Moving Day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm so busy in this morning, I packed all of stuffs that needed to move by day. Yeah! I'm moving today! Finally, they decided to make this announcement yesterday and we rushed to finish our stuffs. I am not sure the new dorm building has a internet connection already or not, but before it's too late, I wanna to say to all of you, my readers, thanks for loving my I love Hongkong post. Seriously, I'm so happy when read all of you comments! And for those who followed me, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Jane very very loves you! I promise I'll be back with the part two after I'm ready in the new room. I'm gonna off for a while so... just like Dana did when she was in hiatus week, I make a q&a section for anyone of you that (maybe) want to ask me a question. I'll try to answer them all finely. Open up until next Tuesday. Okay then. Jane is going to moveeeeeeee now! See you later and have a great Friday night! 
Byeeee (:


  1. Take your time Jane! I'll wait for your next post! take care...

    It's a GIRL Thing

  2. Good luck with that :), you have a lovely blog!

  3. Good luck with moving, I hope it all goes well for you and that you have internet connection there!


  4. new layout? I like it <3

  5. We'll wait because WE♥YOUR BLOG!!!!
    By the way, I love your new banner!!!

  6. I have to admit, it feels especially weird to see my name on a post, haha! But anyway, have fun moving!

  7. gud luck for you and will be waiting for new post

  8. Good luck on moving day!
    My question is : If you can spend a *...*Ĥανє<3ªLõνєLў<3ϑαў*...* as someone else, who would you be? :)