"It all ends here..."

Friday, August 12, 2011

So finally, I've said goodbye to my half part of my childhood memory days ago.
I was crying like a baby when I got the ticket, haha nope I'm kidding. But yes I cried two times through the story. I cried when it's scene of Severus's death and the scene of Hogwarts Battle. We lost so many people in the battle. Lavender Brown, Professor Nymphadora and Remus Lupin and the last was Fred Weasley. Regrettably, they didn't show us how they died on the battle.


The funny part while I'm watching this film, my boyfriend who-doesn't-love/like Harry Potter and he never watched/read Harry Potter for his entire life keep asking me about the story line. Then before we go to the cinema, I talked a lot about Harry Potter story from the first until the last. He was confusing how about Harry becomes a wizard and why Voldemort killed Harry's parents and why Voldemort was exist! Hahaha, poor him. But I was happy and grateful he wanted to accompany me to watch something he don't even now about the movie haha. Thanks so much dear ❤

I worked a little edit for my profile page if you noticed. I just found it that was a wrong grammar and spell there, hahaha. And also changed my profile picture, it's new and I love it! That becomes a sneak peak too for my last post about my holiday I guess. I still have two more weeks for my summer holiday and my food challenge still continuing. In the end of the holiday, I will make a post about the holiday summary, so... wait for it! Have a great day, friends! (:


  1. haha, im on your boyfriend's side! i watched harry potter last month with my hubby's family... im just silent while they talk a lot about harry potter! coz i haven't watched any harry potter movie, only that last episode!


  2. Hi there again, Jane
    do you wanna follow each others blog? :) I'll be happy if you would

    Really? Does he? oh, yes, I am in Udayana University Medicine Faculty starting this year. where does he come from? maybe i can meet him in the freshmen days next week, hehe

  3. i watched this movie too , and im crying :(
    so sad it all end now .

  4. Yeah, that´s how it is with some of my friends. Sometimes I talk about Harry Potter and all these little details in the storyline and they don´t get a thing. Makes me think that the whole HP-series is far more complicated than I think :)

  5. oh, my follow box is in the bottom of my blog dear :)
    I followed you, and remember to follow me after

    sweet and sugars,

  6. I love Harry Potter! It's my life!

  7. i love harry potter and you know my boyfriend doesn't like him ether ...when i went with him to see the last part he asleep in the cinema :))
    was too boring for him :P

  8. watched it with my friends who is not as hp frenzy as me lol
    overall love harry potter 7!

  9. I don't really 'involve' my self in discussion about Harry Potter. just enjoying the part that i can. that's all.

  10. Omigosh I love harry potter... well not him but you know, the series and books and stuff.. haha my boyfriend didnt know much about it but i convinced him it was worth reading... he doesn't read much so he just watched the movies... and believe me, he was asking me all these questions right after.. i was right tho, he liked it a lot!