. I drink it as a breakfast, I drink it whenever I get sleepy. People maybe prefer to sleep in the afternoon instead of drinking coffee like me. Yeah, coffee keep me awake anytime!

6. I'm a fashion lover.
Okay, I don't have a fashion blog, I rarely write something about fashion, but I do love it. I love to shop something beautiful for me to wear, sometimes I browse Chictopia or my favorite fashion bloggers as my references and clothes inspiration. Or StarStyle if I want to dress like a celebrity :D My fashion inspiration: Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson and Girl's Generation (the airport fashion is awesome!).

7. I have a biggest dream: become a famous author!

So, now time for giving back this award to another fellow bloggers, spread the love and happiness to them, make their day!

The 15 Blogs that I nominate for ‘One Lovely Blogger Award’ award are:

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Find your blog name on the list, and copy paste the award form in your blog. Have a great day people!

Eat in Guang Zhou: 其美 潮州鱼蛋粉 (Qi Mei Chao Zhou Fish Balls)

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is maybe a late post. Two weeks ago, I went to Beijing Road again and again (I think this is my favorite place to go during the summer break) after I helped Sastika to pick her up and her family from their holiday trip. I was craving for meatballs that day, and the best meatballs restaurant is in Beijing Road (or Beijing Lu usually we call in Mandarin). This is another meatball dish that I've posted here, but also origins from Chaozhou. This place serves one thing that I can't found anywhere in Guangzhou. They have famous fried-fish skin! 

waiting number baso
our waiting number

don't you think this looks very very... delicious?

okay, lets zoommmmm in! recognize the fried-fish-skin already? NOM NOM
the famous sauce!
and the most important for me every time I eat here, I always put the special sauce on the bowl. The sauce tastes almost like peanut sauce (saus kacang), I know not everyone likes to add this sauce to their bowl, but this is my very favorite! the sauce cup is on each table, so I (YOU!) can add FREELY to your bowl! 

Writing this post makes me want to eat them again for lunch! Last Friday, my friend, Agret and her sister stayed in Guangzhou for a few days. I took her and her sister to Beijing Lu to have these meatballs. And guees what, THEY LOVE IT! They love the fried fish skin too! Later if you visit Guangzhou, don't forget to find me then I will take you to eat this (:

Anyway, bonus pictures of the night view in Beijing Road. I think this is very beautiful.

The crowded night.

This is the last week I'll spend my summer break. I will start my new semester next week and also move to our new dorm building this Saturday! So, have a great Monday, guys. God bless (:

"It all ends here..."

Friday, August 12, 2011

So finally, I've said goodbye to my half part of my childhood memory days ago.
I was crying like a baby when I got the ticket, haha nope I'm kidding. But yes I cried two times through the story. I cried when it's scene of Severus's death and the scene of Hogwarts Battle. We lost so many people in the battle. Lavender Brown, Professor Nymphadora and Remus Lupin and the last was Fred Weasley. Regrettably, they didn't show us how they died on the battle.


The funny part while I'm watching this film, my boyfriend who-doesn't-love/like Harry Potter and he never watched/read Harry Potter for his entire life keep asking me about the story line. Then before we go to the cinema, I talked a lot about Harry Potter story from the first until the last. He was confusing how about Harry becomes a wizard and why Voldemort killed Harry's parents and why Voldemort was exist! Hahaha, poor him. But I was happy and grateful he wanted to accompany me to watch something he don't even now about the movie haha. Thanks so much dear ❤

I worked a little edit for my profile page if you noticed. I just found it that was a wrong grammar and spell there, hahaha. And also changed my profile picture, it's new and I love it! That becomes a sneak peak too for my last post about my holiday I guess. I still have two more weeks for my summer holiday and my food challenge still continuing. In the end of the holiday, I will make a post about the holiday summary, so... wait for it! Have a great day, friends! (:

Fast and Furious

Last Monday, I went to cinema to watch Transformer 3 with my boyfriend. He was craving a lot for this movie (oh, boys... :P). Glad that I've watched Transformer from the first sequel, so I didn't get lost for this movie. After watched, he can't stop to talk about the film, he told me that he didn't get some part of the movie. He said he will buy the DVD and he will watch over again from the first one (ps: he has the first and second DVD already). I just nodded my head then, he's exactly like my brother, Transformer and DVDs, hahaha!

We were kinda rushed that day for the ticket. The ticket was 01:00 PM and we bought it at 12:25 PM. We hadn't have lunch yet, so we run to the near restaurant in the mall for lunch. We were a little worried because the place where we ate was so crowded. We had chinese fast-food for our lunch, the place called "KungFu"- very popular in China. I never like to eat in this place if there's a certain condition like this. I think the price of the food is too expensive. But I'm pretty sure, Chinese people here loves to eat here.

So this is what I ordered. I don't know what it called, but my packet contains a plate of mushrooms&meats, a bowl of meat soup, vegetables and rice. Sorry for the blurry and bad caps, in hurry... rushed... and we had fast&furious on our lunch, hahaha!

Oh good news for all of you guys, I'M GONNA WATCH HARRY POTTER DH PART 2 TODAY! I'm so damn excited finally I will watch it! Well, I will get the 01:00 PM ticket again, so... I'M IN HURRY AGAIN (lol) And today it's Friday, happy weekend for you all! :D

Eat in Guang Zhou - Spicy Sour Fish!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back again for another foods porn! There are still 21 days for my challenges?? See, I'm still the bad one! I'm still the lazy one! Okay stop complaining about myself, let's see what I'm gonna show you guys here. 

I should post these pictures past weeks ago, but refers to the reason that I mention in the previous post, I delayed it. Weeks ago, Sastika asked me to go eat something good for dinner, she said she's getting bored in the dorm, so she is better going outside. I didn't have any idea to eat, and finally we both decided to have "酸菜鱼" (read: suan cai yu - it's a spicy sour fish *ohh I had a bad bad translation*) after you see this pictures, you know what I mean, hahaha! 


Got it? Yap, that's it a BIG bowl of that spicy-sour-fish and we finished it them all just by ourselves! Err... Sastika was giving up at the end actually, she couldn't take it anymore, hahaha! But I was still trying to finish it, hey it is 28 Yuan of big bowl whole fish in it, wasting food is a bad habit, kids :P And we ordered something sweet for neutralizing our mouth after demolishing the spicy-sour-fish (whoaa, I am getting love to say that in english!). 

Japanese Tofu Hot-Pot. This is yummy!

I just changed my blog header yesterday, I was thinking to change the whole blog. The template, color, anything. It has been a year since I used this template so I thought it's better to change something fresh. Any idea, guys? For the header, I asked one of my friends to make it for me. I hope you can see the new header again (: 

Homemade Nasi Gila

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hey guys, sorry being missing for past few days. I was so deadly prepared for my piano exam (which is finally DONE today!). Quick story about the exam, it was well, although I did too much mistakes on the beginning when the examiner asked to play scales. I'm not a professional scales player, now I regret it a lot that I didn't focus on it in my entire life (well, in piano life lol). Now I will practice more for the preparation of the next graded exam. Anyway, thanks for those prayers from my dearest mom&dad, friends and you bb (:

So, back to the food challenge. I guess I'm still the bad blogger, I just couldn't finish it well. Pardon me ): I will try harder to finish the challenges until the end. I promise.

I will show you what I had for lunch for two days ago. Sastika asked me and my boyfriend to cook for lunch that day with the other friends too. We said yes and we got a task to buy all of cooking ingredients in the market. We're gonna make "Nasi Gila" which is in English "Freaky Rice"? XD

Well, "Nasi Gila" is quite popular in Indonesia such as like "nasi goreng tektek" or something of them. Something special from "Nasi Gila" is it tastes very spicy and the rice cooked separately with margarine and eggs. Sastika is so well to make this then she is the chef for that day. And the result is, VERY YUMMY! I told her to not cook too spicy for me, although she just put little chilies on my 'special' portion, I'm still sweating along while eating it, hahaha. But we had some fun anyway that afternoon, I want the other day we cook together again (:

makan siang gila XD
Crazy freaky lunch! :D

dagingnya nasi gila
Meatballs, pork meat, chicken sausages in it and spicyyyyyyy chilies! :D