Toast for 2012!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last day of 2011 is now, is today. Make sure there are no any regrets in you before we say goodbye to 2011! If you guys remember, in the last January, I wrote myself a new year’s letter. I just opened the letter again, read it and a little flashback moment popped out in my mind. Thanks God for Him, the only One always walks by my side and this year has been an amazing year. For the struggling, for the happiness, for the time to chase on my dreams, everything! God is always good, all the time! :D

I don’t make any recap in my blog, I usually make it personal to myself and I just want to tell you all, this is the time to move on in 2012! I believe that will be more opportunities and dreams to chase. Whatever that is, just take the chance whenever you find it! And I have something to tell you my dear friends here, but I cannot tell it now what it is after I really make sure it has done. It’s kind a little project with one of my friend in 2012, I set the project deadline is in the middle of 2012, because it would need a few months more to make it perfect. Are you wondering? :P
Just wish me and my friend a luck to do this project, I will be so grateful!

So, what are you guys gonna do in today? After lunch, me and my roommates is going to clean up our room, re-change some furniture and more. Make ourselves comfortable for welcoming the New Year Day! I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year eve with families and friends, and toast for 2012! xoxo  


Time to be Awesome!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Every time I check up my blog, every time I keep talking to myself that I should write something already in here. And here I am now, I'm back to the atmosphere (:

Month of December, people always going to be very busy with Christmas things. I just celebrated Christmas day in my church last week (eh, time flies so fast! it has been a week!), we worked together as a team and God always be our Leader, at the end the event was very great! Now I'm kinda missing the rehearsal time that we always do almost everyday, let's make another event, guys! :P

me and my bf after celebration. I looked like a giant bubble in that puffed jacket!

Today is my special day, my Mom is coming from Jakarta! She has arrived already in Hong Kong, she will be in here next morning and we are going to have fun! Well, actually my mom is taking something like chinese course for chinese teacher in An Hui for 3 weeks, so we planned that we're going back to Indonesia together in January, sounds great? I miss my mom... my dad and my brothers. My eldest brother is in college now in Bali, my parents and my 10 y.o brother in Jakarta, so we are waiting for this moment to gather in.

Anyway, last night I subscribed at Jeff Goin's website taking his free "Intentional Blogging" course. This is my time I should blogging seriously and I have to improve my English too, so I decided to join this course for 12 weeks. Jeff is going to send the lessons every week to you email. This morning, I got my lesson one and I can't wait for the next one. I found Jeff's website from, recommended for all of you that want to practice or improve your writing skill, they have amazing advice and inspiration for famous authors. I hope you will find something that you never knew before in their site. Like Jeff said in his lesson 1, time to be awesome!