Eat in Guang Zhou: Pizza Mania

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So we went to Saizeria for lunch. What is Saizeria? It's a place where you can enjoy pizza, any kind of pasta and quick bites such as chicken wings, sausage and so much more. And also you can enjoy free-flow beverages. The prices are so affordable. There are plenty of friends who throw a small birthday lunch/dinner in this place. This is my favorite place to eat pasta! I don't really like pizza but sometime I will order it too. So these are what I ordered for our lunch. 

Chef's recommended! Margherita Pizza

Chicken Pops.
my favorite *love*

this is what my boyfriend ordered, Spaghetti with Spinach.
Taste not bad (:

and this is what I ordered, Seafood Doria!


So this is for the first day of my challenges. I have to go leave Guangzhou tomorrow for two days so I made this post. I'll be back for another post, okay? (:

Anyway, thanks my bb Sastika for her camera! She lent me her camera for this project, haha! :*


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  2. aww they looks so yummy~ harganya juga bersahabat banget yah? ^^


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