Eat in Guang Zhou: 其美 潮州鱼蛋粉 (Qi Mei Chao Zhou Fish Balls)

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is maybe a late post. Two weeks ago, I went to Beijing Road again and again (I think this is my favorite place to go during the summer break) after I helped Sastika to pick her up and her family from their holiday trip. I was craving for meatballs that day, and the best meatballs restaurant is in Beijing Road (or Beijing Lu usually we call in Mandarin). This is another meatball dish that I've posted here, but also origins from Chaozhou. This place serves one thing that I can't found anywhere in Guangzhou. They have famous fried-fish skin! 

waiting number baso
our waiting number

don't you think this looks very very... delicious?

okay, lets zoommmmm in! recognize the fried-fish-skin already? NOM NOM
the famous sauce!
and the most important for me every time I eat here, I always put the special sauce on the bowl. The sauce tastes almost like peanut sauce (saus kacang), I know not everyone likes to add this sauce to their bowl, but this is my very favorite! the sauce cup is on each table, so I (YOU!) can add FREELY to your bowl! 

Writing this post makes me want to eat them again for lunch! Last Friday, my friend, Agret and her sister stayed in Guangzhou for a few days. I took her and her sister to Beijing Lu to have these meatballs. And guees what, THEY LOVE IT! They love the fried fish skin too! Later if you visit Guangzhou, don't forget to find me then I will take you to eat this (:

Anyway, bonus pictures of the night view in Beijing Road. I think this is very beautiful.

The crowded night.

This is the last week I'll spend my summer break. I will start my new semester next week and also move to our new dorm building this Saturday! So, have a great Monday, guys. God bless (:


  1. meatballs is one of my favorite recipes...

  2. yummy!
    and good luck on moving day, Jane :)

    kemaren di Seoul ga ktmu MinHo!


  3. @stevia ahh sayang sekali! tp ketemu sama baeyongjun di nami island yah? haha anywayss, thankss (:

  4. hi jane, thanks for your comment on my blog, i also awarded you the "one lovely blog award... have you read my list? and yeah, i'm a vegetarian but i also eat meats and sea foods every once and a while! hmm... i need to edit my post, lol! tnx

  5. ah yes I saw her post:) she's my uni friend.

    ur post makes me hungryyy :9 looks like you had great culinary time!


  6. these pictures made me hungry, great post <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  7. aw, I want these meatballs..
    look delicious.. :3

  8. would you mind to follow each other?
    let me know if you want to.