Eat in Guang Zhou: 金家园 (Jin Jia Yuan)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Guangzhou's weather was very hot yesterday. SO HOT. I got a terrible headache but I am okay now. A glass of vitamin c helps me to get better. Me and boyfriend had Korean dishes for our lunch yesterday. Basically, I don't really like Korean dishes, it tastes different from other Asian food I tried (is it only me or you think so too?) But no in this place. The restaurant located not far from my boyfriend's university. I think they cook in a different way, I am not sure.

 Korean popular dishes Naengmyeon, literally means cold noodles, serve with a boiled egg. 

I heard that Naengmyeon is quite a popular summer dish in Korea. Because it suitable for hot summer days. Well, it tastes good but it's hard to swallow. Feels like stuck on my throat. I felt bad I didn't finish it, so sorry ): Lesson today: never order what you aren't going to eat it.

Delicious Squid Rice, I supposed to order this! This belongs to boyfie, btw. 

Spicy Rice Cake, or in Korean is Tteokbokki 떡볶이 This is my favoriteeeeeeee!
The only dishes that I finished LOL

Anyway, GOOD NEWS. The last Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2 FINALLY will be shown in Guangzhou theater on 4th August! My royal piano exam is on the 3rd, so I guess I will have a refreshing day after it. Please remind me to bring a box of tissue, because I know I will cry hard (': 


  1. that squid rice looks soooo delicious janeee~ and also the tteokpokki :D
    same like you, me dont really like jajangmyeon too.. it taste lil'bit weird :p

  2. sometimes I can't see the picts... idk why but I can't

  3. i can see the images clearly. :) the foods seem so yummy, especially the ! and good luck for your piano exam! :D

  4. the pictures look just fine here on my screen
    and my o my, you are making me hungry!!!

    regarding your comment on my remixing challenge, I would definitely do it again!
    but maybe in December. with winter inspired outfits :)


    PS. good luck on your piano exam!

  5. hihi i love korean food,but it's too spicy for me :(
    so every time i eat korean food, i always end up drinking for like 5 glasses of water BEFORE i finish my food. hahaha
    and i could see your photos anw ;)

  6. i could see the pics.. sometimes photobucket has this problem.
    btw the all the food looks yummy!

  7. yummmmmm !
    yummy food ! :P


  8. omg,, I always want for that jajangmyeon..
    it looks nice and yummy. :3