Eat in Guang Zhou: From Dragon Hole to IKEA

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sorry before I missed the post for day 3, I was very tired on that day so I couldn't post up the pictures here. So here is, I will show you now.

I went to a place called "龙洞" (read: Long Dong - dragon hole in English, hahaha!) for lunch and bought some various snacks there. I used to love visit this place in the first semester for buy some cheap clothes, but now I love this place because they have many kind of food, especially for their 小吃 (xiao chi - means snacks or 'jajanan kecil' in Bahasa). I went to a food stand which sell Macau Noodle, well it likes fried noodle, but they have different flavor, it's very good! Too bad I forgot to take the picture of the noodle, I was so excited (and hungry) to eat it, so yeah no pictures of this QQ noodle |:


QQ aomen mian

Not getting enough with the noodle, me also bought another snacks, this is the most favorite snacks too, me and my friends fall in love with this snacks. I don't know how to say in English, but they sell something like 'gorengan', there are fried-squids, fried-sweet potato, fried chicken and chicken pops (I LOVE CHICKEN POPS!). I bought the chicken pops of course.

jipa 1
cute food paper bag :D

jipa 2
this is the chicken pops with black pepper, YUM!

After that, me with boyfriend went to a fast food restaurant to eat fried chicken. I told you, this is the famous place to eat the best chicken in Longdong, hahaha. My boyfriend is a big fan of chicken so he loves this place :D

mfc 2
nyum nyum! fresh from the oven! :D

it's very hot and BIG chicken, and this is the way you eat it!


Today, me with boyfriend, Sastika and Darius went to salon for hair cut. Sastika decided to cut her long-curly hair to short hair, and my boyfriend also wants to cut his hair. So yeah, they busy with the stylish, me and Darius waited for them. And the result, there's nothing big change with my boyfriend, I mean boys do a hair cut almost every month, but Sastika has a big change! She looks so cute in her new short hair! Well, she was sad because she lost her long hair, but what done is done, right? You still cute with your new hair, kkk (:

After done with the hair things, I asked them to go to IKEA for eat. I'm always thinking about the famous meatballs in IKEA, and fortunately, they have 50% for the meatballs!
So, this is the famous meatballs that I wanted!

ikea famous meatballs
creamy sauce, strawberry sauce, yummy mash potatoes and MEATBALLS!

fruit dessert
We also had fruit for dessert

Yes finally I got you, meatballs! Hahahaha *too excited*
Okay, I'm getting enjoy to do this 30 days challenges, wish me luck until the very last day! :D


  1. the food porn makes me drools! ikea meatballs are the best! hehe
    what challenge that you're doing?
    anyway I wish you the best till the end! :)

  2. thanks, Jen for the comment :D
    yeaah it was my first time believe it or not, haha!
    well I'm currently doing a food challenge in 30 days, so food porn anywhere in my blog :D

  3. nyaaam! I'm craving for all of the food!

  4. Hey !
    Those photos are lovely,there are allot of tasty foods :)


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