Eat in Guang Zhou - Spicy Sour Fish!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back again for another foods porn! There are still 21 days for my challenges?? See, I'm still the bad one! I'm still the lazy one! Okay stop complaining about myself, let's see what I'm gonna show you guys here. 

I should post these pictures past weeks ago, but refers to the reason that I mention in the previous post, I delayed it. Weeks ago, Sastika asked me to go eat something good for dinner, she said she's getting bored in the dorm, so she is better going outside. I didn't have any idea to eat, and finally we both decided to have "酸菜鱼" (read: suan cai yu - it's a spicy sour fish *ohh I had a bad bad translation*) after you see this pictures, you know what I mean, hahaha! 


Got it? Yap, that's it a BIG bowl of that spicy-sour-fish and we finished it them all just by ourselves! Err... Sastika was giving up at the end actually, she couldn't take it anymore, hahaha! But I was still trying to finish it, hey it is 28 Yuan of big bowl whole fish in it, wasting food is a bad habit, kids :P And we ordered something sweet for neutralizing our mouth after demolishing the spicy-sour-fish (whoaa, I am getting love to say that in english!). 

Japanese Tofu Hot-Pot. This is yummy!

I just changed my blog header yesterday, I was thinking to change the whole blog. The template, color, anything. It has been a year since I used this template so I thought it's better to change something fresh. Any idea, guys? For the header, I asked one of my friends to make it for me. I hope you can see the new header again (: 


  1. yum!
    it looks super yummy
    and you're totally making me drool!
    good thing it's almost lunch time here :)


  2. whoa! that's a lot of chili... hehe! but it doesn't matter to me, i love spicy foods! oh, you're from guangzhou, china... where's the exact location for a cheapest shopping place there? my husband will be there tomorrow and i ask him to bring me lots of clothes! haha

  3. ahhh.. all of them looks soo yummy, I'm a an of hot chili foods.. great post!
    come drop by my blog if you have time, and maybe follow each other.. thanks! ;)

  4. the foods look so YUMMY!
    successfully make me hungry :)

  5. That food is sooo different from the Spanish one I eat everyday, but it seems tasty and yummy :) I'd like to try it some day.
    Meanwhile I like your blog and I hope you like mine as much as I did with yours, and even follow me ^^
    <3 Belle

  6. woah look syummy :D
    and yes i did the makeup on my own hehe..

    www.glisters and

  7. it looks so yummy! wonderful blog, just followed you ;)

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