Homemade Nasi Gila

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hey guys, sorry being missing for past few days. I was so deadly prepared for my piano exam (which is finally DONE today!). Quick story about the exam, it was well, although I did too much mistakes on the beginning when the examiner asked to play scales. I'm not a professional scales player, now I regret it a lot that I didn't focus on it in my entire life (well, in piano life lol). Now I will practice more for the preparation of the next graded exam. Anyway, thanks for those prayers from my dearest mom&dad, friends and you bb (:

So, back to the food challenge. I guess I'm still the bad blogger, I just couldn't finish it well. Pardon me ): I will try harder to finish the challenges until the end. I promise.

I will show you what I had for lunch for two days ago. Sastika asked me and my boyfriend to cook for lunch that day with the other friends too. We said yes and we got a task to buy all of cooking ingredients in the market. We're gonna make "Nasi Gila" which is in English "Freaky Rice"? XD

Well, "Nasi Gila" is quite popular in Indonesia such as like "nasi goreng tektek" or something of them. Something special from "Nasi Gila" is it tastes very spicy and the rice cooked separately with margarine and eggs. Sastika is so well to make this then she is the chef for that day. And the result is, VERY YUMMY! I told her to not cook too spicy for me, although she just put little chilies on my 'special' portion, I'm still sweating along while eating it, hahaha. But we had some fun anyway that afternoon, I want the other day we cook together again (:

makan siang gila XD
Crazy freaky lunch! :D

dagingnya nasi gila
Meatballs, pork meat, chicken sausages in it and spicyyyyyyy chilies! :D


  1. i love spicy foods...


  2. wahh masakannya keliatan enak2, pinter masak ya..
    btw tq buat book recommendation nya ntar ak coba cari dsini :)

  3. all the foods you share in your blog always yummy! *drooling*

  4. this makes me hungry. yumm :)

  5. Great photos! It's making me so hungry!
    Answer: I took them by myself :)

  6. NASI GILA is my favorite!!! But with pork? I never try it, i bet it's so good. So are you from Indonesia or from China? See the blog links are mostly from Indonesia ;p

    have a nice day.