Something Founded in HK (BONUS POST)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I came back from 15 hours trip to Hongkong yesterday. I spent the day with Sastika after we finished our music training in church. 
I was so excited in Hongkong, sadly I didn't have much time to enjoy every single place in there. Probably next time!

I arrived at the guest house with my boyfriend to meet Sastika and we decided to have lunch first before we went to the church. We wanted to eat Burger King before I realized a small Chinese restaurant near the BK location. So we changed our plan from BK to this little place for eat. And you know what, WE LOVE THIS PLACE! The food and the waiters are amazing! The one who served us, taught us little Cantonese so we ordered with the menu based what she taught us hahaha. 

Don't mind our sweaty face... thank you hot summer!
Hainan Boneless Chicken, my boyfriend's favorite!

and this what Sastika ordered, Chicken with Garlic Sauce Rice

now turn me, I ordered Vietnamese Chicken Rice for myself.
Trust me, this is SOOOO GOOD.

We promise we will come back to this place and try the another menu. We're fall in love with this place. Hahahaha.

So this is my report from Hongkong yesterday. Wait for another beautiful food post!


  1. All that food looks delicious! My stomach is growling just looking at it.

    And I did get my hair cut! It's just a few inches shorter and I got blunt bangs instead. Still trying to get used to it! :)

  2. yumm. the chicken looks delicious


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