I ♥ Hongkong (part 1)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remember my post about summer here? I have a great summer MORE better than last year! What can I say is, this is the best summer so far! I regret the most I didn't fly home this year, I stayed for whole summer in this city. Quite sad, but the condition wasn't that bad. I still enjoy and have some fun during this summer time. I didn't spend my money for holiday, the other way, I EARNED some money for my own "pocket money." I feel so proud on myself, it's time for me to grow up, right? I won't bother my mom&dad again for money. Although something made me sad though about my job *which I won't explain here*, but I still can survive in this holiday. Yuhuu! :D

I want to share here with you guys is... the best part of my summer holiday! I'm always craving someday I will have my Hongkong trip, and the wish comes true! Last week, on Monday, me with my bf FINALLY went to Hongkong!! *applause* Sorry being too excited, but have a trip to Hongkong is one of my biggest dream. Well yeah I visited Hongkong before and the post about it you have seen at here, but that's not an official trip. THIS IS, THIS IS the official one! I woke up at 5, I was even preparing my clothes for this trip. We rode by train and one hour later we arrived. Tell you what, the atmosphere in Hongkong with China is definitely different! The air-smell, people, anything are totally different. I am not being pleonastic here, but you may ask some people that ever been in Hongkong. I bet you we felt the same thing. Anyway, my boyfriend is so familiar with Hongkong, he was there for many times so he always be my guide. kkkk.

Actually, we arrived earlier. The stores on the side road still closed, but as we walked to the Metro Station, so many Hongkong people were ready to begin their busy daily work.

morning road

I'm always curious about Hongkong culinary. I love to eat something like "jajanan" or maybe in chinese it called "小吃" (xiao chi). They called Hongkong as a "world of delicious food" and yeah it is. But sadly, I didn't much time for culinary trip, I spent my whole day walk through the city, enjoy the beautiful view and window shopping! I swear I'll be back for Hongkong more often to discover the food!


Taraa~ I found this small stall on the side road, they sell something like dumplings, shumai (as called "siomay" in Indonesian). meatballs, and any dimsum. I bought one Shumai Stick for 3HKD only! and it tastes so good. Hmmm... morning breakfast!


After a stick of Shumai, we journeyed on the street. The Hongkong weather was so friendly to us. my boyfriend checked the weather forecast night before there will be a rainy day, thanks God gave us a beautiful bright day!

Our first stop at Langham Place. We visited the shopping mall. This is the greatest mall that I ever seeen! The exterior of the mall is characterised by an iconic multi-faceted façade of yellow fissured Brazilian granite stretching from street level to the roof. And they have a highhhhhh escalator inside the mall.


langham place starbucks
Starbucks Coffee.

One of interior design inside the shopping mall. I love the doodles, it's very cute.


This is a horoscope wall. There is a big wall with holes. Each hole refers to one zodiac name. You peek inside the hole of your zodiac, then you can see your zodiac oracle.

peeking hole
Peeking the hole. Baaa... my boyfriend first appearance!
The interesting thing is, our horoscope is same! The mysterious scorpion!

I think the mall concept this month is all about zodiac. I found the another interesting about zodiac thing. This machine will tell your fortune by donate your dollars into the machine, choose your selection item, then the machine will work. Then, a silly idea popped out from my head, I keep my Rupiahs in my purse, I was thinking what would happened if I put Rupiahs into the machine. But, stupid me... THE MACHINE DIDN'T WORK AT ALL. hahaha! It didn't! really! I hit the machine and kick it, they stealed my 5000 Rupiahs, huhu. Then I realized the warning "there is a hidden camera watching you!" above the machine so I stop kick it :P

horoscope scorpio

See the 5000 Rupiahs? Yes it belongs to me!

blah blah blah...

Time for us to lunch! We didn't know actually what should we eat. We went to Causeway Bay for window shopping. We didn't find any restaurant to stop by. My boyfriend planned to have a lunch at Modern Toilet. But we couldn't find the store (which is actually the store already closed). So we chose our place for lunch randomly.

Fyi, when the first time I entered this place and looked for the menu, the prices is killing me!
It's really expensive and I don't really like the dishes. I keep bothering my boyfriend to go to other places, but he refused. We looked up the menu again and again for... 10 minutes, maybe? And we end up with this foods.

baso enak

Okay, sorry babbling before about this restaurant. But after I tasted this meatballs, THEY TASTES VERY NICE. I still mind about the prices but its okay now. And I love the bowl design, tehee.

And this was my boyfriend ordered. I didn't remember what it called. But it tastes very spicy, he keep sweating while eating this food, hahaha.

To be continue...

The Hongkong journey will be continue later. If I finish this post, there will be a HUGE one. The moving day starts tomorrow until Sunday and I'm not sure there will be an internet connection in the new dorm building, so just wait for the next post (: 

Enjoy your day fellas, God bless!


  1. hongkong is a really nice place to visit. been there twice, and I really love it :)


  2. Hong Kong is amazing! I'm going there this weekend :)

  3. hi jane, i love your blog.
    so lovely, ah~ i'm also bih fan of girls generation, :)
    really wish i can go to hongkong someday,


  4. JANE!
    Dang, I'll hit you with 1000 Ton Hammer for not ask me to join with both of you!


    Nice blog, indeed.. XD
    I'm saving my money now, just wait for me in GZ.

    -xie qi han
    (guess who?)

  5. photos are just great!!!


  6. ahhh hongkong! i want to visit too. photos are oh so cute dear. post more from your trip!

  7. aww, Hong Kong is always fun! and glad you enjoy this holiday!
    you should try the dessert! (buah2 waktu musim panas enak banget :)

  8. welcome!!! looks like you had a good time and managed to go to tsui wah! i always go there after late nights out.

    xx from hong kong :)

  9. ahh, so pretty!! This makes me really want to go there...

  10. lovely pictures, Jane
    looks like a fun time in Hongkong :)
    I love your bag!

    hello there, Jane's bf! :)


  11. Hongkong looks amazing!
    When I saw the Starbucks photo I felt SO sad!
    Here there isn't :|

  12. Hong Kond must be so amazing! cannot wait to be there soon...really nice pictures!


  13. great post - Hong Kong is so fun. I was only there for 2 days so didnt get to see alot, hopefully I can get back there one day.

  14. Hey you know I went to that place where you're at too a few weeks ago... That's in Mong Kok right? Langham place with the really long escalator haha... that place is cool. And the food looks yummy!


  15. Hi Jane! Thanks for reading my blog I am very glad you liked it! Can you RT it? pleasee...follow

    thank you...and noooo :( I wish I can go soon!



  16. nice photos :D first time visiting your blog! and don't forget to visit mine :)

  17. looks you had really fun trip :D the foods looks so yummy....

  18. i loooove hk! food paradise! i'm going there this november. :)
    omg that unidentified spicy soup looks so good! <3

  19. HONG KONG looks so great! nice pictures!


  20. supposed that the pic of your boyfriend's order has entirely ruined my diet today, it really is tempting! hahahaha

  21. great photos!!xx


  22. this is the 1st time for me to visit u. nice blog. i like your bag btw. wanna exchange link??

  23. Mmm I love dim sum! Hong Kong looks like a great city, and from what I can see (and what you said about it), it seems like you had a great time!

    Following :-).



  24. whoaaa,,looks much fun dear,,
    loving ur bag.


  25. i visited HK but didn't have much time there so i even didn't go to the malls. just to the shopping street and the attractions there. gotta visit there again someday :)

  26. Wahhh seru! Aku juga baru balik dari Hongkong. Suka banget! :)

  27. love this post :)
    & thanks so much for following me back and for checking out my music!