30 Days Challenges (officially announced!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally I got the idea for 30 days challenges. I told my boyfriend about this project and asked him to help me. He said it should be a challenge that I love or I like to do, well I said I love food (lol!) No, no I won’t do a challenge like Julie Powell did, she loves food and cook, I love food and eat! Hahaha. So, I will tell you about special delicious food, my favorite various snacks in Guangzhou, place where I live now, I will write everyday about it for 30 days, which is for a month during my summer holiday. I make the list for this challenges, this is a sneak-peak for the food. Drooling drooling!

credit: baidu.com

Oh almost forgot about the day, I will start this project next week on Wednesday.
Anyway, remember that I had said about I got a job from my aunt in her trading company couple months ago? Well, I don’t work there. My aunt wants me focusing for college, beside, she said they need a full-time worker, and I am a full-time college students too, so yeah, I don’t take that job. But I’m still trying to get a job here, thank God two days ago I got an order job from my friend. It’s a job to help him looking for some stuffs here and then I will deliver the stuffs, he is running a business in Jakarta. And I have to prepare my 6th grade Royal piano examination this August third, wish me luck! Have a great holiday, people!


  1. awesome idea! will be looking forward to see the other 29 days! happy eating! :)

  2. cool ! looking forward to your challenge updates !
    and yes, i ripped the pages out for my archive folder :)

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