First Toast!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Post

Hi, people! :D

Finally I did my first post in my NEW blog. Yeah a new one, as you know (well maybe some of you), I have my previous blog on blogspot too. I decided to make a new one, don't ask me why :p 
But I promise this blog will give you a different vibe than previous ^^
I've posted many things in my old one, now that blog is closed permanently for public.

I am waiting for have my new phone (I wish Blackberry :p). Why? Cause I think BB has an application for blogging, it will make me easier to blog. Since I'm in China (now I'm on my holiday in Indonesia ;D) and blogspot is banned, BB will be my saviour to blog. LOL xP

So here I am.
Toast for my first post!