First Toast!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Post

Hi, people! :D

Finally I did my first post in my NEW blog. Yeah a new one, as you know (well maybe some of you), I have my previous blog on blogspot too. I decided to make a new one, don't ask me why :p 
But I promise this blog will give you a different vibe than previous ^^
I've posted many things in my old one, now that blog is closed permanently for public.

I am waiting for have my new phone (I wish Blackberry :p). Why? Cause I think BB has an application for blogging, it will make me easier to blog. Since I'm in China (now I'm on my holiday in Indonesia ;D) and blogspot is banned, BB will be my saviour to blog. LOL xP

So here I am.
Toast for my first post!


  1. hi :D thanks for visiting mine too :D
    good u started another fresh blog :D

    let's ex link, what do u think? :D:D

  2. oh I just dropped comment in yours mention that I linked you back ;D
    so glad to know you anyway ^^

  3. thanks Jane for the comment :D
    congrats on ur first post !
    be sure to blog more yah !

    do u live in jakarta dear ?
    add me on facebook dong

  4. I will!
    thanks for drop me a comment too yea :D

    Yup, but I stay in China for study(:
    Sure! Added you! :D

  5. hello hello testing hello weggie

  6. bb don't have any application for blogger unfortunately.. :( there's a blog app and its for wordpress..

  7. OMG...second blog in 2010!!! Konnichiwa senpai! >.<

    Such a nice blog here :)


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