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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We had a late lunch for today, I was so hungry and I almost forget to take my food picture until my boyfriend reminded me of that, hahaha. We went to my boyfriend campus area, I just love to have my lunch there, they have my favorite things to eat, especially these all that I will post below!

I had meatballs again for my lunch, hahaha! But this is different, this food comes from a place in China, "潮州" (read: Chao Zhou), it's Chao Zhou's specialty. I knew this place from my boyfriend, his loves to eat this every time he goes to campus. And FYI, his family are 潮州人 too, so maybe this is the another reason :P


You can pick any kind of meatballs and another addition you want when order, they also have different price, according to what you ordered. Oh, and... all of meatballs are homemade (:

this is the special thing that I love, Fish Skin Dumpling!
I always have this whenever I eat here, hahaha

After lunch at here, never forget to have some favorite drink too :D


58C (or we call 58度 "58 du") is a milk tea counter, same like Happy Lemon, Quickly and friends. But I don't buy their milk tea, introducing you the most delicious, freshen, tasty beverage... TARAA~


This is Honey Green Tea "蜂蜜绿茶", promise me if you come to here and visit 58C counter, don't forget to try this one. A very best friend in summer especially, hahaha. By the way, I only buy honey green tea in this counter (the campus area), I don't buy in somewhere else, they have different taste, here is the best one (:

And quick post for the dinner are:



The first picture is fried noodle with salty tiny fish and the second one is dumpling.
This kind of fried noodle reminds me to "mie tek-tek" in Jakarta, don't ask me to choose the best one, I love both, hahaha. And I'm not the representative for coca cola :P


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