Eat in Guang Zhou: "I am not very hungry."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I woke up earlier today without any reason... well, actually yeah I have a reason. I want to have McDonald's breakfast this morning, but I didn't set the alarm to wake me up last night. The breakfast packet only from 06:00-11:00 AM, so I just got up and rushed to McD immediately. Thanks God McDonald counter is near my school building, it's exactly near by the Hongkong restaurant I posted here. It was 08:30 and I got home with my yummy breakfast.

Because of the breakfast reason, I didn't eat much for my lunch. I will have meat on my plate casually, but for that afternoon I only had eggplant rice for my lunch. I felt so healthy when I ate this, hahaha! I don't really eat vegetables before and I hate eggplant the most, but since I live in Guangzhou, I eat any kind of vegetables, amazing huh am I? My mom will be so happy if she knows about this.

qiezi 2
it doesn't really like an eggplant right? this is so delicious!

This is kinda a spicy pork thing, I tell you... very very SPICY!

And by night, I had chinese food too for dinner. I don't know why I was not too hungry all this day, I ate a portion of chicken rice with black pepper sauce, I could finish them all usually, but for today nope.

jipa 1

Did you see the chicken meat? Okay let's see the zoom one.

jipa 2
hello chicken! :D

Sorry for the blurry caps, one of the waiter stared at me while I'm taking out the camera from my bag. Why are you so serious, heh? I just take some pics for my blog property :P
By the way, I'm getting bored here. I couldn't find any part-time job, things I do everyday: wake up, watch movies/dramas, eat, watch again or internet surfing, then back to bed. FIUHHH....


  1. another mouthwatering foods! yummy!

  2. Everything looks so delicious! And I always feel so awkward taking out my camera to take pictures of my food :P

  3. This truly looks AMAZING!
    I'm not just saying it to say it- I'm really hungry! :)

  4. i looove these photos! i can hear my tummy talking to me now.haha


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