Fast and Furious

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Monday, I went to cinema to watch Transformer 3 with my boyfriend. He was craving a lot for this movie (oh, boys... :P). Glad that I've watched Transformer from the first sequel, so I didn't get lost for this movie. After watched, he can't stop to talk about the film, he told me that he didn't get some part of the movie. He said he will buy the DVD and he will watch over again from the first one (ps: he has the first and second DVD already). I just nodded my head then, he's exactly like my brother, Transformer and DVDs, hahaha!

We were kinda rushed that day for the ticket. The ticket was 01:00 PM and we bought it at 12:25 PM. We hadn't have lunch yet, so we run to the near restaurant in the mall for lunch. We were a little worried because the place where we ate was so crowded. We had chinese fast-food for our lunch, the place called "KungFu"- very popular in China. I never like to eat in this place if there's a certain condition like this. I think the price of the food is too expensive. But I'm pretty sure, Chinese people here loves to eat here.

So this is what I ordered. I don't know what it called, but my packet contains a plate of mushrooms&meats, a bowl of meat soup, vegetables and rice. Sorry for the blurry and bad caps, in hurry... rushed... and we had fast&furious on our lunch, hahaha!

Oh good news for all of you guys, I'M GONNA WATCH HARRY POTTER DH PART 2 TODAY! I'm so damn excited finally I will watch it! Well, I will get the 01:00 PM ticket again, so... I'M IN HURRY AGAIN (lol) And today it's Friday, happy weekend for you all! :D


  1. WOOOOOOW!!! You love Harry Potter?? Then you're gonna fall in love with the film...I'VE SEEN IT 4 TIMES HAHAHHA.
    Well, after my craziness, I hope you like my blog and visit it when you have time :)

  2. oh, cool... my hubby and i with his family went for a movie last month, they watched transformers but i dont like that movie, instead... i watched Monte Carlo with her sister. of course, i like chick flick movie haha!

    and reply for your last comment on my blog... i cant go with him because he just go there for a business trip! i wish i can visit china also!

  3. I love the last series! it is so GREAATTT!!
    hey, check out my blog and follow, onlu if you like it :)
    I'll follow back then :D

    sweet and sugars,